Best Ice Cream In : Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Best ice cream in 2020: which to choose? (comparison)

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

In this guide to the best ice cream in 2020 we will compare the best models, analyzing all the basic features you need to consider before purchasing.

Ice cream is one of the purest pleasures of summer, although many have seasonally adjusted, raising it to sweet to be consumed throughout the year. A domestic ice cream is, for anyone who loves ice cream, a dream come true. A tool able to give vent to imagination and, in the long term, protect the portfolio. Not to mention the absolute authenticity of the final product.

No wonder that, from a niche product, the ice cream makers are slowly rose to prominence, becoming more and more popular appliances.

Best ice cream in 2020

Below is a list of the best ice cream maker of the moment:

Value for money

Ariete 693 Gran Gelato Metal

The De’Longhi Gelataio ICK5000

The De’Longhi Gelataio IC8500

additional basket, fixed blade, removable blade, dispenser, spatula

additional basket, dispenser, ice cream spoon

Spoon ice cream recipe

additional basket, fixed blade, removable blade, dispenser, spatula

Value for money

Ariete 693 Gran Gelato Metal

additional basket, dispenser, ice cream spoon

The De’Longhi Gelataio ICK5000

The De’Longhi Gelataio IC8500

Spoon ice cream recipe

In the selection we have included almost exclusively self-chilling ice cream maker. In fact, they are higher performance and ensure the best outcome. Only one model is rather to build and is the best option for those on a really tight budget.

Also, note that some food mixers, planetary and centrifuges can perform similar functions, for example that of the ice cream maker. In this case, you will need to separately purchase the suitable accessory, such as this Kenwood.

Magimix Gelato Expert: best ice cream autorefrigerante

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

We begin our selection with what we can consider as the absolute best ice cream maker: Magimix Gelato Expert. It is an ice cream with a compressor and a motor 180W.

A very powerful motor, which allows to reduce considerably the ice cream preparation time which, according to the recipe, ranging from 20 to 40-45 minutes. This, combined with the presence of the compressor, gives the product quite bulky size and a considerable weight.

The ice cream machine is equipped with two baskets from 2L each, one fixed and one removable. These are not used simultaneously, but still allow you to speed up operations in case you wish to prepare more tastes or a greater quantity of ice cream.

The operation is simple and intuitive. There are 3 automatic programs (sorbet, ice creams, fruit ice cream) and one manual, with which the consistency of the final product is possible to adjust at will. Available also the storage function, which keeps the temperature for 2 hours after preparation.

The transparent cover is very convenient to easily monitor the progress of creaming. Also good stability, thanks to the presence of non-slip feet.

The only negative, if you can call it, involves initial range of accessories. Indeed, in addition to the standard equipment (second basket, dasher, measuring cup, etc.) Lacks a paper cookbook. A lack, however, is not so bad given the wide availability of dedicated Web content.

H.Koenig HF320: best ice cream maker for quality / price ratio

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

We continue the selection with an ice cream maker autorefrigerante great value for money, that has made it the product of the best-selling category on Amazon.

Koenig HF320 has a 180W motor, which guarantees optimum performance and a low risk of overheating. The revolutions per minute are 24: the machine does not, therefore, provides a large speed mixing, which results in longer preparation time compared to other models.

The basket has a capacity of 2L and thus allows to prepare a fair amount of ice cream, even up to 1 Kg. The advice is still not completely fill the basket, so that the ice cream can work more smoothly the compound.

The machine is very versatile, with some intelligent devices by the manufacturer, which make it suitable for different types of preparation. For example, it is possible to adjust the opening of the porthole in order to manage the incoming air and an opening for the practical inclusion of ingredients during the creaming (fruit pieces, chocolate chips, chopped hazelnuts, etc.). .

Even in this case, it is available the gelato storage function directly into the ice cream maker, which automatically shuts down upon completion of the process.

