Xiaomi smart home: all about home automation kits, products and My Home app

Xiaomi smart home: all about home automation kits, products and My Home app

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

In this article, we will analyze in detail the universe Xiaomi smart home: here you will find all you need to know about the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit, products for home automation Xiaomi (updated to 2019) and the app I’m Home.

Xiaomi: what you need to know about the brand

Before we delve more specifically the range of products for home automation and smart home Xiaomi, we talk about the brand. The Chinese company (pronounced “siaomi” or “shiaomi” and often referred just “I”) is a producer of technology and related equipment.

On the Italian market, its popularity is on the rise continues for at least a couple of years, mainly thanks to the phone. In fact, its handsets are famous for their more than competitive prices, attractive design and performance above average. Not surprisingly, in the ranking of the best smartphones Xiaomi there is always one (or imparentanta brand).

But Xiaomi smartphone is not just, it is much more. From small startup founded in 2010, has become in a few years into a giant with a selection of products described as “large” is an understatement. The price / quality ratio is what characterizes these types of product so etereogenee.

Telephones, televisions, household products and personal care, clothing, powerbank, air purifiers, scooters, trolleys and much more. A sprawling strategy and production so active that allowed the brand to become one of the most famous names and important tech made in China.

An incubator of hardware companies

One question that arises is: why many products are simply branded with the brand name? The answer is to find the business model that the Chinese company is implementing, or a model made largely by acquisitions and incubations third companies.

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

Ne Yeelight are a prime example, the name of the now famous smart bulbs and YI, the reference name in the action alternatives to GoPro cam market, with excellent products also in the context of video cameras for the surveillance WiFi.

Or Huami brand that offers some of the best smartwatch market with Amazfit sub-brand.

As for Xiaomi home automation, another example is the Enlightenment, the Gateway manufacturer and owner of the brand Aqara, another prominent name in the ecosystem Xiaomi smart home.

Yes that’s right.: Ecosystem. In fact, although it is “third” brand, their managed through a single interface, the app Xiaomi Home, also known as My Home.

What Mijia: the smart home ecosystem Xiaomi

You will often have seen articles targati Mijia. It is a platform / sub-brand created by Xiaomi which includes all IoT products and smart home. Most of these are the product of collaboration between the Chinese company and other brands.

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

We can therefore say that Mijia (which in Chinese literally means “smart home”) is the “premium” line of Chinese brand dedicated to home automation.

With this strategic decision, wanted to deviate a lot from the negative preconceptions we have of Made in China, creating a logo that communicates quality and reliability.

App Xiaomi Home (o Mi Home)

As we said, all devices for home automation Xiaomi, are managed through the app I / Xiaomi Home, a few months also available in Italian language and can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

It is a true integrated control unit, from which you can manage, even remotely, the Xiaomi Smart Home ecosystem products in a simple and functional.

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

After creating an account, just configure and associate the various devices, assigning them to the rooms of the house. So, you can turn them on, turn them off, program them and set timers and various scenarios and routines that include several products (in the app: automation) and ensure that interact.

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

I Home is also integrated with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, to allow voice control of connected devices.

Unfortunately integration for now is very immature and is only possible with Yeelight, the air cleaners and vacuum cleaner robot, but we are sure that the list will expand soon.

Xiaomi Smart Home: the best products for home automation

Since its official launch in Italy in May 2018, took place almost concurrently with the opening of the first physical store in our area, the Xiaomi products for the Smart Home are riding high.

The company’s offer is wide and, given the large number of products and markets in which it operates, it is very easy to get lost in the maze of hundreds of marketed devices. Let us orient ourselves a bit ‘.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit

To start, the company offers a useful kit that includes the most common products for those who delves into the world of home automation do you. Just this world wants to leverage the brand: with an accessible cost, provides virtually everyone the ability to install some sort of home automation system without the intervention of professionals and, above all, in “only three minutes.”

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit includes 6 products or 4, depending on the version and the store that sells it.

These devices can be purchased separatamemente, also as if extensions are used in a home large. In the kit we are:

In Italy, in most cases / shops, we find for sale Security Kit Xiaomi (Mi Smart Sensor Set), which does not include the last two items on the list. T

Keep in mind that for gateway and socket, you will still need an adapter, as the plug is Chinese.

You can purchase the complete kit Xiaomi (6 in 1) of Gearbest (check out this link although it is now out of stock), or on Ebay. Otherwise, you can find the version 4 Xiaomi in the store or on Amazon below. Normally, especially for individual units, Gearbest offers the best price.

If you are looking for the Xiaomi kit for the smart home, as you probably obnoxious in branded versions Aqara and others with the logo I / Mijia.

Although apparently similar, in some devices there are slight differences. For example, the gateway Aqara, unlike what I, supports Homekit. However, the multi-function gateway Xiaomi is normally compatible with a greater number of products.

