How to connect to Google Home TV (with or without Chromecasts)

How to connect to Google Home TV (with or without Chromecasts)

In this guide we will see how to connect to Google Home TV so as to control it with your voice. Therefore, any device with a line (including Nest and Nest Mini Hub) will, for example, can change the channel or manage Netflix even without lifting a finger, the comfort of your couch.

Here you will find all the possible solutions, it’s a smart TV or a traditional TV, you want to order it with or without Chromecasts.

How to connect to Google Home TV: What You Need to Know

There are several solutions to be able to start, stop and change the TV channel with Google Home.

We refer in fact to the entire Nest / Google range, then the smart speaker Google Home, Nest Mini, Google Mini Home (now discontinued) and Nest Hub. All these devices incorporate the Google Voice Assistant server and all of its features.

How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)

One of the simplest solutions is to obtain compatible with Google TV Home. These, in fact, they can control the TV with native voice assistant.

Another very popular option and immediate rather relates to the use of Google Chromecast dongle. Through this kind of TV box, you can make all the smart effects your TV.

As explained in our guide on how to connect the TV Alexa, for those with no intention of buying a compatible TV or accessories of the same brand (in this case Chromecast), there are some alternatives DIY and quite versatile. These include the Broadlink timeless, which we have already spoken on many occasions. So we will see how to control the TV using the Google Home Broadlink devices.

Google TV compatible with Home Connect a supported Smart TV

If you have or want to buy a smart TV to connect to Google Home, make sure it is compatible with and supported. Most of these TVs, in fact, directly integrates Google’s voice assistant, therefore, does not require an intelligent speaker. In fact, in this case, voice commands may be carried out using the remote control on which is present a special button with the microphone icon.

However, some models also allow you to connect to Google Home Smart TV, for an intuitive voice control and without having to use the remote control. Just configure and add the TV inside the app (Google) Home. It may therefore ask the speaker to turn on the TV, change channels, or transmit a specific program through the various apps (Netflix, etc.).

Among the TV compatible with Google Home are the latest models and the top (range 4K and OLED) of brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp and Philips. All that integrate Google TV Android Assistant are now compatible with Google Home. So even some models of Sony Bravia, Philips and Sharp AQUOS OLED (BL2 series, BL3, BL5).

To check if a TV has native support for Google Assistant or is compatible with Google Home, do refer to the official website of the manufacturer.

Below is a list of the best TV compatible with Google Home or integrating Google Assistant (via remote control):

How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)
How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)
How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)
How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)
How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)
How To Connect To Google Home Tv (With Or Without Chromecasts)

LG TV is uttulg Homen

Among the TV LG that support Google Home, or rather directly integrate the Google server, we find:

Some of these models do not have the remote control and must be purchased separately. Only the 2019 LG Home editions are compatible with Google, which can also be controlled by the smart speaker without the remote control. The 2018 models can be used to control smart devices connected to Google Home, but can not be controlled directly from Google Home.

To configure Google Assistant on LG Smart TVs, please follow these instructions of the manufacturer.

TV Samsung e Google Home

Among the Samsung TV that can be connected and controlled by Google Assistant There are those from the series A. The 2018 models are not compatible. All smart models of 2019 should, however, provide for the compatibility, but the functionality may vary depending on the model.

To know if your TV is compatible Samsung, the advice is to ask for the specific model to support team.

Google Home To connect to a Samsung Smart TV, you must configure the app SmartThings Google Home. With this you can ask the assistant to turn off and turn on the TV (though the latter will have to be connected via WiFi). Unfortunately, as still it happens to Alexa, the functions are limited and, according to communications from Samsung, should soon arrive from there new ones.

Google Home Connect Chromecast

One of the most comfortable and simple alternatives to be able to connect to Google Home TV is the use Chromecast. Google Chromecast available in either standard or 4K (Ultra Chromecasts), dongle is a device very similar to the Fire TV Stick Amazon.

This comes as a sort of key that, by connecting to a normal TV via HDMI, is able to make smart. It will then have access to different media content and app, taking advantage of the WiFi connection and transmitting such content from a smartphone, or tablet PC to the TV. Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Movies are just some of the supported streaming services.

Some TV, in fact, have built Chromecasts and, therefore, does not require the purchase of the device.

