iPad Pro Review of the Apple tablet 11 “and 12.9”

iPad Pro 2020 Review of the Apple tablet 11 “and 12.9”

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In this review we take care of the new iPad Pro 2020 is available in versions with 11 “and 12.9”, officially presented only a few weeks ago.

Since the launch of the iPad Pro in 2015, Apple has made significant progress in building a more powerful and versatile tablet that meets the needs of users.

Needs that cover every need, from work to hobbies, and then you use the device in your spare time or professionally the iPad Pro, now more than ever, is the top of the tablet on the market.

With the 2020 iPad Pro range, Apple has presented the market with a high performance product, with a powerful display and peripherals for simplifying increasingly more work or web browsing.

As we know in 2018 the most popular Cupertino computer company has redesigned its range of iPad Pro, presenting a 12.9-inch tablet, and a completely redesigned 11-inch tablet functional and very convenient to take with him.

In March of 2020 both models were again updated, although the size and many other features are unchanged. A product that will surprise and that is absolutely the top of the class, not randomly chosen as the best in our list of the best tablet.

iPad Review Pros: evaluation

iPad Pro in 2020, in its versions of 11 “and 12.9”, is the best one can expect from a tablet: power, design, build quality, terrific display, level camera and a series of features that bring the to a notebook. The price, however, discourages …

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iPad Pro 11 “and 12.9”: features

iPad Pro 11 “and iPad Pro 12.9”: overview

What has remained the same in the iPad versions Pro 2020 compared to the previous?

Certainly we can say that aesthetics is always the same, with physical dimensions that have remained identical. Even Apple Pencil (2nd generation), and support the USB-C were unchanged, as well as devices that have kept the same Liquid Retina display: 2732 x 2048, 264 ppi in 12.9 inches and 2388 x 1668, 264 ppi in 11 inches and once again present the True Tone and ProMotion technology, as well as a wide range of colors P3.

Face ID is used across the board and even the front TrueDepth 7 MP camera has been confirmed as the Lightning connector off in favor of USB-C.

All Pro 2020 iPad models are compatible with the second generation of Apple Pencil, which is magnetically connected to the tablet and can be recharged wirelessly when connected.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

Finally, in the coming months, should quit the operating system update iPadOS going from 13 to 14 iPadOS.


The new iPad Pro 2020 models have both processors A12Z Bionic updated Apple with 6 GB of RAM, enabling smooth performance that can perform multi-tasking applications, and unique graphic intensity of their kind.

Apple confirms a range of up to 10 hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi and up to 9 hours when using in cellular mode. As for the latest iPhone even the iPad Pro is charged via a USB power adapter-C or connecting it to a computer via USB-C.


The iPad Pro for both the model 11, which for the model 12.9 maintains its aluminum body with a design that is characterized by the four speakers with flat edges identical to the iPad model Pro 2018.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

As the current iPhone, new iPad Pro does not include fingerprint sensors, instead preferring the Face ID function. The 2020 models are available in just two colors, leaving the customer the choice between silver and gray sidereal.

Overall, the feeling is that of a product with extremely high quality finishes, as tradition of the bitten apple. The design of this product can be described with only one word: beautiful. As trivial as it may seem, it is the only one that describes the clean lines, the reduced thickness and the overall perception of quality that you try holding it in your hand.


As with previous models, the display is an IPS with Retina Liquid technology. The overall quality is very high, with a definition and a playback flow from the top of the category. Amazing performance also helped by the excellent processor and the ability to scale the reproduction based on the content, arriving at a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

While both models offer exactly the same pixels per inch on their Retina display, the (almost) 2 inch difference on the larger model 12.9 help to make the most of the screen tablet.E certainly the difference you will see, for example, if you spend much time watching movies and TV series, or if we use the device for making graphics and drawing online.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

Excellent brightness, with a peak value of 600 nits or candelas per 550 square meters and a enviable of color accuracy, thanks to a very rich chromatic range.


Who has had the pleasure to test the camera Dual Lens iPhone Pro 11 and Pro Max will surely appreciate the choice made by Apple updated the iPad Pro camera with a dual-lens system.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

The ultimate in versatility we reach when using the LiDAR scanner technology for augmented reality applications (which in all likelihood we will get on the iPhone Pro 12 September, ed), will be useful for those who develop apps using the AR Arkit Apple.

The LiDAR scanner emits rays which bounce and come back once found an obstacle while the iPad Pro calculates the depth based on the time it takes the beam to return to the starting point.