Another difference relates to the motion sensor: what Aqara presents a brightness sensor and a support that allows to rotate the body 180 °. Similarly, the Aqara temperature detector presents an extra sensor for measuring the atmospheric pressure.

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

The Xiaomi gateway is a bridge that allows the control of other devices in Xiaomi Smart Home kit. Since minimal design, it is built in white plastic material and has a circular LED light in color and of a speaker that can be programmed.

For example, you may decide to use it as a burglar alarm / siren if the sensors have detected something abnormal; Alike the lights may turn on, change of intensity or color. You can also listen to online radio!

In addition to the bundle, you can buy it separately on Gearbest here. On Amazon you can find the Aqara version:

Xiaomi Smart Home: All About Home Automation Kits, Products And My Home App

Xiaomi Aqara Gateway, Zigbee Smart Home Control Center …

The smart switch Xiaomi is a button that can be programmed to PERFORM predetermined action (obviously to be set in the app).

From circular shape and small size, it can be connected to a light bulb or socket Xiaomi ecosystem and be used as a switch, or may be associated with a robotic vacuum compatible or can act as a bell.

There are three commands for the program: double-click, single click or long click. For example, in the case of a light bulb, a command can manage the ignition, one of the intensity, the other color. Available on Gearbest here.

The motion sensor (Human Body Sensor) present in the kit Xiaomi presents itself as a very small device with a minimal design. This product is able to detect any movement (range of 170 °) and send appropriate notices or raise the alarm.

It can also interact with other “members” of the Chinese family, for example, can be programmed to turn on the light as we passed, or it can operate the camera in case of detection of the presence of someone.

Online is easier to find the Aqara version, available here or on Gearbest of amazon.it.

Xiaomi Aqara Human Body Motion Sensor,Connessione Wireless ZigBee…

The sensor for Xiaomi doors and windows consists of two units (one to be placed on the door or window, the other on the frame / edge of this); in this manner, it allows to check whether a door / window is closed or open.

Obviously, it can be integrated with other devices can be programmed to “reaction”: for example, to trigger the siren, turning on lights or activate the camera.

Here the purchase links on Gearbest, but here’s the link to the Aqara version, also available on Amazon (below).

Aqara Door Window Sensor, Aqara Intelligent Sensor Door and Window …

As one can imagine, this sensor is able to detect the temperature and the humidity levels of the room in which it is placed, recording the various changes and sending appropriate notifications if the values ​​exceed the thresholds set by the app.

Even this could, ideally, be connected to a socket or to an intelligent Xiaomi fan to activate them in case the temperatures reach levels too high.

Links Gearbest here, Aqara version here. Below, the Amazon purchase options.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pressure …

This is the latest product that can be found in Xiaomi Smart Home kit. It is an outlet manageable remotely and be able to monitor the energy consumption which can make smart appliances that are not. It can interface with the smart switch or with the temperature sensor.

Unfortunately, it requires an additional adapter, whereas the plug is Chinese. Given the wide range of WiFi taken on the Italian market, for this reason it makes little sense to purchase separately, especially if you do not want to integrate it with other Xiaomi products.

This is the link to the purchase of Gearbest.

Other products for home automation Xiaomi

As already mentioned, the proposed dedicated to Xiaomi home automation are growing; just think that the company has already collaborated with famous Western brands such as Philips and Honeywell to launch new devices.

In Italy, of course, the market offers only a very small slice of everything, especially in the East (and the US), the brand presents.

Below the list of products for the smart home most popular Xiaomi.

One of the first products to be attached to the kit which we have just spoken is a WiFi camera, so as to integrate it with the sensors and with the Gateway (which in fact can also act as a siren). The Mijia and Yi cameras are among the most popular (and economic) on the market.

Xiaomi Domo HD 1080P, IP security camera system, no …

YI Home 1080p Camera WiFi Wireless IP Camera Internal Camera …

YI 1080p surveillance camera for exterior, IP65, Full …

In addition to the sensors mentioned above, the Chinese brand also offers various sensors, switches, infrared remote controls and TV boxes. Below are some of affordable Gearbest:

Among the major brands of smart lighting Xiaomi house, there are undoubtedly Yeelight bulbs (hence the Amazon purchase link of the RGBW version); However no shortage Mijia solutions such as table lamps. On Gearbest, there is a wider selection:

Among the products connected to the house there is also a fan and a smart basket.

Among the Xiaomi Smart Home products, the Mi 2S Air Purifier is one of the most famous, undoubtedly one of the best of the moment air purifiers. Unlike other products, usually on Amazon it is located at the lowest price.

Even the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale is very popular in its category.

The famous Roborock now come to S6 version, it does not need an introduction. Thanks to its excellent quality / price ratio, has earned the undisputed podium of the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market. Here below the different robot models made in Xiaomi:

ROBOROCK S6 Robot Vacuum White Color

roborock robot vacuum cleaner with a mop, Wi-Fi Laser navigation, strong …

roborock Xiaowa E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner sweeps and Lava Floor with …