To connect Google Home Chromecast, you must first make sure that you have performed correctly the smart speaker setup Google / Nest.

To set up Chromecast, simply plug it into the TV’s HDMI port and power through the USB cable. At this point, you’ll need to turn on the TV and select the HDMI source. Next, follow these steps to connect Chromecast to Google Home:

Once your Chromecast, you can therefore control it, and thereby control the TV with your voice. Of course you can also customize various app settings.

Some apps of video and audio content, to be used on Chromecast will require connecting the app accounts in Google Home (From Home, press the “+” and select “Music and Audio).

Also interesting is the binding capabilities Chromecast to a multiroom system and thus use the TV sound together with that of other speakers or speaker smart Google / Nest.

Comandi Google Home Chromecast – Netflix

Connect Chromecast to Google Home not only will allow you to control certain aspects of TV as turn it on and turn it off, but you’ll also take more specific commands for apps. Unfortunately, you can not ask to change the channel (see the next section).

Below are some examples of Google Home commands for use with Chromecast, including Netflix:

If a program is already playing on the TV, you will not need to repeat each command “on TV.” For the moment, it is still possible to request a specific episode or season.

How to connect to Google Home TV without Chromecasts

If you do not have a compatible TV and you’re wondering how to connect to Google Home TV without Chromecasts, the solution is to rely on connected universal remotes. Among them, there are several options, including economic. One of the most common brands is Broadlink.

These smart devices exploit the infrared (IR) technology to replicate, in a virtual way, the commands of a traditional remote control. By downloading the app dedicated to the product, you can then simulate the real buttons and their TV’s remote control and control it, even remotely. Since then compatible with screen readers like Alexa and Google Assistant, it follows that also support voice control.

After configuring these devices, you have replicated the TV remote app and connecting Google Home, we can tell this to turn on / turn off the TV, change channels, raise / lower the volume. Unfortunately, you can not control app like Netflix or Youtube (for what is necessary Chromecast).

These products, in fact, not only can control the TV but also most other infrared devices. We talked about it extensively in our guide on how to control the air conditioner remotely. So, to a universal remote it is a very versatile purchase, which can also be used for other purposes in the field of smart home and home automation. It can also be used in conjunction Chromecast.

This list of the best products you can use to connect to the Google Home TV without Chromecast Broadlink products including:

Unfortunately, like Alexa, the Logitech Harmony Hub is not natively compatible with Google Assistant: can only be used with Google Home only via IFTTT.

Connect to Google Home Broadlink to control the TV and change the channel

As we said, Broadlink is one of the most common options to connect the TV to Google Home / Nest devices. You can use both Broadlink RM PRO + (also equipped with radio frequency technology), which RM and RM 4 Mini Mini 3, which only have infrared connectivity.

You’ll have to, first of all, configure Broadlink downloading the app (in English) for IHC EU (available on iOS and Google Play), Broadlink Universal Remote or IHC. The latter is recommended only if you do not intend to use the remote control.

After creating your account, you can add a new device by choosing among various categories and brands. Then you just look for the brand of your TV. If it is not present and the commands are not accurate, it may also ensure that the individuals device the various commands by pressing only a traditional remote control button in the direction of Broadlink.

In order to connect to Google Broadlink Home, follow these steps:

At this point, you can ask Google Home to change the channel, turn on or turn off the TV, raise or lower the volume or silence it. Make sure you use your voice commands in the name you originally assigned to the TV, inside del’app of Broadlink.

What are compatible with Google TV Home?

Among the supported TV are some of the latest models of LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia, Sharp AQUOS and Philips. Read the guide above for details.

How can I connect to Google Home Chromecasts?

If you have a Chromecast or Chromecasts Ultra, simply connect it to the TV via HDMI, open the app and add Google Home device ( “+” symbol at the top left). For voice commands Chromecast Netflix please refer to our guide.

How can I connect to Google Home TV without Chromecasts?

If you do not have compatible TV and do not want to get one, you can connect Google Home to the TV via a universal remote control as Broadlink.

How can I control Netflix with Google Home / Mini Nest / Nest Hub?

To control vocally Netflix and other apps like Google Play Movies or YouTube, you need Chromecast

How can I change the TV channel with Google Home?

You will need a universal infrared remote control as Broadlink. Read the guide above for more info