Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

In this review we deal with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the smartwatch that Samsung has been able to quickly carve out a significant slice of the market, so as to make one of the main competitors of Apple Watch.

Historically, one of the factors leading to the choice of a watch is the aesthetics. If watches as HIP HOP and Swatch have made the history of design and fashion in terms of accessories to customize each day, according to your mood, use or purely for aesthetic affectation, today we can say that the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the worthy heir.

Even so, with the arrival of the smartwatch, nothing has changed: the design and the choice of materials is still an important factor.

Galaxy 2 Active Watch closely following the details of the previous model, going to incorporate some measures and improvements to be top of the range. A combination of design and functionality, making it a complete clock to suitable for different occasions, from sports to life every day.

Review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Evaluation

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatch on the market. Suitable for both the life of every day that the monitoring of the sport, offers an excellent display and a highly advanced software.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Smartwatch Bluetooth 44 mm in Acciaio…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Smartwatch Bluetooth 40mm, con GPS,…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: features


Without danger of denial we can define one of the best smartwatch you can put on your wrist. Galaxy Watch Active 2 hits for excellent display and the overall quality of the structure, as well as for the sector respectable software.

If the packaging looks bare and minimal, once opened a keen eye will notice that the new model, released after only a few months from the previous one, comes up with the digital rotating ring, the one bezel that has made the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The touchscreen digital dial is a nice touch and allows the wearer to slide along the edges of the screen to navigate menus and applications instead of always touching the display itself.

Unfortunately it is missing the second strap, which was included with the previous model, but the fit is always also a strong point for those with a smaller wrist.

Watch Active 2 is available in two variants from 40 or 44mm and it is possible to choose between aluminum and stainless steel. Obviously, the latter will have a price and a weight greater. In addition, they are available in different colors and types of strap.

The fit is crucial since it is a smartwatch that can replace in all respects a classic fitness tracker, with which you can keep track of the hours of sleep as well as heart rate.

A watch which is fine if you do not do sports, to be used every day by customizing it with color strap that is preferred.

Design and portability

With regard to the design you can choose from two dimensions of the dial, the 40 mm and 44 mm, so as to be able to remain bem balance for any wrist. Rubber and skin are the choice of the strap, even though it may be mounted any strap of 20 mm in width. In addition to the aluminum version, it is also available as stainless steel, obviously more expensive.

The lines are very simple and clean and let the whole aesthetic impression minimal and elegant. On the dial are placed two physical buttons, a little protruding, useful to navigate through clock menu.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

Once worn remains light even on the wrist, even after several hours of normal use or after more than an hour of intense exercise. As is easy to guess, the stainless steel variant is heavier, but it still retains within more than acceptable limits (the stainless steel versions from 40 and 44 mm weigh about 11g more than the aluminum models). The screen is clear, sharp and bright, but especially easily readable even outdoors.

The similarities with its predecessor are quite obvious with Active 2 which keeps the more subtle look, minimal and modern than its predecessor. It is a more practical choice and more attractive than the full-bodied shape clock Galaxy Watch, the latter more like the “masculine” style of traditional watches.

Let the watch faces. Samsung offers dozens of different looks to choose from right away, and many more are available on the web through portals like Facer. Many of them can also be customized in terms of colors and layout, then there is no problem to change the clock aspect of the interface even in daily mood function.


The display is one of the distinguishing features of Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is a Super AMOLED 1.39 “in the version 44mm, 1.2” in that 40mm. The resolution is 364 PPI (360 × 360 px) for both.

The touch display offers a depth of blacks and an enviable contrast. Also good visibility under direct sunlight, aided by precise integrated light sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review


Samsung has done a great job with aspects of health and fitness. You can draw a total of 39 different sports (7 monitored automatically), with an intuitive and comprehensive enough. The downside is that at launch is promised a function of ECG (electrocardiogram), which has not yet been implemented.

The clock can measure the heart rate and monitor the hours of sleep, with a sensor 8 photodiodes (the predecessor had 4). In addition, water resistance to 5 ATM also allows the monitoring of swimming.

certainly he could not miss the GPS, which means that if we want, we can use maps of the route of daily run, thus allowing us to leave the phone at home or in the office. Very good connection to the satellite, very fast and reliable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

We can certainly say that Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is quite handy and perfect for anyone who is running as for those who practice swimming, and has all the features and capabilities to compete with the Apple Watch 5.

The information recorded during training can be accessed on the clock app or Samsung Health, from which you can also set goals and track your progress.


Integrated hundred percent with Samsung apps, as we said, this smartwatch can track the position, heart rate, physical activity and quality of our sleep.

In terms of features and functionality, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 does pretty much everything you would want when you are dealing with a smart watch. It keeps track of the steps and exercises, shows notifications directly from your phone and, what is not obvious, also tells us forward.

