Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In

Best took WiFi smart: smart plugs which buy in 2020

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

In this guide to the best WiFi smart sockets of 2020, we explain in detail what they are, how they work and how to choose, providing short reviews of smart plug most valuable on the market, including economic ones, and for outdoors.

These products, along with slippers smart WiFi, are increasingly popular and have experienced a real boom in the last year. Accomplice definitely the growth of smart speaker like Amazon and Google Home Echo, with which these products have a synergistic relationship.

In the first part, we focus on the best of the smart time taken; the second part is devoted to an in-depth guide designed for beginners or those who want to know more.

Best WiFi intelligent smart plug sockets

This list of the best outlets WiFi / smart plug of 2020:

On the market there are hundreds of proposals, also very cheap. Next to famous brands such as TP-Link D-Link there are often many other Chinese origin that are distinguished by good value for money.

Below is a comparison of models to identify the most suitable for you:

The better grip WiFi

The best economic

Teckin Energy Monitor SP22

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

The better grip WiFi

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

The best economic

Teckin Energy Monitor SP22

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

TP-Link HS110: the best WiFi socket 2020

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

TP-Link HS110 is probably the best WiFi socket 2020. A product that belongs to an ecosystem for the smart home, that of TP-Link, reliable and booming.

This intelligent plug has all the important features that a smart plug should have, with a very good value for money.

TP-Link HS110 is fully manageable through the KASA app, available on Android or iOS. This means that, via smartphone or tablet, it will be possible to turn off and turn on the connected electrical equipment remotely.

The app, with an intuitive and well-made, also allows you to schedule the operation on the basis of custom or predefined scenarios times (sunrise, sunset, etc.) Or set the timer.

In addition, the device presents a comfortable button, on the front, which allows you to activate / deactivate it manually. As most of these sockets, presents a Shuko format, therefore, in some cases, you will require an adapter.

But the real gem that makes this product a complete smart socket is the possibility of real-time monitor or display historians energy absorption. So, a great help to control energy consumption and save on your bill.

Thanks to compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, you can associate the socket to the corresponding screen readers and manage it directly with the voice. IFTTT Through the platform, you can then create custom scenarios.

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Apple Homekit but it is with Samsung SmartThings.

Improvable size, which makes it a bit ‘cumbersome (you can not enter in slippers and occupies more than one slot):

Meross MSS310

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

The house Meross product is one of the best economic WiFi outlets. In fact, with about 17 € it will take home an intelligent outlet with good functionality.

Obviously, as it can be seen from the price, can not boast the ecosystem, the interface and stability of TP-Link, but we can say that the Meross presents all the characteristics of a smart plug “premium.”

With a compact design, at least compared to other WiFi outlets, it integrates a useful physical button for immediate action on the device (on / off).

By Meross app (available on Google Play or App Store) will be able to remotely manage the power on and off, as well as set timer and program operation depending on the times.

In addition, it also offers the ability to create scenes, even to manage multiple devices of the same brand.

Despite its low price, this smart socket, such as TP-Link, allows to monitor consumption in real time or by consulting historical daily, weekly or monthly.

In addition, it is fully compatible with Alexa, Google and Home IFTTT.

Not compatible with Apple and SmartThings HomeKit, although, in the latter case, you can solve with a little ‘of technical expertise, through Homebridge.

Not good performance in case of more demanding loads.

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

meross MSS310 Schuko (EU) Intelligent socket with the consumption control, …

Teckin SP22: improved grip economic WiFi

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

Which brings us to the one that we believe are the best grip Economic WiFi. The Teckin Energy Monitor (SP22) is very similar to Meross. Again, with an amount of just over € 15, you buy a smart plug that does its duty.

What made Teckin a bestseller in the category is the reliability, broad compatibility and ease of use and management.

The app to use is the famous Smart Life (available on iOS or Android), integrated interface that like Tuya, allows control of more than several Chinese manufacturers.

Although the app is available in English only, navigation looks quite intuitive and setup is quick and easy.

Through Smart Life, you have the ability to remotely manage the WiFi electrical outlet, program schedules, set timers and create scenarios that also include other devices.

