Best 32-Inch Smart Tv : What To Buy? (Comparison)

Best 32-inch smart TV 2020: what to buy? (comparison)

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

This guide will take care of the best smart TV 32 inches on the market.

This TV is perfect for those with a small / medium sized living room, or want to watch their favorite shows in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

In the first part of the article, there is a comparison table of the best smart TV 32 inches of 2020.

This list of the best smart TV 32 inches:

Below is the comparison of these models:

Philips 6000 series 32PFS6402/12

LED Backlight (Ambilight)

Philips 6000 series 32PFS6402/12

LED Backlight (Ambilight)

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

We begin our review of the best smart TV 32 inch Sharp Aquos LC-32HII5332E model.

This TV is a good compromise between competitive price (it’s a little more than 200 €) and best video performance, but especially audio.

In fact, the system is mounted signed Harman Kardon, a guarantee when it comes to audio systems.

And it is the sound that this TV is most surprising, with a balanced sound and an output power of 20W output well.

From the point of view of smart features, smart TV Sharp integrates a proprietary operating system, or Aquos Net +.

Obviously, the image quality can not compete with that of Full HD, but it is the cost to pay for such an attractive price.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Xiaomi Mi 4A TV is on for a few weeks the market, but it is already one of the most popular products of the category. As Xiaomi tradition, this TV is characterized by an extremely advantageous price and performance to meet a wide section of users hate.

It is an Android TV with LED display (dimensions 31.5 “) and resolution 1355 X 768 ppx, with a maximum brightness value of 220 nits. Not the highest value of the market, it is true, but suitable for everyday use without being pretentious. The lines are fairly traditional. From the front, the glossy plastic gives a touch of elegance, but the back has a look rather dated and cheap.

The video quality is decent and suitable for use everyday. Obviously, this is an entry level with maximum HD Ready resolution. Not the top of the class but just enough to fill the role of “TV battle” or second television set to be placed, for example in the kitchen. The most obvious flaw is represented by the shallow color gamut and a bit ‘ “washed out”.

The integrated processor is a quad-core MediaTek 64-bit with GPU Mali 470MP3, the 1.5 GB RAM while the internal memory is equal to 8GB. Unfortunately these are not expandable, and will therefore not be possible to save many apps and games locally.

From the point of view audi, the TV Xiaomi 4A is equipped with two speakers with an audio power in the overall output of 16W.

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

LG 32LM6300PLA

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Among the best 32 inch TV is definitely the LG 32LM6300PLA model with AI technology thinQ.

As we know, LG is safe in terms of quality, design and electronics, and this device is definitely not less.

This 32-inch Full HD LED TV has a very powerful quad-core processor, able to adjust the intensity and color tone precisely (Color Enhancer technology).

The result is sharp and quite faithful to reality.

Great owner WebOS operating system that offers a clean interface and an intuitive navigation.

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Samsung UE32N5370

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

How could miss Samsung in our selection of the best 32 inch TV?

The video quality is average for this price range and we can definitely say that does his duty.

The Tizen operating system and the navigation interface, like other Samsung models higher, is highly intuitive and functional range.

The range of applications, unlike the Sony model discussed above, is really complete.

Sony KDL32WD753

Best 32-Inch Smart Tv 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

The Smart TV Full HD Sony KDL32WD753 definitely falls into the category of the best 32-inch smart TV currently on the market.

Like the LG model, the audio point of view is fitted with two 10W speakers that provide a good (not excellent) power and sound quality.

Also, it is the great video optimization process by X-Reality PRO ™ processor.

The general experience of use is intuitive and fluid.

Unfortunately, this operating system does not support all of the app as it might make a Android, which could result in some limitations.

In addition, it does not have the internet browser.

Philips 6000 series 32PFS6402/12

This smart 32 “has a slim and attractive design, with audio and video performance comparable with the models described above.

Outstanding Ambilight backlight system (exclusive of Philips products), which make the whole more immersive viewing experience, thanks to the possibility to choose the color of the illumination, which is pleasantly soft and supple.

The installed operating system is Android TV, which offers good performance, especially if you overdo it with the download of the app (this may compromise part of the fluidity of navigation).

32 inch Bestsellers

Below the 32-inch ranking of the best smart TV the most popular of the moment:

Smart TV 32 inches: Buying Guide

TV Size 32 inches

So we know that the size of these TVs are compact, but they really measure?

