Wasting Wood – Woodworking

I love handcrafted pieces. I have original artwork and handmade items bought from struggling artists and crafters from all over he country.

However, just because somethings crafty, doesn’t make it good. I remember seeing someone sew an extremely elaborate backdrop which was terrible, disproportionate, and had no depth, and people raved over it because she made it herself. I’m reminded of the saying “ Unique doesn’t always mean better, just because somethings different doesn’t mean it’s useful

My mom was the one who taught me how to use power tools. My dad doesn’t know how to make anything and my tiny mom who’s not even 5 feet built an entire deck in the backyard by herself.

I’ve studied sculpture and took an iron pouring class. A bit of wood working is not impressive and being a female who knows how to do a bit of woodworking is not that impressive. More than half of the people I’ve met who were skilled woodworkers were female.

Giving tremendous praise over knowing how to use a bandsaw and some sandpaper and stain is laughable. She clearly missed the memo about never wasting expensive materials such as that piece of wood right there… (Not sure what kind of wood that is or if it’s expensive or not but it definitely costs more than a standard 2×4) That’s like the first thing you learn when pursuing woodwork. Did her dad also buy her that wood so she thought it’s ok to be that wasteful?