Locks Smart WiFi and Bluetooth: Buying Guide

Locks Smart WiFi and Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

You will find first a comparison chart of the best smart locks of the moment, are also excellent for armored doors.

Next, we deepen the topic, talking about the advantages and disadvantages and how they work. Finally, the detailed descriptions of each product.

Best smart locks (Armored door and not): Comparison Chart

Here’s the list and compare the best smart locks (both for security door and not) of 2020:

In this guide, you will find detailed reviews of each.

Below is the comparison of the models:

Nuki Combo (Smart Lock & Bridge)

Smartphone, smartwatch and Nuki Fob (sold separately)

Smartphone, fingerprints, numeric keys and three physical backup keys

Yes (with Gateway, available separately)

Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

Yes (with Gateway, available separately)

Nuki Combo (Smart Lock & Bridge)

Smartphone, smartwatch and Nuki Fob (sold separately)

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT

Smartphone, fingerprints, numeric keys and three physical backup keys

What are smart locks?

Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

Locks smart: Your smartphone is your key

The intelligent locks can be controlled by smartphone thanks to the technology built into these products and their connectivity.

These locks can be WiFi, and therefore can connect to WiFi domestic and afford to manage the operation remotely.

Or Bluetooth locks, that use Bluetooth technology to communicate and receive input from the app on your phone, when you’re close to the same lock.

In addition, such devices may be equipped with both types of connectivity. Although it is possible that the WiFi connectivity we need a bridge next to the lock and its true.

What good are smart locks?

In a nutshell, allow you to unlock or lock access to your home, at your store or any local where striven in a more immediate way, without the use of keys.

Even without you being physically present, giving access to other people.

Depending on the type of product, you can open or close your door (armored or not) with a tap on the app, as well as temporary set access permissions for other users and change these at any time.

The advantages

To forget or lose your house keys can really ruin your day as well as, at times, force you to new spending.

In the first case, you will have to hope that someone is at home or that someone has a copy.

And if there is no one, run for cover by calling a professional.

Not to mention when you’re forced to make copies of the keys whenever you want to ensure access to your loved ones at home.

Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

The smart locks completely eliminate the problem and simplify the opening of the gate.

You’ll no longer need to look for your keys in your purse or backpack for hours, or portartele together when you go out or go running, as you will not have to fight with old locks making strange maneuvers in order to open them.

The ideal solution for families, holiday homes and small businesses

The smart lock is undoubtedly a very effective solution not only for the individual and family use, but if you need to provide temporary access to certain persons in safety (short and medium term rentals as Airbnb, vacation homes, neighbors , cleaning companies, porters, couriers, etc.).

Even if you have a shop, a local business or a study, it is a good investment to avoid mishaps or to provide access to your employees.

remote control, keys goodbye

How many times did you get back from work, from the bar, the gym or any place where you were, just because a member of your family or your roommate did not have the keys?

The remote control will allow you to check the status of your door and you open or close it with your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of smart locks, like other smart technologies are undeniable.

Unfortunately, the (many) pro, we must combine some against. Being a product based on technology, any problem of the lock software or the inability to use the smartphone to open the door (battery or problems in general), can cause unpleasant surprises.

To address these problems, manufacturers are constantly trying to provide software updates and useful additional features.

Not only in security (videophones WiFi, WiFi surveillance cameras, motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke, wireless alarm systems), but also with devices that control other domestic aspects (lighting, climate and so on).

Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

And that’s not all. You can control what smart locks by voice thanks to smart speaker, such as Google or Amazon Echo Home. And always with the voice you have carried out a series of actions at once, for example, turn off the light and lock the locks just saying goodnight.

A fully connected home is still a somewhat ‘far in Italy, compared to more mature markets like the United States, but is increasingly becoming a growing reality.

How to choose the WiFi and Bluetooth locks

However, there are some interesting options for those who want this kind of product.

For some models style “hotel” with a keypad for the code to devices that do not even see outside.

While online you can find many quality brand and bestseller in the UK or USA (Sense Schlage, Kwikset and August), we recommend brands that have a minimal presence in Italy, especially for assistance in case of problems.

Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

We premise that security is certainly one of the fields for which it is vital to opt for quality products, as well as brands that can provide help.

Look for economical solutions, therefore, it is absolutely not recommended.

Fortunately, most technologically advanced and reliable locking systems are becoming more accessible than ever before, and increasingly require less labor professionals.

The cost is only an initial barrier to forget as they take advantage of the benefits of these technologies.

What factors to consider before buying?

Among the factors to consider when purchasing a lock smart, one important to the compatibility of this with the port on which you want to install it, for example if you need a lock for security doors smart, you should ensure that it is compatible with the type of door and cylinder.

Some locks can be mounted on the existing lock and the cylinder while others will have their own cylinder to install and, therefore, often require the intervention of a technician.

In addition, understand the type of connectivity (Bluetooth, Wifi or both) and the functionality (automatic unlocking close to the door, temporary authorizations, and so on), can help you choose the right product for your needs.


Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

The lock Bluetooth TheKeys brand is one of the best smart locks on the market for quality / price ratio.