In this product, we find the feature that allows the control of consumption and the on / off button manually.

The smart plug Teckin is fully integrated with Alexa, Google and Assistant IFTTT and is also compatible with SmartThings. However, it does not speak directly with Apple Homekit.

To function properly, it needs a very powerful WiFi signal. As the pattern seen above do not bear heavy loads very well, but the price justifies it in part.

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

Intelligent Plug Socket WiFi Smart Energy Monitor Plug Compatible …

TP-Link Tapo P100

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

We close our selection of the best intelligent grappling with the aforementioned TP-Link brand. The company has launched, in November 2019, the low-cost line for the smart home Tapo. The TP-Link Tapo P100 costs about half the HS110 already seen.

Obviously, we are talking about a different product and a socket with basic functionality and without the monitoring of consumption.

The rapid and painless configuration, through the app Tapo (iOS and Android) certainly represents a point of strength. Overall, the app is fairly intuitive and easy to use and offers the possibility to program the operation of the smart plug and set the timer.

Like the other seen so far, this clever Tapo socket is compatible with both Alexa Google Home and, therefore, controlled by the respective app and by voice. It also supports IFTTT and can be placed inside custom scenarios.

The dimensions are in line with the market and in this case we are faced with a Shuko plug. However, the square design is presented as a discreet and perfect for any decor.

Best Took Wifi Smart: Smart Plugs Which Buy In 2020

TP-Link Presa arose-FI Tapo P100, Smart Plug Compatibile con Alexa is …

Best WiFi sockets for external

If you are looking for a smart jack to use in the garden or other outdoor environments, there are some on the market proposals waterproof and weatherproof.

Among the best WiFi smart sockets for external, we find:

WiFi socket Outdoor Teckin

We have already talked about the Teckin taken from inside. Even in the case of the smart socket for external 16A, the brand offers a good value for money.

The expense to be paid is less than 30 € for a socket 2 in 1 (both are controlled independently).

As you can imagine, the device is waterproof (IP44) and has excellent build quality. The plastic with which it is built is very solid and resistant.

It has a convenient hole to allow to fix it to the wall, an LED light that indicates the operation and an on / off switch.

Similar to the indoor version, this WiFi outlet is managed via the app Smart Life. You can then access, remotely, to turn it on or off, set the timer and programming, as well as establish the scenarios.

It is also compatible with Alexa, Google and Assistant IFTTT.

Obviously it can also be used inside. In each room there are caps to be affixed when there are no accessories connected to prevent the infiltration of water or dust.

Socket WiFi Outdoor Waterproof Teckin 16A 4000W socket Intelligent …


Announced a few months ago, AVM FRITZ! DECT 210 is undoubtedly the best smart socket for the garden. Unfortunately, however, it is only compatible with the ecosystem FRITZ and you will have a FRITZ! Box with DECT technology to use it.

So, as for the Amazon Smart Plug, caters to a specific niche of users. However, it is a technologically complex and premium quality product (to also show the price). In fact, it associated with the router FRITZ becomes a repeater.

The smart outlet of the famous German brand has IP44 certification and is therefore waterproof and dust and weatherproof (can withstand a temperature ranging from -20 to 40 degrees).

It has several features including the monitoring of consumption in real time or via historians, integration with Google Calendar, sending notifications after ignition, the temperature control and programming of the socket according to this or to the schedules.

Not only. It ‘also possible to establish the maximum threshold of kWh per day or decide to turn on / off the device with a sound feedback as the beating of the hands.

It took most popular WiFi

Here are the rankings of the best WiFi taken at the most popular time:

intelligent or smart plug socket WiFi: what is and how it works

A WiFi socket intelligent or smart plug is an electrical outlet that can connect to the home WiFi. It arises between the wall connection and the plug of an electrical apparatus, becoming in all respects an On / Off switch remotely manageable.

Of course, this leads to great advantages from the control point of view of consumption and comfort. In fact, these products, thanks to an app, can be managed directly from smartphone or tablet, even remotely. All true sockets “controlled.”

In addition, with the integration to home automation Alexa ecosystems, Apple or Google HomeKit Home, you can check the outlets with the voice.

