Videophone WiFi and video doorbell smart: Guide to the Best

Videophone WiFi and video doorbell smart: Guide to the Best

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

In this guide to the best WiFi videophone and video smart bell, we will see the most popular and most effective of the moment and, in the second part, we will provide more insight into how to choose this type of product.

The WiFi video phones, doorbells or door opener connected, just like smart locks, are gradually gaining popularity. Comfort and remote control are among the greatest benefits. They allow, in fact, directly to your smartphone to see who is ringing the doorbell, with the ability to talk to the host and open door or gate.

Best WiFi video phones and smart video doorbells

Below is a list of the best WiFi video phones and video smart bells of 2020:

It is a varied selection in terms of the supplied accessories, performance, functionality and price. We tried to include both kits that only monitor or just outside.

The market, at least in Italy, is not completely developed and is largely dominated by professional brands of home automation (BTicino, Vimar, Comelit, etc.). However, lately they are emerging new brands that offer more affordable solutions, but often basic.

Below is the comparison of medium to high-end models:

Bticino Kit Class 300 + line 300

Bticino Easy Kit videophone connected

Kit Comelit (Quadra + Mini Handsfree WiFi)

Angle view camera

Angle view camera

Bticino Kit Class 300 + line 300

Angle view camera

Bticino Easy Kit videophone connected

Angle view camera

Angle view camera

Kit Comelit (Quadra + Mini Handsfree WiFi)

Angle view camera

Angle view camera

Videophone Bticino Class 300 300X13E

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

The smart video Bticino 2-wire Class 300 is definitely one of the best videophones WiFi with door opener on the market, an ideal solution for apartments and for those seeking service videophones.

It is a LCD monitor with touch screen 7 “with a good resolution and speakerphone capabilities. In addition, it is equipped with telephone and answering machine function.

This allows you to store all video messages and review them later. In addition, there are also the capacitive keys to activate the main functions such as opening and closing.

Obviously, the Btcino wireless videophone can be managed remotely via the app called Door Entry, available for download on iOS and Android.

The design is sleek and minimalist, as the brand’s tradition. The glass effect finish fits perfectly with most of the furnishings.

Finally, given the Bticino ecosystem, it is possible to connect other brand safety cameras. In this way, the videophone is transformed into a video surveillance system.

Those with a detached villa or search videophones single-family or two-family, can buy the kit also includes the external drive. The Bticino Kit Class 300 comprises, in fact, the videophone Class 300 and the panel Line 3000 with a wide-angle camera (105 °).

Here’s a video of Bticino on how to install it.

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

Bticino 363911 Handsfree Kits Single Family, White

For those who want to spend slightly less, may also consider the new Bticino Easy Kit with 7 “monitor and wide-angle camera 95 °, integrated with other products Bticino Easy Kit.

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

Bticino 318015 Easy Kit Videophone connected

Videophone Vimar Kit K40945

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

Another well-known name of the market, synonymous with quality and reliability Vimar. The Vimar Kit K40945 (two-wire) comprises a capacitive touch videophone 7 “(resolution 1024 × 600) and an audio / video panel with 120 ° wide-angle camera. The design is much more classic and traditional than Bticino.

The system is also expandable: it is possible to connect 3 monitors per residential unit and two external push-button.

With WiFi connectivity, you can handle calls remotely via smartphone and open the gate or the door, using the app Video Door. It will then be possible to record images or videos either manually or automatically. In addition to the internal memory, which allows storage of 100 images and 10 videos, there is provided the micro-SD support (up to 128 GB).

In addition to adjusting the volume of the ringer (6 selectable melodies) and the conversation, the Vimar video lets you set the “Do Not Disturb” mode. A good cifofono detached or semi-detached.

Here the user installation.

Videophone Comelit (Kit: Quadra + WiFi Mini Handsfree)

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

We continue the selection of the best videophones WiFi with the Comelit kit, brand specializing in home automation. This includes Quadra plate and the videophone WiFi Mini Handsfree WiFi 4.3 “.

Compatible with any gaming system with two wires, has a mimimal design but very modern and stylish. Like the other models, the videophone Comelit is controllable by smartphone (via the app Comelit) and offers the opportunity to see who is at the door, interact, receive a special notification and see the video recordings (up to 10 seconds). In addition, it allows to manage the actuators (for example, then open the gate, the door or the door).

