Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth (Comparison)

Best scales scales smart WiFi / Bluetooth 2020 (comparison)

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

In this article we will cover the best smart scales (Bluetooth / WiFi) scales on the market in 2020. These intelligent scales, thanks to the extreme precision in measurements and WiFi or Bluetooth connection, allowing precise control of your ideal weight and other information essential.

The impedance measurement, diagnostic technology that is behind most of these products, makes it possible to detect information on the weight of the composition.

Among these, the percentage of fat mass, percentage of lean body mass and liquids present.

Best smart Bluetooth / WiFi scales: comparison

Here is a list of the best smart Bluetooth and WiFi scales of 2020:

In the following selection, we covered different age price, in order to provide viable options for all budgets.

Weight, BMI, basal metabolism, fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass

Body Weight, fat, fluids, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone and abdominal fat mass

Muscle mass, body weight, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, BMI, body water, body fat, visceral fat

BMI, percentage of body water, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass

Body weight, body fat, BMI, body water, skeletal muscle, fat-free body weight, bone mass, muscle mass, protein, metabolic rate, body age

Weight, BMI, basal metabolism, fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass

Body Weight, fat, fluids, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone and abdominal fat mass

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition 2

Muscle mass, body weight, basal metabolic rate, bone mass, BMI, body water, body fat, visceral fat

Best WiFi scale

BMI, percentage of body water, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass

Renpho scale Bluetooth Diagnostic

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

Among the best smart scales and among the most sold on Amazon, Bluetooth Renpho scale has excellent functionality and overall quality, at a very attractive price.

The range of measurements and possibilities is wide and makes this diagnostic scale suitable for all uses. It also allows connecting an unlimited number of users.

The smart Renpho balance also boasts excellent accuracy of measurement of the weight (range of stairs = 50 g). E ‘can access the data of their findings through the Renpho app for iOS or Android.

E ‘can also weigh yourself even when you do not have it handy smartphone. The device will record the measurements and send the app as soon as a connection is available. It supports a weight of up to 180 kg.

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

RENPHO Bodyscale Intelligent Bluetooth Scale Weighs …

Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

The Bluetooth Huawei scales (Body Fat Scale AH100) is definitely one of the best models on the market, mainly due to its excellent value for money.

In fact, less than 30 €. It will take home one of the most popular and widespread of the category.

Made of tempered glass, it has a very elegant design and perfect to be shown in plain sight in every bathroom.

In addition, this clever balance can be inserted in a real system of products for the health targati Huawei.

Through the app Huawei Health, introduces you to synchronize and integrate the parameters measured by the balance with those of smartwatch and smartband Huawei / Honor.

The parameters measured by the balance are: weight, body fat percentage, BMI, basal metabolic rate, level of visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mineral content, protein, body water percentage.

For further information read full scale Huawei.

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

Huawei Libra Bluetooth, Accessory Original, White

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition 2

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

Leading products of smart home Xiaomi, the I Body Composition Scale Smart and I are definitely among the best smart scales scales of the moment. You arrive just to the second version, both have an improved Bluetooth technology (higher) than precendenti models.

Balances Body Composition I 2 (model: XMTZC05HM) and I Smart Scale 2 are identical in terms of design, but the first has Bluetooth 5.0, the second 4.2. Neither it is equipped with WiFi.

Thanks to Bluetooth, the scale will be able to send data I Fit app, available on iOS and Android.

The device is able to recognize up to 16 different users and has a surprising range Weight: 100g – 150Kg.

This electronic scale smart integrates seamlessly with other fitness products Xiaomi, as a fitness tracker and smartwatch, making it suitable for sports.

Of white color, it has four lower legs that allow a stable positioning. On the front part, made of tempered glass, there are a display and 4 stainless steel electrodes.

Negative note: unlike other scales can not communicate with other apps outside of the ecosystem Mi.

Garmin Index: the best WiFi scale

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

Although the product has a fairly high price, especially considering the excellent low-cost options available, Garmin Index is a specific product, feature rich and among the best around.

The base is wider than the competition: this makes it easier to get on and remain stable while we weigh.

Among the surveys available in addition to the weight, there are BMI, percentage of body water, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass. All data is recorded and transferred instantaneously Garmin Connect account.