G3Ferrari Creamy G20035

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Creamy G3Ferrari is an excellent machine for autorefrigerante ice cream. Completely constructed of stainless steel, this ice cream maker is a very appreciated and extremely reliable product.

It is a fairly compact appliance (39 x 25.5 x 27.5 cm) and a weight of 11.5 Kg, rather solid and stable thanks to the structure and the presence of non-slip feet.

The motor has a power of 150W, while the preparation time are under 60 minutes. The drum capacity is 1.5L. An average value for a home ice cream maker, which allows you to make about 800g of ice cream. Like the other models, this too has a transparent cover that allows to check the progress of processing.

Compared to the patterns seen above, this presents a handy LCD display, which will help in the preparation of ice cream, for example showing the time remaining at the end of creaming cycle.

Available functions and sleep and conservation of the cold. The range of accessories is however quite sparse, with just scoop and scoop included.

Ariete Gran Gelato Metal

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Among the best gelato of 2020 there is also the Ariete Gran Gelato Metal model. Compared to the two patterns seen previously, this has a less powerful motor (135W) and a smaller capacity of the basket (1L). There are still two baskets, one fixed and one removable.

The smaller engine power causes that the machine could struggle with harder compounds and difficult parts to be treated, especially in the final stages of creaming. Again, the advice that we feel we can give is to not overdo the quantity of ingredients. Better less ice cream, but with a creamy consistency, that a greater amount with a more liquid consistency.

Even this ice cream maker, as the model G3Ferrari Creamy, presents a useful LCD display that indicates the time remaining to the end of the preparation.

mid-range product with a very attractive price, which is one of the favorite choices for value for money and suitable for those who are not going to prepare ice cream on a daily basis for many people.

The De’Longhi Gelataio ICK5000

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

De’Longhi The Ice Cream is a ice cream maker with compressor among the most popular of the category. The motor has a power of 230W and is able to work in any kind of ingredient without any problems. On average, the ice cream preparation time is around three-quarters of an hour.

E ‘can select 3 distinct modes of operation: only rotational movement of the blade, cooling only and the combination of the two.

The drum capacity is 1.2L, sufficient to achieve about 700g of ice cream. In the initial allocation it is also provided another basket with the same capacity.

We come now to the structure and aesthetics. The product is more compact than other ice-cream maker with compressor. The weight exceeds 14 kg and, if on the one hand, this poses problems in terms of displacement, on the other hand guarantees a certain stability during operation.

The DeLonghi IC8500 Ice cream man: the best ice cream storage

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

And here we are the only ice cream maker to build up that we decided to include in the selection: The De’Longhi Gelataio IC8500. As previously mentioned, these appliances do not exhibit compressor and it is therefore necessary to previously cool the basket in the freezer. However, the price is reduced significantly and, on average, to below € 100.

This ice cream maker De’Longhi has a motor with a power of just 6W. E ‘therefore advisable to pay attention during the preparation, as a mixture too thick could be overly straining the engine.

The ice cream is prepared in about 20-45 min (time is variable depending on the recipe), but it is necessary to add at least 14 hours for cooling the drum. The latter has a capacity of 1.5 liters, enough to make about 800g of ice cream.

Very compact and easy to handle, it can be easily placed on any of the kitchen floor and can be transported without problems (it weighs only 2.7 Kg).

Among the accessories, there are an ice cream spoon and a basic recipes.

Gelatiere best selling

Here is the updated list of the best gelato best-selling:

Best Ice Cream In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

professional Ice Cream Makers

The products described in the preceding paragraphs are ice cream maker for home or for ice cream machines designed exclusively for domestic use. In other words, appliances are able to prepare the ice cream for a few people, both because of the size that enough of the limited power of the engine.

Who has special needs, for example, it runs a catering and want to offer a good ice cream to their customers may consider purchasing a professional ice cream maker. These machines are able to prepare a greater amount of ice cream and to work in a prolonged without overheating the engine.

On the market there are several brand specialized in the production of traditional ice cream makers, including the very Italian Musso, a real institution in the field. The brand also produces products “semi-professional, such as Musso Mini Lussino 4080.