Imagine a fully connected home where, with a simple voice request, active your coffee machine. At any time, from any location of the house.

The application of these smart gadget is extremely versatile. In fact, they can be used with a variety of appliances and devices. Both small (food processors, coffee machines, juice extractors), which large as washing machines, dryers, washer-dryers and dishwashers and much more.

Advantages of a WiFi socket

Why buy a WiFi smart socket? Well, the advantages are many.

Obviously the consequent energy savings. In fact, being able to activate and deactivate WiFi taken in a simple and intuitive, and even schedule them to power, you will have total control of your electrical appliances.

In addition, thanks to dedicated app, with some smart plug can also monitor the consumption of each outlet and optimize them.

Other advantages were implicit in the preceding sentences, such as remote monitoring via app. This feature allows you to manage your home anywhere and any time.

Simply use the screen of your smartphone or your voice. This last option is only available through the purchase of a smart speaker (if the topic interests you, take a look at the best smart speaker 2020).

At a cost content, it will take home a device that allows you to remotely control any electrical equipment that is not smart.

A smart electrical socket fully programmable and can be managed remotely, which will ensure great comfort and a significant reduction in the energy waste.

Best took WiFi Smart: How to Choose

Dimensions and design

One of the first factors to consider before purchasing a smart plugs are certainly the size, in relation to the space available.

In fact, according to the desired positioning, it will be possible to orient towards different products between them. So, it is good to make some measurements before purchasing a smart plug, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you are looking for a WiFi flush mounting socket, usually it comes to solutions offered within an integrated system of home automation. However, there are emerging, little by little, new solutions (for example, at IFA 2019 iotty presented its socket recessed Italian WiFi soon to be available).

smart socket recessed iotty


Of course, another criterion to be evaluated before purchasing a smart outlet is the format. This can be enclosed in two families, namely Shuko (format F) and L, Italian.

Evaluate which type of device will be connected to smart plug is therefore essential, in order to avoid the use of bulky and unsightly adapters. Unfortunately, it must be said that most of the smart plug on the market presents the Shuko format.

Enhanced smart

Obviously, the main reason that pushes the purchase of a smart outlet is the number and type of smart functionality present.

Almost all the smart plug is manageable via the app manufacturer. Among the features to look for in a product of this type you are:

Voice Control and IFTTT

The best smart plugs allow voice control via voice assistants Alexa, Google and Siri Assistant. In addition, this also allows the insertion of the socket within an ecosystem of connected products, working in synergy between them.

If you do not find the grip you are looking for, please refer to our guides:

In addition, if the socket is compatible with IFTTT, it may be part of a mechanism based on the action-reaction system.

For example, you may decide that the WiFi socket is activated when you are approaching home from work, just by using the smartphone’s GPS. But not only.

In fact, with IFTTT and screen readers, you have really a lot of possibilities to unleash your imagination and make your life comfortable.

Maximum load

Another consideration when buying a very smart socket is the maximum load (in Watts) that can support this.

Usually 3.5 kW is sufficient, but it is good to evaluate what type of equipment will go to connect, especially if this has a high energy absorption.

The applicable standard is comuque to buy a smart socket with a maximum load higher (20-30%) compared to the absorption unit.

What is a WiFi smart socket?

An intelligent socket, or smart plug is a socket with WiFi connectivity (or, in some cases, using other communication protocols, such as Zigbee and a gateway / hub) controllable by app via smartphone. In this way, it makes any smart appliances and devices connected to it, allowing the remote control in addition to that vowel (if compatible).

How do WiFi taken?

The WiFi outlet presents itself as an adapter: simply connect the power supply, inserting it as a normal socket, and, in turn, connect it to the device you want to control in such a way smart (coffee machine, washing machine, lamp, etc. .)

How much does a WiFi socket?

The intelligent sockets are generally very cheap and cost about € 10-15. Obviously there are more complex models with advanced features (consumption monitoring, alerts, etc.) That can cost around 40-80 €.

The socket requires a WiFi hub?

Most smart plug does not require hub and integrates directly the WiFi connection. Only some models, usually those belonging to a specific ecosystem / brand, using other communication protocols (ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc.), And will need a home automation hub.