Obviously, it will be possible to insert the balance within a smart system Garmin products, which also includes smartband and smartwatch.

The scale supports up to 16 different users and offers the automatic recognition capabilities of those who are weighing.

What is a smart bathroom scales

A smart weighing scale is a device that allows to measure its own weight and other data, record them and keep them under control via the WiFi or Bluetooth connection, and of course the iOS or Android app.

Best Scales Scales Smart Wifi / Bluetooth 2020 (Comparison)

Through the app you can calculate your ideal weight goal and assess the progress made to achieve it. Beyond this, the best smart scales measure a number of other data useful to monitor their own health status.

The best smart scales not only measure the weight

We know that, at equal weight, body mass differs from individual to individual. Thanks all’impedenzometria, many smart scales are therefore able to measure fat mass, lean mass and percentage of liquids. The level of some of these products technology is comparable to that of professional equipment.

In fact, these models are purchased by athletes who want to control a number of parameters to evaluate their progress and, of course, by doctors and nutritionists. Other models on the other hand, if we want more basic, however, allow a precise control of the core values. So there are products that meet all the needs that are more or less sophisticated.

Smart Scale: a device for the whole family

How to choose the best balance smart

On the market there is a set of models of smart scales, each with different features and prices. Since this is an investment for the well-being and your health, it is important to fully understand what are their needs.

Those who practice sport regularly, will have different needs than someone who plays a lifestyle more sedentary, but still want to keep tabs on your ideal weight, and why not, the composition of its body mass.

Obviously, the spectrum of functionality varies depending on the price range. However, it is possible to find optimal solutions, with a broad spectrum of functionality at an affordable price.

You can measure, in addition to BMI and body weight, parameters such as body water, fat mass index, lean body mass index, bone mass, visceral fat etc.


Thanks to the integrated sensors, smart scales measurements prove to be very precise, with margins of error of around 100g. To make the measurements, send the Body Composition of low-intensity electrical impulses to run a real scan of the body, often giving timely and reliable analyzes.

Compatibility with other apps

Like any smart product that respect, even the smart scale is a product that works perfectly within an ecosystem. This means that, thanks to the internet or Bluetooth connection, smart balance may interact with other products or third-party app.

For example, many smart scales can communicate with apps like Runtastic, RunKeeper, Map My Run and many others.


A bathroom scales is an object that is often in plain sight in the bathroom or bedroom. An object that necessarily has to match the style and taste of your furniture.

Most smart weighing scales offer a square shape and finish in white or black, can be easily integrated with any type of home.


Almost all the smart scales have Bluetooth connectivity, while WiFi is found only in some models.

On the one hand, Bluetooth offers good reliability, but requires proximity to the product so that the data is recorded in the app. Obviously, with the WiFi you will not have any limitation instead of position.


In order to operate and maintain their own surveys on body composition, the Body Composition send electrical signals of low intensity which, in a sense, they perform a snapshot of our body.

Given that these electrical pulses may interfere with the fetus, it is advisable not to use this type of scale, unless the product does not present a specific mode suitable for pregnant women.

Now you might wonder, but I really need a smart balance?

Obviously, the answer to this question can vary from person to person. As seen in the previous section, to each its balance smart WiFi or Bluetooth. However, there are some undeniable common benefits for those who buy these products:

1) Measurements and accurate readings

Thanks to the advanced level of technology, such as impedance, intelligent scales allow more precise and accurate measurements compared to a classical scales, that this is analog or digital. This is due to the very limited tolerances, in many models in the range of 100g.

2) Monitor progress

Thanks to the link to the app on a smartphone or tablet, you can constantly monitor their progress and improvements to the ideal weight.

3) Multi-User Management

Through the app, you can connect several family members to smart scale. Each will have a personal account, accessible at all times. This is definitely a great way to share a healthy habit with loved ones and have a great help in case you follow a special diet.

4) Best Lifestyle

Weigh yourself and evaluate the composition of its body mass are actions that everyone should include in their daily routine. Check your diet and evaluate the effects that this has on your body, makes it possible to correct some wrong food habits.

5) Motivation

Evaluate your progress is a source of motivation to be reckoned with, especially if you are following a very strict diet. Moreover, thanks to the app, you can receive reminders to remind you to weigh yourself. As mentioned, healthy habits are cultivated and a little help can make comfortable.