Best Evaporative Cooler : What And How To Choose?

Best evaporative cooler 2020: what and how to choose?

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

In this article we take care of the best evaporative cooler of 2020, comparing with short reviews of the best models on the market. In addition, we will guide you in choosing highlighting all the most important aspects to consider when purchasing.

With the arrival of summer, the heat and the heat are the most feared enemies. Solutions such as portable air conditioners are increasingly popular, but they have a rather high price, requiring some “logistical” devices to be placed (the exhaust pipe near the window).

The air coolers or water coolers to represent a great economical alternative, quiet and low fuel consumption. In addition, in addition to reducing the temperature of the environment in which they are placed, some models are also able to purify the air of the house.

Best cooler air

Below is a list of the best coolers of 2020:

Klarstein whirlwind 3-in-1

Normal, Natural, Night, Ecology

Cooling, Fan, Night, Natural

Normal, Night, Natural

Fan / Fan evaporative

Klarstein whirlwind 3-in-1

Normal, Natural, Night, Ecology

Cooling, Fan, Night, Natural

Normal, Night, Natural

Fan / Fan evaporative

Before moving to the reviews of the best coolers it is only right again clarify a key point. These products are not portable air conditioners, but the fans can cool the air through the cold water evaporation. The air cooling process is completely natural and therefore does not require a refrigerant gas.

Therefore, the cooler water is the most convenient alternative (does not require interventions for the installation and does not present pipe for water drainage), but the performance can not be compared with those of an air conditioner.

If you are looking for a more efficient solution, you can read our guide to the best portable air conditioners.

Klarstein whirlwind Raffrescatore 3-in-1

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

Among the best air evaporative cooler is definitely Klarstein Whirlwind, which is characterized by an excellent autonomy, given by tank 5,5L.

It is a three-in-one device which, in addition to the functionality of cooler, it also presents those of fan and humidifier. In addition, it offers the possibility to place two ice-boxes (eutectic plates) and further improve the ability to lower the temperatures of the environments.

Thanks to a capacity of airflow of 1600 m³, it is suitable for rooms up to 65 square meters. E ‘can select between different cooling modes: normal, night (quieter) and natural, a mode of operation that wants to simulate the trend of the sea breeze. The power levels are 3, with adjustable slats 360 degrees.

In addition, this product is extremely easy to handle, thanks to the adjustable side handles and the wheels. The control is done by remote control or via the front panel with 6 keys.

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

Klarstein Whirlwind 3-in-1 – Air Cooler 3 in 1, …

Cooler Argoclima Bear

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

We continue the series of water coolers with the model Argoclima Bear, which boasts great views of users and a very attractive price.

It is a device rather compact and convenient to carry, thanks to the 4 wheels and convenient carrying handles.

This cooler Argo Bear offers three different speed of operation and electrical oscillation. Even the mode of operation are 3: normal, natural, night. Also, you can program it by setting from half-hour timer up to 7 hours and a half. The controls are manageable from both the cooler itself and through the special remote control.

Equipped with a dual filtration system, it has a water tank with a capacity of 10L, with an effective filling of about 7-8L. The package also includes two ice-boxes. It is a cooler suitable for small environments (max 20-25 square meters).

Yate SC-M99

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

Among the recommended coolers for water there is this model Yatek YK-M99, which is autonomy the best strength. In fact, this product presents a 10L reservoir, which ensures a continuity of enviable use compared to other devices in the category.

The capacity is 1,900 m³ / h, therefore suitable for medium-large environments.

Now we come to the mode of operation, which in this case are 3: Normal, Natural, Night. Same number of available fan speeds.

Also this cooler has four castor wheels and handles for easy transport.

Very useful alarm that reveals the lack of water in the tank. In case the latter is not reloaded, Yatek YK-M99 is equipped with an auto shut-off mechanism.

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

Conditioner Evaporative Yatek YK-M99, 10L capacity Y …

Drip cooler ARGO Polyphemus

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

Among the coolers most sold and appreciated there Argo Drip Polyphemus, a product well designed, vaguely reminiscent of an aircraft turbine. What is striking at first glance it is the considerable size of the fan, which therefore guarantees a powerful air jet and able to reach also points away from the machine.

The product is nonetheless suitable for environments of medium-small size, due to the limited capacity of the tank (2.5 L only).