Musso Ice Cream Maker Mini Gourmet Lussino 4080 Version: 2 Prepare for …

Ice Cream Maker: What it is and how it works

The ice cream maker or ice cream machine, as the name suggests, is a home appliance that allows you to prepare homemade ice cream. The popularity of these products has grown tremendously in recent years, thanks to the release of high performance products and excellent performance.

To prepare the ice cream is first necessary to mix the ingredients, cold or hot (this according to the ingredient chosen ice cream). Once finished this step, we proceed to creaming of the preparation within the domestic ice cream, which stir the mixture for a variable duration (on average from 20 to 40 minutes).

This step is crucial, since the creaming allows the preparation of absorbing air (and volume) and to break the ice crystals that are formed due to the low processing temperatures.

These aspects are crucial in the success of the ice cream, especially in terms of consistency and creaminess.

Some gelatiere are also able to make further preparations. We speak of sorbets and yogurts, therefore prepared with consistencies quite different compared to the ice cream.

How to choose an ice cream maker

preliminary assessments

The purchase of an ice cream maker for home must pass through a series of judgments and assessments. This will allow you to make the right purchase and fully respect their expectations.

For example, a first factor to consider is the freezer of their ability to reach a temperature of -18 ° C, ie the useful temperature for storing the ice cream in the freezer. In case of not have this type of appliance, we do not recommend the purchase of an ice cream maker.


Before getting into the technical specifications of a home ice cream maker, you must differentiate this product category into two large families, which represent the types of ice cream available on the market: gelato storage and compression. In truth it would exist even a third, crank. However, this turns out to be a type of product that has become obsolete and uncommon.

These two types differ profoundly for operating technology, which affects in turn on a number of aspects and features. Let’s see in detail.

The ice cream accumulation is generally composed of two main components: the product body and the drum. The latter has a double wall, inside which there is a coolant.

The basket will therefore placed in the freezer for several hours to “accumulate” (hence the name) the cold and release it during the creaming of the ice cream

It is electrical gelatiere with less powerful engines and low fuel consumption. However, the lack of a self-cooling system makes the preparation of the ice cream a rather long and laborious process. On the other hand, this allows to keep the compact dimensions and to position the gelatiera virtually anywhere in the kitchen.

The price, compared to the ice cream maker with compressor (details in section below) is significantly lower. However, this is a product, though more economical than with compressor models, recommended for those who want to prepare the ice cream occasionally and for a limited number of people.

This type of product is also called ice cream autorefrigerante. In fact, thanks to the help of an integrated compressor, is able to maintain a low temperature during and after the ice cream preparation process.

This firstly allows to maintain uniform temperature throughout the process, an aspect which ensures a final product of higher quality and a more rapid preparation with respect to the accumulation models, which instead require several hours of preliminary planning (it is necessary to put the basket in the freezer) .

The ice-cream maker with mountain compressor more powerful engines and have a higher absorption than gelatiere accumulation. In addition, the presence of the compressor inevitably rise in size and price.

However, we can say that the best ice cream maker on the market fall into this category. In fact, in addition to better performance, usually they have additional functions not available in the accumulation models. In other words, self-chilling ice cream maker you have more chance of action and you will get better results.

Size and space

The ice cream maker is a household appliance, especially during the summer months, is used frequently. Being able thus to place easily in the kitchen is an important factor to be taken into account.

The gelatiere accumulation are more compact than those self-chilling and therefore more easily positionable in the kitchen. In addition, they are considerably lighter and trasportaibili compared to those self-chilling, not exceeding, on average, 4 kg of weight.

Given the presence of the compressor, the self-chilling ice cream makers are larger and, at the sight, some models may be cumbersome. This means, however, also increased stability during operation.

If the space in the kitchen is rather little, you will have to opt for a centrifuge to accumulate, much more compact due to the absence of the unit refrigerant.