The watch has the function always on display, which, however, adversely affects the performance in terms of battery life.

Also available NFC module, which allows contactless payment directly from the wrist, using the Samsung Pay service.

One side note should be made instead, as for the previous models, support for the app. The Watch Active 2 does not support many app, weakness actually also for direct competitor Apple Watch. This is because, in general, the creators of apps are not very likely to make applications to the wrist device, which means that it is mostly related to the use of home-produced app Samsung.

Nothing to complain however as the South Korean multinational corporation provides a kit app respectable, as well as a dedicated store with apps like Uber, Spotify and Strava, covering all major sectors useful for those who want to use a smartphone as a smartwatch.

Among the most popular in this regard is that functionality not present on Wear OS or Apple Watch prerogative but Samsung, which allows you to synchronize music playlists for listening without the phone (obviously via Bluetooth headset or headphones), provided that it is a subscriber to Spotify.

In addition, the 4GB internal memory that allows you to store your favorite songs and listen to them offline too, but only with the use of Bluetooth headsets.

You can connect your Watch Active 2 to both Android phones than Apple ones, although sometimes with Apple products there was some difficulty during synchronization (such as with the text messages).

Finally, the clock integrates microphone and speaker and is therefore possible to receive and make calls. These are of good quality, although in crowded places, one must approach the smartwatch ear to hear clearly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review


A fundamental characteristic of a smartwatch is the managing notifications and, from this point of view, Galaxy Watch Active 2 behaves very well.

In fact, in addition to the graphical display of incoming notifications from various apps (you can enable / disable notifications for each app directly from the Samsung Health), you also have the option to reply to messages via a selection of phrases or emoji. Additionally, there is the text dictation feature, which uses the built-in microphone and the smartwatch that offers a good level of understanding.

Unfortunately, you can not see the images received, feature now present on many models, even the lower price range.

To access the notifications section, just make a swipe to the left from the clock home.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Smartwatch Bluetooth 44 mm in Acciaio…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Smartwatch Bluetooth 40mm, con GPS,…


The One UI interface that Samsung has adopted the Tizen OS 4.0 is intelligent and intuitive and allows, even after only the first movement, to manage in total freedom the smartwatch, arriving application we need quickly and painlessly .

It’s really a breeze to navigate in the watch, which is what we need when we want to use such as on a bus, such as the subway, as well as during a race.

All functions respond well to commands, without delays or problems when you scroll through the menus or open apps. This is because the Watch Active 2 is equipped with the same of the original Watch Active processor, Exynos 9110 Dual Core 1.15 GHz, which offers a good level of fluency during use. However, with the new version of the product, we would also expect a chipset upgrade.

The various sensors and the clock data collection functions are very accurate, although it must be remembered that any calculation of the product that you are wearing always has a minimum of approximation waste, such as for example the counting function of the steps or the sleep detection or the heart rate reading.

Compared to those devices that are specifically designed to perform a single function we can say that the values ​​recorded by the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 are almost identical, with similar statistics from each other.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Full Review

Through the Health app Samsung you can accurately control a number of parameters


As with all smartwatch and smartband, autonomy depends, in addition to the capacity of the battery, even the use that is made of the device.

For example, the monitoring of workouts, the GPS and dell’always on display activation appreciably affect on battery life.

In particular, with the active always on the autonomy falls drastically and can hardly exceed two days and two nights. However, thanks to the precise screen activation system to the rotation of the wrist, you can do without the always active screen. This way, you can also exceed 5 days of continuous use.

Finally, remember that the 40mm version, because of space, incorporates a smaller battery than the version with a diameter of 44mm (247 vs 340 mAh). This implies less autonomy for the smaller version.

The price

The price, at the time of the clock on the market Samsung, was € 319 for the 44 mm measure against € 299 for the 40 mm model. Price that, in both cases, tends to rise if you choose the stainless steel model (respectively 419 € and 399 €).

Therefore, the price is slightly lower than its closest rival, Apple Watch Series 5, but it still ranks among the high-end products in the category.

A price surely justified by the excellent overall quality clock, which proves to be one of the strongest models in circulation.

Review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Verdict

And here we are the conclusions of this review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. In the end, this smartwatch has many more positive and negative voices. It is stylish, is comfortable to wear, has many useful features to offer and provides a stable connection and synchronization.

More Apps would be welcome, but all the essentials are present. The lack of Google or Alexa Assistant sometimes makes itself felt, because Bixby can not be called a real big voice assistance.

But personalization, with the choice between the two models and customization options are certainly a plus.

We can define Watch Active 2 one of the best smartwatch on the market today, especially if you already use a Samsung phone and you already have long used native apps like Samsung Health.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Smartwatch Bluetooth 44 mm in Acciaio…

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Smartwatch Bluetooth 40mm, con GPS,…