The operating modes are the three classic views even in the models above, namely Normal, Natural and night, with three selectable fan speed.

Programmable up to 7 hours and a half at 30-minute intervals, it has a remote control with a range of up to 6m. The cooler Argo Polyphemus Drip can be controlled either via the remote control, the front LED display.

Portable Evaporative Winload

Best Evaporative Cooler 2020: What And How To Choose?

If you are looking for a device to be used in different environments, for example, both home and office, or simply need a “personal” device, you can opt for a portable air cooler as the Winload model.

Obviously, the price is extremely competitive, but it is the natural consequence of more limited specifications, including the tank capacity of only 0,4L.

Much appreciated the compact design, which also provides for a collect-front drop to collect excess water and to prevent moisture from wetting the device.

Simple to use, it offers 3 different rates of ventilation and good reliability.

Winload 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, Mini Cooler On Air, …

Coolers most popular air

Below is a list of the best evaporative cooler longer sold on Amazon:

Water cooler: how it works

On a cooler operation it is fairly simple and takes full advantage of natural mechanisms. In fact, it is not surprising that these products are also called fans ice or water.

They consist of an internal fan that sucks the external air by the first pass by a filter and subsequently pushes it towards a so-called evaporative panel, constantly wet thanks to the water / ice in the tank places. In this way, the air that passes through the honeycomb panel is cooled, allowing a lowering of the temperature.

Therefore, unlike the conditioners that cool the air thanks to the use of a refrigerant gas, the coolers do it in a completely natural way.

Obviously, we’re not here to compare the performance of two very different product categories and the price difference so marked. In fact, the air conditioners have a higher cooling power, however, topped by costs and dimensions greater.

Coolers, in the professional versions, are widely used to create fresh air flows in open environments, for example at events or parties. These versions are obviously larger and are connected to mains water.

pet cooler: advantages

The benefit of purchasing a home cooler are easy to enumerate:

How to choose an evaporative cooler

Size and portability

Among the most important factors to consider before purchasing a cooler are the size and the degree of portability of the device.

The devices available in the market are, in almost all cases, very compact and do not create large problems positioning. Fundamental the presence of 4 wheels and handles for easy transportation: in this way, you can effortlessly transport the equipment from one room of the house.

If you are instead looking for a product even more compact, the market offers so-called portable coolers, however, adapted to cool the individual person rather than an environment.


The autonomy of a water cooler is deeply influenced by the capacity of the tank.

It is there anyway to say a big role is played by the usage mode selected and the speed of the fans used: in fact, at high levels, these factors may drastically increase the water consumption.

Also the capacity of the tray is deeply influenced by the power of the appliance: the higher the latter, the greater must necessarily be the reservoir for the water, so as to ensure a more prolonged operation over time.

Usually, a capacity from 5/6 Liters is able to satisfy the most basic needs, but it is advisable, however, to move towards products with greater capacity (space permitting).

Power and Flow

The power of the device is expressed in watts and has a great impact on the air flow, however, expressed in cubic meters.

The higher the power, the greater the amount of air that the cooler will be able to refrigerate for one hour. These values ​​are deeply vary from one model to another and this difference obviously has an effect on the price.

On average, a cooler with power 100W can freshen up a little less than 1,000 cubic meters per hour.


The air sucked from the cooler is passed through an anti-dust filter and anti-pollen, able to sanitize (at least partly) the air of their own home.

If you are looking for a device dedicated to the purification of air, you can read our comprehensive guide to air purifiers for the home.

How to use

Usually, domestic coolers are simple to use and have few operating modes to choose from. In the case:

Other functions

In addition to the aforementioned operating mode, the evaporative coolers often offer some additional features, including:

Currently, the market does not offer evaporative coolers with smart functionality. However, it is possible to control these devices remotely with the connection to a WiFi outlet or a power strip WiFi.

With these low cost options you can turn on / off the device remotely via your smartphone and, where compatible with screen readers, control it with your voice via the smart Echo Amazon (Alexa speaker) or Google Home (Assistant).


How much does an air cooler? The price of these products varies from less than € 100 for products with specific rather basic, to over € 200 for more powerful devices with more features.

On average, approximately 150 € we will take home a quality product and be able to meet the needs of almost all users looking for a similar product.

A price all things considered affordable, especially when compared with that of air conditioners, whose cheaper models are still sold to several hundred euro.