A very interesting feature about the face recognition that automatically manage access, and never pull out the keys (just playing and look in the camera).

This too smart intercom system can be integrated with security cameras Comelit ecosystem.

Here and here help installing resources.

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

Ring Video Door Bell 2: the best video WiFi Wireless

Videophone Wifi And Video Doorbell Smart: Guide To The Best

Ring, such as Blink, is a company bought by Amazon and this is definitely a guarantee of quality. In fact, the Ring devices are among the best videos WiFi wireless doorbells.

Video Door Bell Ring 2 includes only the videocampanello: the monitor becomes in the smartphone effects. The cameras shooting in Full HD (1080p) with a 160 ° viewing angle, has motion sensors and, through the app Ring, is able to send push notifications at presence outside your doorstep.

In addition, videos can be saved to a Ring cloud properties. Of course, like most of the smart safety devices, the service is paid.

The distinguishing feature of this smart video doorbell is that it can be powered by battery (wireless) which with the cables.

This, combined with the possibility of changing between two different fronts, makes it perfect for each type of dwelling and furnishings. Obviously, it lacks integration and voice control through the virtual assistant Alexa and Echo devices.

Ring also markets a premium version, Ring Doorbell Pro with improved functionality and motion sensors. Excellent choice for those willing to spend a few euro more.

Best WiFi video phones cost

If you have a tight budget, here is the list of the best WiFi video phones currently cost:

The most popular WiFi video phones

If you need more ideas, here for any WiFi video phones most sold on amazon:

It is an automatic selection in real time.

What is a WiFi videophone

A WiFi videophone has all the features of a normal videophone, to which are added the functionality of an intelligent device. In particular, the ability to open or talk to guests directly from your smartphone or tablet, using your home WiFi connection. Of course, even remotely.

A WiFi videophone allows you to see and interact with those who is at the door via app

In other words, you can answer the door from anywhere in the world you are. really useful feature, for example, if you often receive home delivery.

Videophone or video doorbell WiFi?

Certainly, there are videocitofoni WiFi suitable for different types of housing. The choice between WiFi videophone or video doorbell depends on it (condominium complex vs. vs. detached or semi-detached independent villa, etc.).

The WiFi video-bells are smaller and compact and does not require difficult installation procedures. You just put the WiFi bell near your front door, connect it to WiFi home and that’s it.

Obviously, for this type of product, will miss the opening of the door function, but you can still look at and talk to whoever is out, thanks to the integrated camera and microphone.

If you live in a house with separate entrance you can also consider buying more complex devices consisting of several elements, including the videophone connected.

In fact, those who have a garden or, more generally, an outdoor area, has several access points, for example the outer gate and the front door. In this case, by exploiting the existing duct, you can use the videophone also to open the door or the gate.

For this reason, it is very important to assess the scope of the product that you are buying, to avoid unpleasant surprises. You will always install a WiFi mesh or WiFi network repeater to extend the reach of the network.

Control via app

Whether it’s a video or a WiFi wireless video doorbell, the management is done via the app owner. This way, you can check who is at the door using only your smartphone, tablet or computer.

As mentioned, if the product is installed a Wifi videophone connected to the door or gate opening mechanism, you can also open the door without the need to get up or, more generally, to be physically present at home.

The smartphone becomes the extension of WiFi videophone

Why buy a WiFi videophone

The benefits of a WiFi video are clear and obvious. We see the key below:

Videophone WiFi: how to choose

Obviously, each house is different from the others and requires products with different characteristics. When you go to purchase a videophone or a WiFi video doorbell, it is important to consider several factors that need to influence the choice.


As mentioned before, the scope is certainly the most important feature to consider before buying a smart video. In fact, this must be able to cover the distance between the outdoor unit (transmitter) and inner part (receiver).

This factor, of course passes Incidental if the videophone is placed only in the vicinity of the entrance door. However, it is a fundamental aspect in the case of garden or, in general, between space and intercom door.

We recommend that you focus towards products which have a higher capacity than the actual distance you have to cover. In fact, brands often do not take into account possible obstacles or interference.

Other characteristics

If compatible with screen readers, you can directly see also feed on smart speaker

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