Best Portable Air Conditioners As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

Best portable air conditioners 2020 as air conditioning and how to choose

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

In this guide to the best portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner or better, 2020 will provide short reviews and comparisons of the best models on the market. With the approach of summer, these devices play a leading role, helping us to overcome the sweltering hot days. Recommended for small to medium-sized environments offer a flexibility far superior to air conditioners with the outdoor unit.

We’ll start with the ranking of the best portable air conditioners, and then focus on a guide to the factors to consider in choosing the right model.

Best portable air conditioner

Below is a list of the best portable air conditioners of 2020:

Below is the comparison of the models:

Olimpia Splendid DolceClima Compact 01921

Electrolux Exp26U538Hw Chillflex PRO 10

De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent

Dehumidifier, fan, timer, Sleep

Dehumidifier, Fan, Sleep, Timer

Heater, fan, dehumidifier, Sleep, Timer, Self-Diagnosis

Fan, dehumidifier, Real Feel, 24h timer, self

Dehumidifier, fan, timer, Sleep

Olimpia Splendid DolceClima Compact 01921

Dehumidifier, Fan, Sleep, Timer

Electrolux Exp26U538Hw Chillflex PRO 10

Heater, fan, dehumidifier, Sleep, Timer, Self-Diagnosis

De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent

Fan, dehumidifier, Real Feel, 24h timer, self

Argo Relax Style

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

We open the selection of the best portable air conditioners in 2020 with a model of the quality / price ratio top: Argo Relax Style, an entry level device suitable for small rooms (30 square meters).

This monobloc air conditioner is characterized by extremely compact dimensions, which allow easy portability from room to room. Suitable for smaller environments (up to 30 square meters).

Let the performance: Argo Relax Style no distinction is made for a particular refrigerant speed (up to 200 cubic meters per hour), while the power is equal to 10,000 BTU / h. Values ​​not be top of the industry, but we’re still talking about a product well below the 300 €.

In addition to the air-conditioning function, the device also provides that the dehumidifier and fan.

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

ARGO Relax Style, Portable Air Conditioner 10000 btu / h, 2.6 kW, Gas …

Olimpia Splendid DolceClima Compact in 1921: the best compact

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

Olimpia Splendid DolceClima Compact 1921

We follow the review of the best portable air conditioners with a model that makes the compactness its main strength: Olimpia Splendid DolceClima Compact 01921.

As anticipated, the size is very small (only 70 cm high and 25 wide) with a weight of 25 Kg. Therefore, it is easily transportable at various points of the house according to personal needs.

Despite being a compact air conditioner, it can easily refresh a medium-sized room, thanks to the power of 10,000 BTU / h.

In terms of functions, Olimpia Splendid DolceClima 01921 Compact provides cooling, ventilation, dehumidifier, Automatic, Turbo and night mode (Sleep).

Not presents tank: therefore the condensed water will be discharged directly through the window to the hose provided.

Equipped with remote control and touch controls, unfortunately it does not have a heat pump.

Electrolux EXP26U538HW Chillfex PRO 10

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

Electrolux EXP26U538HW Chillfex PRO 10

Among the best portable air conditioners, Electrolux EXP26U538HW Chillfex PRO 10 is a device of the size average of the category (71 x 47.6 x 38.5 cm) and a weight equal to 33Kg.

The optimal allocation of accessories. Indeed, in addition to the exhaust pipe with the flat nozzle, there is a kit to seal the window, a pipe for discharging the condensate and a remote control with attached batteries.

From the point of view of performance, this portable air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 10,335 BTU / h (7848 in heating) and is therefore suitable for about 40 m².

Perfect then for medium to large rooms, as well as to cool entire homes of average size and studios. In addition, there is a good number of features: in addition to cooling, this air conditioner is capable of heating and dehumidifying. In addition, there are timer functions, self-diagnosis and sleep, which significantly reduces the noise of the device during the nighttime hours (from 64 dB to 45 dB). Three fan speeds available.

Another strong point of Electrolux EXP26U538HW Chillfex PRO 10 are undoubtedly the consumption: in fact, we talk about an energy absorption of 0.9 kW / h in the cooling mode and only 0.8 kW / h for heating, respectively winning the energy efficiency classes a + and a ++.

De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent

Let’s now one of the most popular products when it comes to one-piece portable air conditioning: De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent.