The French company specializes in smart lock and is already well established in France.

Still little known in our country, however, offers content and support in Italian (there is also a convenient instant messaging service on the official website).

One of the most positive aspects is the ease of installation and use, making it a good compromise for all needs (personal or business).

In fact, it does not require the intervention of an expert and the lock can be installed on all types of doors and cylinders in just 5 minutes.

During setup, you can specify if the lock is installed on the right or left. If you want to install security doors, it might be a good idea to contact customer service to see if yours is compatible (you must make sure to use the screw).

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, smart TheKeys the lock can be opened or closed via the appropriate app for Android / iOS smartphones and also provides access without hands thanks to the geolocation feature, which can be set in the same app. In addition, you can adjust the opening time.

To add one, simply enter the name and the person’s phone number to which you want to grant access.

E ‘can also associate one or more remote controls for a physical / immediate control of the lock. Similarly, it is possible to enter a numeric keypad (sold separately)

Very interesting is the possibility of buying a dedicated Gateway, with which you can control remote lock and thereby open or close from anywhere in the world.

Not only that, thanks to this you will have access in a more immediate access to the historical as well as manage them in real time.

In addition, the gateway allows the lock to interface with other smart home products.

Autonomy is very good: a single charge of 7 hours, can last up to two years. As for other features in the future should provide compatibility with Google Home Amazon and Alexa.

Overall, great lock is smart for personal needs and for airbnb management or rental homes.

The lock Bluetooth TheKeys can be purchased on the official website and the cost is currently € 199 without accessories (gateways, remote control, etc.).

If you want more information, read our review / of The Keys lock test.

Nuki Smart Lock

Locks Smart Wifi And Bluetooth: Buying Guide 2020

Nuki Smart Lock is undoubtedly one of the best locks smart WiFi available on the Italian market. Nuki is an Austrian company specialized in solutions for the smart home.

This is a lock Bluetooth (5.0) but also a WiFi lock.

In fact, thanks to the bridge (2.4GHz), included in the version under here, and to be placed within 5m from the smart lock, you can also connect to your home Internet network Nuki and make remote control possible.

This smart lock, in reality, is a device that is installed above the existing lock, able to automatically turn the key, in turn inserted and left in Nuki Smart Lock. Also good for armored doors.

Installation is simple: it only takes three minutes and just follow step by step manual. You can mount Nuki on your current lock in the internal side of the door without holes or screws.

Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you can use it with your own lock.

The latter must have a shape compatible with the European cylinder or Swiss cylinder.

Thanks to the geolocation and the Auto Unlock function, the lock Nuki is able to open the door when you are in the vicinity of the house and lock it again when you go out, without forcing you to pull out the smartphone.

All thanks to Bluetooth technology that can recognize your phone.

Next to this, you can also use your smartwatch (Android or Apple Watch).

In addition, through the Lock ‘n’ Go function, pressing the button twice on the knob, you will unlock the lock for 20 seconds, knowing that the door will automatically lock just came from home.

Nuki Through the app, you can check the status of the lock and manage access permissions for other people.

It can provide up to 100 permissions in either temporarily or permanently.

Consult the activity log, you can also see who opened the door and who has stuck having a comprehensive overview of who enters and leaves the house.

Like any smart device worthy of respect, thanks to the bridge, Nuki Smart Lock can be integrated with your smart home ecosystem and compatible with Alexa, Google and Assistant IFTTT.

You can then check Nuki through your voice speaker smart as Google or Amazon Echo Home and Lock to interact with other services and platforms, formulating customized rules with IFTTT.

Certainly, the combo version, inclusive of the bridge, is one of the best smart locks for airbnb and houses. To find out more, read the full review of seratura Nuki Smart Lock (Combo 2.0).

Nuki Combo 2.0 (Smart Lock and Bridge) | Lock Bluetooth electronic …

Below the bridge without version (no remote control or voice):

If, in addition to the smartphone, you want an additional tool for controlling the opening and closing, also it makes available the Nuki Nuki Fob. A Bluetooth remote control, in the form of small, light key chains, able to command the lock without the smartphone.

Ultraloq UL3 BT

One product that is gaining popularity in Italy between the Bluetooth smart locks, given the excellent performance, it is Ultraloq UL3 BT.

This is a Bluetooth lock that allows access even with fingerprint or code, using the small OLED screen.

As for the installation, for the most inexperienced, we recommend a professional. For lovers of DIY, you can follow the instructions in the manual or follow step by step the video below.

One of the main advantages of this smart lock is the ability to unlock the door through different modes. Not just from your smartphone, but also with fingerprint (up to 95) with numerical codes (up to 95) and 3 physical keys to use as a backup. There is also the possibility of cloning access for installation of other Ultraloq locks.

Unique against is the lack of WiFi, and then the possible integration with other devices or with smart speaker.

In addition, this lock smart presents an additional security measure. To prevent the password from both views, you can enter a random code (longer than the set code) provided that it contains within it the code set.

Are you still undecided / a? See top 5 of the best smart locks sold on Amazon below: