Best 4K Smart Tv : What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

Best 4K smart TV 2020: what the Ultra HD TV to buy?

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

In this guide we take care of the best 4K TV in 2020, by comparing the smart Ultra HD models most popular on the market.

Televisions that support this resolution are becoming more common and are asking themselves as new standard after the Full HD.

Until recently, purchase an Ultra HD TV it was a “few” investment, today we can bring home a good model, with an outlay of just over a classic Full HD.

Also, with the advent dell’8K, we are confident that the prices of 4K TV will continue to fall.

Best smart TV 4K

Below is a list of the best 4K TV of 2020:

Samsung QE55SLS03RAUXT The Frame

HDR10+ (Quantum HDR1000), HLG



Samsung QE55SLS03RAUXT The Frame

HDR10+ (Quantum HDR1000), HLG

In the selection we tried to cover different price ranges, so as to meet different needs. For example, in the choice we have tried to include all the most popular types of panel time (LED, QSD, OLED).

Thus, the ordering of products is intended for price range and not from best to worst.

NB: to maintain uniformity in the selection we have chosen 55 “models. For all other formats, simply click the bid under the product description.,

Samsung UE55NU7400U: best cheap 4K TV

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

We begin selecting the best 4K TV with a Samsung model by the excellent quality / price ratio: Samsung UE55NU7400U, in this case in its 55-inch version.

This Smart TV Ultra HD is one of the best selling devices in the category at Amazon and it’s easy to understand why: with less than € 400 you brings it home a device with a good contrast, excellent color depth and, above all, , a very low input-lag (only 14 ms). This feature makes it suitable for a TV 4K gaming.

In addition, the UHD Dimming function allows you to adjust the brightness in different areas of the screen.

Less powerful audio (especially at high volumes), which falls entirely within the industry average.

The operating system Tizen (Samsung owner), which provides excellent navigability and access to a complete and intuitive content.

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

Philips 55PUS7504 / 12: the best 4K LED

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

Among the best smart TV 4K highlight Philips 55PUS7504 / 12. Special features of this smart TV 4K is certainly the presence of Ambilight, exclusive Philips, which consists of a series of intelligent LED places around the frame, projecting on the walls the colors of the screen.

This, in addition to giving the idea of ​​a larger display, certainly adds an extra dimension to the viewing experience, especially as it is possible to coordinate the light sound.

In addition to this interesting technology, this TV integrates a great processor P5 Picture Perfect, capable of processing and process a large amount of data and return images and colors faithful to reality, with good quality and contrast of a moving response above average . In addition, Philips 55PUS7504 supports HDR10 +.

The installed operating system is Android TV: will be possible to access the app and additional content directly from Google Play Store.

Available with Google Voice Control Assistant (integrated) and Alexa (compatible).

Samsung QE55SLS03RAUXT The Frame: oltre la TV

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

Among the best Ultra HD TV we have also included the iconic Samsung The Frame model in its new 2019 version QLED screen, which provides excellent color depth and enviable peak brightness.

As the name suggests (The Frame literally means “The Frame”), this ultra HD TV goes beyond the concept of traditional television. In fact, when turned off, it turns into a beautiful painting with frame (customizable), on which to admire famous paintings, photos, etc. (other than Art Modes available, including Samsung Gallery, Art Store and My Collection).

In addition, Samsung The Frame is also equipped with a light sensor (automatic adjustment according to ambient light) and motion sensor (the screen is activated when someone passes in front of the TV).

From the point of view of smart features, this TV Ultra HD integrates the Tizen operating system using voice Samsung Bixby assistant. This lets you control your TV with voice capabilities available through compatibility with Alexa and Google smart speaker, such as Nest Mini.

A TV out of the box, which will amaze anyone to admire it.

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

Samsung TV QE55LS03RAUXZT The Frame Cornice TV, 4K 55″, Nero, 2019


Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

This 4K TV QLED Samsung Q70R itself as the optimal choice for those who plan to buy a unit superior to the classic LCD panel, but does not plan to exceed 1,000 € for an OLED.

In fact, although no advanced features like its big brother Q90 (which has a significantly higher price), is able to offer performance and video quality to satisfy even the most demanding users.

Excellent color rendering, both in HDR to SDR, who recorded only 14 ms input lag (as mentioned, this is an interesting fact for those looking for a TV for gaming).

The operating system is installed TizenOS, just saw the same for The Frame, works with all the major streaming platforms including: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and Spotify. Just as The Frame is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, with its integration of the app SmartThings.

LG OLED55C9PLA: miglior 4K OLED

Best 4K Smart Tv 2020: What The Ultra Hd Tv To Buy?

In our selection at the best Ultra HD TV could not miss an OLED model, the LG OLED55C9PLA case, one of the most popular models of the new Korean company’s range.

As we know, OLEDs are characterized by perfect blacks, high quality contrast, ultra-thin panels and advanced technological level. This TV is of course no exception and is placed in a premium market.

Compared to the previous version, LG C9 presents a high-performance processor, the Alpha 9 of the second generation, which guarantees an image fluidity above the average and a top video yield sector. Video quality improved even in the case of manual by a professional calibration.

Also good audio performance, definitely higher than the average of the OLED market. Of course, this can always be improved by using a dedicated sound system or a soundbar.

This UHD TV is equipped with artificial intelligence, able to support the excellent work dell’Apha 9, and integrates both server and Amazon Alexa Google Assistant. These can be operated directly from the supplied remote. The operating system is the proprietary LG, or WebOS.

LG OLED TV Smart AI 55 Pollice OLED55C9PLA

If you are interested in a particular format, you can read one of our guides:

4K: What

As we know, the resolution of a display indicates the number of pixels, horizontal and vertical, which are present on the screen. The pixels are real and dots, the greater their number, the better the performance and clarity.

So, to 4K, it refers to the number of horizontal pixels present on the Ultra HD displays (3840 or 4096).

The vertical of an Ultra HD TV pixels are 2160.

Differenze fra Ultra HD e Full HD

Starting from the definition of 4K TV, it is easy to understand how the differences between the various display formats are given by the number of pixels and the consequent resolution.

The TV Full HD (1920 × 1080) have a quarter of the pixels compared to a TV Ultra HD. In other words, a 4K TV has a quadruple resolution than a Full HD TV.

Obviously, a quadruple resolution results in sharper images, and defined, which makes the choice of a television UHD the preferable choice.


When you are about to buy a 4K TV, you can encounter in the acronym HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. But does it really mean?

The HDR technology has its roots in photography and, for some time, has moved into the world of TV. In simple words, thanks all’HDR you will get a better contrast and a higher brightness compared to a conventional technology.

The result is images more similar to reality, that is closer to what the human eye sees. In other words, as the name suggests, you will have a more dynamic image.

To aspire to be categorized as HDR, a TV must meet certain standards. In this case, it will have to reach certain black and white peaks (peak brightness of 1,000 nits and black of 0.05 nits by hand or 540 nits of brightness and less than 0.0005 black nits).

Also, to be called HDR, it will require that the TV reaches the depth of 10-bit color. This corresponds to about 1 billion individual colors. The result is more realistic colors, hues and shades, which help to make the image more faithful to reality.

4K Smart TV: How to Choose

Type screen

To make the most of our guide on the best 4K smart TV, you need to assess what type of screen you want. Obviously, this choice is profoundly influenced by your budget and what you expect from a TV. In particular, the Ultra HD TV may have different types of screen. But how do they differ?

screen Size

Once clarified the differences between the various types of panel, it is necessary to take into account the size of the same. The choice of the latter is mostly influenced by the viewing distance and the display resolution which, in this case, we know to be 4K.

The viewing distance is an important factor in how much, to a different screen size, corresponds to a recommended distance. The latter is the one that allows the viewer to take full advantage of the display resolution.

Optimal distance from the TV

In fact, if the screen is too large for the distance, you can hear all the pixels, resulting in an image rough and poorly defined. On the contrary, too small a screen for a certain distance results in a substantial loss of detail, making it unnecessary to Ultra HD technology.

Moreover, as regards the latter, it is recommended usually buy a larger panel, as this allows you to fully perceive the greatest number of pixels, or bring the viewing distance. For help in choosing, you can follow this simple scheme:


Obviously, when you are going to purchase one of the best 4K TV, you must also consider the audio industry. Unfortunately, on the one hand the technological advancements from the video point of view and design have made great strides on the other hand the sound of the latest TV generation has remained slightly behind.

The reason is to be found especially in the progressive thinning of the panels. This has significantly limited the physical space dedicated to any speakers and, consequently, the sound performance.

So, even if you can take home an Ultra HD TV with a decent sound, audio performance comparable to video, you need to prepare a home theater or simply a soundbar. To connect with this type of product, the TV must be compatible with multi-channel audio systems, thus Dolby Digital or DTS.

Doors and entrances

Before focusing on what are the best on the market 4K TV is, consider another factor before buying: doors and entrances. In fact, the TV is a product that, by nature, is connected to other devices (Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes etc.).

Doors and inputs are critical to connect the TV to other devices

Therefore, it is recommended that the selected TV present a good number of inputs in order to avoid the purchase of annoying strip and various adapters. In this case, the TV must have a sufficient number of USB and HDMI inputs (at least 2 for each type).

In addition, check that the TV you wish to purchase to have the exit to the 3.5mm audio jack (on most of the products on the market). In addition, you may want to choose a TV that presents the slot for an SD memory card.