This portable air conditioner has dimensions similar to those of the models seen earlier. It too is very convenient to carry from room to room, thanks to pivotabili wheels and convenient handle. The design is discreet and transmits idea of ​​strength, endurance and structural quality.

The performance from the point of view of the cooling capacity are excellent, with a maximum power of up to 11000 BTU / h and an air flow rate up to 350 m³ / h (higher speed, three-speed fan of available), which makes It makes it suitable to be air-conditioned environments with dimensions of approximately 40 square meters.

Among the features absolutely remarkable, there is Real Feel, which automatically sets temperature and humidity level according to the environmental conditions of the room. The maximum noise level is 63 dB, but it is possible to significantly demolish it with the night mode.

The energy efficiency class is A +, with an absorption of 0.9 kWh. Product medium-high, but with a very high performance level.

Best portable air conditioner without hose

In the market it is possible to find the devices commonly called portable air conditioners without tube. In fact, these devices are not real-conditioners, but are called air coolers, as they do not own their own technology of air conditioners.

Below the best portable air conditioners without hose:

Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose
Best Portable Air Conditioners 2020 As Air Conditioning And How To Choose

However, if this type of product interests you, check out our in-depth guide to the best evaporative cooler air.

Bestsellers portable air conditioners

Here the ranking of the best portable air conditioners (air conditioning) most popular of the moment:

What is a portable air conditioner

A portable air conditioner is an air conditioner that does not have an external drive. The product is then concentrated in a monoblock, by adding (often) of a hot air exhaust pipe, which must necessarily be placed between the device and an external space.

There are also portable air conditioners without hose, but they are much less efficient and can be a good option for occasional use of the device. Moreover, these products can be moved from one environment to another, thanks to the presence of castor wheels.

The portable air conditioners are a great choice for those who need an easy product to install (does not require any intervention of a professional installer) and convenient, as they can be moved from room to room thanks to the wheels.

However, it is to keep in mind that performance can never match those of his cousins ​​with external units. The choice of a portable model, however, is to be recommended for those who need flexibility and wants to be air conditioned environments are not too large.

Difference between air conditioning and climate control

Before going into the buyer’s guide of the best portable air conditioners, you need to make an important prerequisite. Often, the air conditioner and air conditioning system words are used as synonyms, thus to indicate the same type of product.

However, the two words identify two devices from quite different functions and features. Know the difference between the two is therefore crucial to take home the product that can meet our needs.

On the basis of the points listed above it it is clear that a portable air conditioner is a choice definitely preferable, because this type of product is currently the most common standard.

The air conditioners are slowly becoming obsolete products and are no longer recommended. The upper of air conditioners has also confused the ideas, making the two words synonymous with the same product. In fact, when it comes to conditioning it refers to (almost) always in the air conditioning. For convenience, we here use the two terms, always referring to the best air conditioners, the subject of this article.

Best portable air conditioner: how to choose

Dimensions and design

Although this is a “portable” product, this type of air conditioners can reach considerable size and weight (up to 40 kg). E ‘then the size of the environments advisable to carefully evaluate where you’ll want to use the device and the possible presence of barriers or gradients between rooms.

For example, if you intend to use the air conditioner in the living room and bedroom, avoid buying a product too heavy if there are stairs in between. In addition, the device should not obstruct the movements or limit the visibility in the case of small environment.

As anticipated, these products are equipped with pivoting wheels for easy movement from one environment to another. The wheels must be equipped with the function block, so as to ensure the stability of the air conditioner once positioned.

In addition, to help the movement, is a handle on top. On the back side there is a pipe for the hot air exhaust.

Obviously, this limits the positioning of the air conditioner in the vicinity of a window or, anyway, of an outlet to the outside. However, the market offers a wide range of accessories to facilitate the positioning of the exhaust pipe.

Cooling system: Air-to-air or air-water?

When preparing the purchase of a portable air conditioner, one must choose between two main types of cooling: air-to-air or air-water. The first type is undoubtedly the most widespread in our country, with a market share of approximately 85% of the total.

The popularity of these products comes from greater economies and the fact that they have their autonomy linked to a water tank. However, these models are less powerful and, especially in winter, are not enough to function as a facility for heating.

Conversely, the air-water cooling system ensures the performance significantly higher, obviously to a higher price. In addition, these devices require a higher degree of maintenance, as they are subject to scale formation.