Much obviously it depends on the design and construction of the TV itself. Current models are usually thinner and less bulky.

To provide the numbers, on average, these are the size of a 32 inch:

If you think the 32-inch TV is too small, you may orient yourself toward larger sizes like 40 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches.

The 32 “is perfect for small / medium sized salons

One of the factors that most influence the price of a smart TV 32 inches is definitely the type of screen.

Each type of screen is based precisely on different technologies, that they determine the performance and power consumption.

Years ago, they were very popular plasma TV which, however, nowadays, are almost prehistoric times and have given way to models with better performing technologies.

As for the smart TV 32 inches, the most popular and widespread screens are certainly the LCD and LED. The operating mechanism of the two is identical (backlit panels).

But what is a difference?

The LCD panels (LCD) are backlit with fluorescent lights, while the LEDs with LED lights for the note.

So, which one to choose between the two? With a slightly higher investment, we would like to definitely advise of LED screens.

Why not an OLED?

The reason? Certainly the excellent performance of the blacks (the LED blacks, as opposed to a conventional LED, turn off completely), which make it the better quality screen on the market.

However, much more difficult, if not impossible, to find smart TV 32 inches.

In fact, the cost of implementation for manufacturers makes this technology affordable only to larger sizes (eg 55 “).

For OLED technology must move towards larger screen sizes

Resolution 32-inch Smart TV

Of course, another key aspect to consider before buying a smart 32-inch TV is the resolution.

For resolution we refer to the number of pixels, both vertical and horizontal, present on the TV screen. In particular, we find the following types of resolution, each corresponding to a price range.

Instead, for a 65 “Full HD is recommended a distance of at least 2.1 m. Finally, for a 4K TV it has recommended a 1.9 m to enjoy Ultra HD.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has formulated a rule of thumb very simple and useful for positioning the TV to the correct distance.

This says that the minimum distance should be at least 1.5-2 times the diagonal of the TV.

Why choose one 32-inch smart TV

The smart TV, or smart TV, is a television connected to the Internet.

Do you really need the Internet? Let’s say that, nowadays, the smart TV has become the standard and will be fewer and fewer televisions not connected to the Internet.

With the ability to download apps and surf the web, you’ll have access to a range of additional content (Netflix, Youtube, etc.), Which would increase the potential of the device.

For this reason, LED TV 32 inch Full HD selected in this article are smart TV.

From the series, it’s never too late!

Connectivity: HDMI ports, USB, etc.

The TVs are devices that interact and connect to other products, which are game consoles, dongle or Blue Ray player.

So, they are fundamental attacks HDMI (at least 2, even if most of it mounts TV 3 or 4) and USB connections.

In addition, for a more stable internet connection, you should look for a model with connection for the Ethernet cable (that way you will not only depend on WiFi for smart functionality).

Finally, if you have dated external devices (such as a VCR or a console to play old generation), you might also need the good old scart socket.

32-inch Smart TV: prices

How much is a smart 32-inch TV?

The price of this TV format is quite accessible. Much it depends on the screen resolution (HD or Full HD) and the presence or absence of Internet connectivity and of course the brand.

The 32-inch Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips prices have on average higher than brands such as Akai and Hisense, products of the economy segment.

It starts from models with prices well below 200 € (HD, not connected), up to more than 400 € (Full HD, HDR, Internet connection).

Of course, how much you spend depends largely on the “role” you’ll want to assign to the new 32 inch television. If the latter will be the main home TV, we’ll want to orient yourself on higher-end products, which provide superior video and audio quality.

Frequently Asked Questions about 32 inch TV

How big is a 32 inch?

On average, the size (W x H x D) of a TV LED 32 inches are: 73 x 44 x 80 cm.

How much does a 32 inch TV?

There is no single answer to this question. The weight may vary according to the model from 6 kg up to exceed 10.

How to choose a smart 32-inch TV?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a 32 inch TV. Among these are: resolution, screen type, operating system and of course the brand. In our guide to the best 32 inch TV, you will find all the information to make the best choice.

How much does a 32 inch TV?

The price of a 32-inch TV can range from less than 200 € to over 500 €. Much it depends on your screen technology, by resolution, by brand, etc.