Consider, for example, to all those professionals (architects, engineers, surveyors, interior design, etc.) That they need to do surveys. Thanks to augmented reality will take all steps with a click.

Finally, the absolute novelty, compared to previous models, is represented by the rear camera of 12 MP and 10 MP which, although perhaps too large for a tablet, make a real difference.

In 2020 models feature a wide-angle and ultra wide with a field of view of 125 degrees and a further improvement in True Tone flash which happens to be much brighter.

Software and Updates

The iPadOS operating system has been a real revolution in user experience from the users since its first version at the end of 2019.

From initial design to the new on-screen display option split screen to then get to the advanced navigation with multi-touch functionality, iPadOS is certainly one of a kind and Apple has done a great job keeping it constantly updated.

Almost a laptop, perfect for creative people

The new generation of Pro iPad comes closest to the idea of ​​using a laptop over previous versions where it was conceived more like a tablet than a laptop.

The think of an iPad Pro 11 or Pro 12.9 papal candidate iPad as a replacement for a laptop is realized with the use of the Magic Keyboard that mimics that of Apple Macbook, complete with trackpad gesture of thanks to the support. If we want to use the tablet as a real substitute for Macbook 12.9 inch model it is without a doubt the best solution.

However, the new Magic Keyboard, which natively integrates a trackpad, will only be available in May. Therefore, you should wait a few weeks to see if really this tablet can replace a laptop.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

New Magic Keyboard available from May 2020

The ProHotion 120HZ technology is designed for the average consumer as it offers improved flow, supports Apple Pencil, has a faster refresh rate, and the more fluid moving content. But this technology is her best result in fine art and design, and its use nell’artistic design, graphic or industrial, 12.9 inches allows you to create products from professional content.


Our review of the new iPad Pro can neglect the audio industry, has always been an area of ​​great attention from Apple. Again, the Cupertino company does not disappoint, offering a sound quality above any tablet currently available.

Merit of the 4 integrated speakers, which sound bass tones so clean and defined while being of reduced thickness. The sound is full and “round”, with a little volume at higher dir.

Well even the 5 microphones available to the iPad Pro, the same built-in MacBook Pro 16.

iPad iPad Pro 11 and Pro 12.9: Price

As with all Apple products prices change depending on the model and individual characteristics. For example, Apple has long included in its product ranges the “Pro” versions of their devices. From the Mac to the iPhone, via the new Airpods Pro, the Cupertino company is now offering ranges for different budgets and needs.

All tablets are available in Wi-Fi models and Wi-Fi + Cellular in order to operate the 4G connection, thanks to the insertion of a SIM card. Also several options regarding the storage capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB.

The price of the iPad Pro 11-inch second-generation starts from € 899 for the 128GB model only Wi-Fi, and 1069 € for the Wi-Fi + Cellular version. The price for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model of the fourth generation of 1119 € for the WiFi-only model, and 1289 € for the WiFi + Cellular.

These devices can become quite expensive if you increase performance. If you opt for the top range in 1TB version enabled for connection LTE the 12.9-inch model can cost € 1839.

If we want to add Magic Keyboard must keep against an additional payment of € 399, bringing the price of a real high-quality laptop.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

As can clearly be seen by reading the article the main and only substantial differences between the two models are the price and size, leaving the challenge to decide which model is more useful to the end user who, relying mainly on these two factors, so can simple and intuitive to choose the best according to what he has to do.

For our part, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the winning choice. Although it has a higher starting price, the bigger screen means more relaxing for the eyes, as well as better management if you want to use iPad pro to work, if only because it is in effect a valid substitute to the classic laptop.

Conversely, if we are looking for a portable tablet high performance, the best choice is certainly the iPad Pro 11.

iPad Review Pros: Verdict

And here we are at the conclusion of this review of iPad Pro 2020 (models 11 “and 12.9”).

Certainly the new series of iPad Pro 2020 can only be considered among the best tablet on the market, although perhaps define simple tablet is more than ever an understatement.

The price is a major deterrent, it is true, and makes these dispositiivi suited to those with specific needs, such as professionals in the graphics industry.

For those who have earlier versions it is always advisable to upgrade your operating system to the latest release although the leap in quality and performance of the new iPad Pro 2020 is very large compared to its predecessors.

Ipad Pro 2020 Review Of The Apple Tablet 11

Apple Pencil (Second Generation)