If you decide to move towards this type of portable air conditioner, you should buy one with a capacity of at least 10L tank.

Motor inverter or ON / OFF?

Another very important criterion to be evaluated to select the best portable air conditioner for your needs as the choice of inverter air conditioners and on / off. The latter, mostly marketed years ago, working at maximum power until it reaches the desired temperature and then go out and rekindling intermittently (always at maximum power), to keep the set level.

Obviously, it is easy to see that this solution is very expensive from an energy point of view, not taking advantage of the electricity in an optimized manner.

On the contrary, the best conditioners on the market today are the so-called inverter motor. These work at maximum power to reach the set temperature and then “slow”, without shutting down of the whole, to maintain it.

In this way, they can considerably reduce the energy absorption, working at maximum power only in the initial stages and will maintain it in operation at a minimum speed to maintain the desired temperature.

Consumption and energy class

As we have seen, the inverter motor is a key element to reduce consumption of these appliances. In fact, among his vestments most relevant to evaluate the purchase of a portable air conditioner, there are definitely consumption, which are closely related to the power of the product itself.

To assess the energy efficiency of the product, you need to check the energy efficiency class, an indication that producers must enter mandatory.

Each machine can be classified by D (produced with poor efficiency and high fuel consumption) at the top of the category, or A +++. Higher the class, the greater the phase of the purchase price. However, as you might guess, the price difference will be richly rewarded in the long term.


All the best portable air conditioners offer, in addition to the central air handling, the choice between several extra features. For example, the totality of air conditioners allows to act as a dehumidifier. The dehumidification capacity is expressed as l / h ratio. Unfortunately, those who intend to increase the humidity, will have to resort to special humidors environments.

Most products on the market offers the Night mode (also called Silent or Sleep), which significantly reduces noise and any device lights to encourage better sleep. Very useful are also the timer and the automatic option functions. Through the latter, the climate control system will detect the environmental conditions of the room and adjust its operation based on them.

Finally, in case of technical problems, the most advanced portable air conditioners offer self-diagnosis. In other words, these devices are able to detect when it is necessary to change the filters or when the production of ice is excessive and it is therefore necessary to automatic defrosting.

Power: BTU

Another key factor to consider is represented by BTU (British Termal Unit). This number indicates the required power (and therefore how much energy it absorbs) from the air conditioner to heat a room.

So, as the number of BTU / h, increasing the dimensions of the air conditioner can cool.

To choose the right number of BTUs you need to consider the size of the environment that you want to refrigerate. The calculation to keep in mind is the following:

Therefore, by multiplying the square meters per 300 BTU you are obtained the value on which orientate.

Obviously, the above equation is also influenced by other factors. Among these are: Property thermal insulation; geographic coordinates; state of walls and walls; Exposure of the house; amount of people living there; presence of heat.

Air flow

The air flow rate indicates the amount of air (in cubic meters) that the product is capable of cooling in one hour.

Most models on the market totaled between 330 and 350 cubic meters of air per hour. However, this parameter is influenced by the speed of the fan: in fact, many air conditioners offer the possibility to set three different speed levels. Based on these, it will also change the range of the air flow, which will have a minimum and a maximum value.

Condensate drain

Unlike conventional air conditioners with the outdoor unit, with portable air conditioners it is necessary to take into account the water condensate produced when the air conditioner removes humidity from the air.

In most cases, this is collected in an internal tank. You will therefore need to remember to empty it regularly. Other products offer the possibility to evaporate this water and expel it outside in the form of steam through the exhaust pipe.


Last (but not least) criterion to consider is the level of noise device. In fact, nobody wants to buy a product that will also be used at night, but that produces a noise that can ruin your sleep. No fear.

Almost all the best portable air conditioners are equipped with Sleep or night operation: thanks to this, you can significantly reduce the noise level of the device, so rest easy.

Obviously, this mode slightly compromises the performance from the point of view of cooling capacity. In addition, it has to consider that the packaged conditioners, because it does not equipped with an external unit, appear to be in noisier average compared to fixed patterns.


Usually, the maintenance of the portable air conditioners is simple and requires a commitment to everyone.

In addition to the possible emptying of the collected water condensate reservoir, you are required regular cleaning of the filters in the air conditioner / air conditioner. These can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or, for a more thorough cleaning with warm water and soap.

In the latter case, you must make sure they are completely dry before installing them back into the air conditioner.