Engine performance

Another factor to consider is undoubtedly the engine power. Even in this case, it is however necessary to make a distinction between gelatiere self-chilling and storage.

Indeed, the engines of the latter, not being used for refrigeration, they have very small size and capacity. Consequently, also the energy absorption and fuel consumption are significantly more content. However, an engine with little power is more prone to overheating and, therefore, less suitable for the preparation of large quantities of ice cream. Usually, the engines of gelatiere accumulation amounted on a power of 7-10W.

On the other hand, the ice-cream maker with compressor have more powerful engines, the largest size, and with the most important consumption. The increased output makes it easier for the machining of different consistency preparations, even harder, without running into blocks or overheating which could damage the machine. The engine of these appliances has a power that can range from about 100W to exceed 200W.

Preparation time

The technical characteristics and the engine power also determine the preparation time that each machine is able to offer. Usually, also according to the type of recipe, the ice-cream makers are able to finish the work in approximately 30-40 minutes, some even in the shortest time.

Regarding gelatiere without compressor, then it is necessary to add to the account a few hours, namely those required to cool in the freezer drum.


The ice cream makers are machines with few functions and thus very easy to use even for those who have too familiar with this type of product.

Usually, in the ice cream maker with compressor, it is possible to select different speeds, suitable for different types of recipes and preparations. For example, with some machines they can also operate by sorbet and yoghurt.

Many machines also allow you to manually set the desired processing time, which obviously changes depending on the recipe and the type of preparation.

In addition, it is advisable to opt for products that offer the automatic shutoff function to process terminated and those with conservation. This latter feature allows to maintain for 1-2 hours the ice cream at the right temperature directly inside the machine.

Capacity of the basket

The capacity of the basket determines the amount of ice cream that is possible to prepare at one time. In most cases, the capacity varies from 1L to 2L. To give a better idea, we can calculate that with 1L capacity are unable to prepare a pound of ice cream and is therefore a capacity suitable for a small family.

Some models on the market have a second basket included. This allows you to prepare as quickly as an additional taste, although it still is not possible to work simultaneously two baskets.

Easy to use and safety

As we mentioned above, the use of these appliances is very simple and intuitive (of course, to prepare the perfect ice cream we will need a little ‘practice, do not forget that we are to prepare the ice cream, the machine is “only” a great help).

In addition, however, the ease of use, it is important that an ice cream maker is practical to use and that does not create too many problems from the standpoint of “practical”, for example a difficult extraction of the basket from the machine body.

Useful feature is the presence of a transparent lid, which makes it possible to check at any time the progress of the blending or creaming. Some machines have instead of a LED display (v. Ariete Gran Gelato).

Finally, although these devices fail to comply with ultre-fast movements, it is important that the machine is in a stable position on the work surface, in order to prevent accidental falls. From this point of view, the presence of anti-slip feet could certainly come in handy.


The accessories sector is another aspect to be reckoned with, but often these can also be purchased separately if needed.

In addition to standard equipment, we have seen how some brands also include a second basket in the sales package. Other useful accessories can be the measuring cup and spoon / scoop ice cream.

Finally, some products are sold along with practical paper recipe, which will help you to familiarize yourself with the machine.


Moving on to the maintenance, one of the aspects that most concern those who are going to purchase this type of appliance. The cleaning of an ice cream is quite simple, even given the limited number of pieces from which it is composed.

Often the various components, including the drum and paddle mixer, can be washed in a dishwasher, which makes the maintenance operation quick and painless.

Ice Cream Maker: Price

How much is an ice cream maker? The price of these devices varies a lot, especially depending on the type. The ice cream maker storage are cheap products, sold with prices well below the € 100. The self-chilling ice cream parlors, given the presence of the compressor and the greater engine power, have higher prices, usually a few hundred euro.

On average, with just under 300 € you can purchase a valid and can satisfy a consumer media. If you are looking for something more handsome, it is advisable to opt for a professional ice cream maker, but in this case the price increases (and a lot).