Compatible devices with Google Home and Assistant (updated list)

Compatible devices with Google Home and Assistant (updated list)

Here you will find the most complete and updated list of all devices compatible with Google Home, Home Google Mini, Mini Nest and Nest Hub.

By integrating with Google Assistant, these intelligent speakers offer a multitude of features, especially if linked to other smart home accessories and home automation within an ecosystem.

You will fact check-related products to third parties such as lights, thermostats, TV, outlets console, vacuum cleaner robots, etc.

If you search a specific category, helped with the table of contents below.

List of compatible devices Google Mini Home and GH

Below we have listed the list of the best accessories and devices compatible with Google Google Home and Home Mini by category.

Lights, bulbs and LED strips

We begin the series of devices compatible with Google Assistant with smart / WiFi lights.

These products are among the top sellers in the home automation industry DIY, are the ideal solution for total control (remote or voice, if supported) domestic lighting.

In fact, you can control and program, as well as switching on and off, the colors (up to 16 million available with Philips Hue), the intensity and the setting of predefined scenarios (sleeping, reading, movies, party, etc. .).

Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)

Philips Hue is a leading brand of lights and bulbs are compatible with Google Home

Among the compatible brands are: Philips Hue (top of the range but requires bridge Hue), TP-Link, Xiaomi Yeelight, Lifx, WEMo, Sengled, Hive, Osram, TRADFRI IKEA and Nanoleaf.

There are also Meross and other minor brands controlled by app like Smart Life (Bawoo, lofter, Teckin and WOOX). Obviously not require gateway.

Below, you can find the best lights and bulbs are compatible with Google Home:

Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Google Home And Assistant (Updated List)

Outlets and intelligent power strips

Not all appliances present under our roof have WiFi connectivity.

To overcome this, adopt a WiFi socket (or a smart power strip) is definitely a good move.

It is one of the most versatile and interesting accessories to associate with Google Assistant.

With Google Mini GH Home or, in fact, you can turn on or off any appliance to which these outlets are connected, only with the use of voice (coffee makers, washing machines, etc.).

With the sockets compatible with the Google server can be controlled by voice different appliances

Among the compatible devices in this category are those of D-Link, TP-Link, Meross, Teckin, Houzetek, Leyuee, Slitinto and Aisirer.

Below is a list of the best outlets are compatible with Google Home:

WiFi thermostats and thermostatic valves

The WiFi thermostats are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and flexibility of management and, above all, thanks to the energy savings that allow.

Google Home is compatible with individual thermostats including Nest, in which the same company owns

Among the thermostats are compatible with Google Home Nest (of course), Tado, Bticino Smarther, Honeywell and Netatmo. You can find them below along with other proposals.

Air conditioners and IR universal remote controls

Among those supported from the server of Big G, we find some WiFi conditioners Samsung models (the app is supporting SmartThings), although integration is still immature.

However there are solutions like IFTTT (one of the best app compatible with Google Home), Broadlink or other items such as Ambi Climate which control (indirectly) conditioners and air conditioners when not directly associated voice assistant (Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi etc. .).

Read more in our guide on how to control the air conditioner remotely.

Here we suggest some devices that make air conditioners compatible with Google Home, GH Mini, Nest and Nest Mini Hub:

Air and nebulizers

As for the weather stations and control devices and air quality, the proposals that can be connected to Google Assistant are almost nonexistent (not even Netatmo is supported at the moment).

The nebulizers, in particular, are among the top selling products lately.

Below are some accessories that are compatible with Google Home in this category:

IP surveillance cameras and security systems smart

In the area of ​​security and IP cameras, security / alarms and locks WiFi, several companies have worked (or are still working) on ​​the compatibility with Google Assistant.

As with the thermostat, even for the cameras as “logical” brand to be associated with Google Home, or rather Google Nest Hub, it’s Nest (indoor and outdoor).

With cameras compatible with Google Nest Hub, you can see everything that happens on the screen speaker

For those seeking alternatives, there are still several options, different price bands: D-Link, Ezviz, Arlo Netgear, Logitech and Akaso (TP-Link Kasa currently only supports sockets, lights and router).

Through these, you can view video directly on the smart display, of course, with the ability to control their activities vocally. However, not all brands ensure flawless integration, at least at the moment.

Below are some of the cameras are compatible with Google Home, Nest and Nest Mini Hub:

WiFi Switch

Among the devices compatible with Google most interesting Home, undoubtedly we find smart switches.

How outlets, these accessories have a range wider and you can control with your voice a variety of “objects” (like the blinds) as well as the lighting.

Among the most famous brands are Sonoff, Shelly and iotty. Here a list of compatible switches Home with Google:

Robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber

The vacuum cleaner and floor washing robots are useful companions to keep house clean with minimal effort.

In addition to checks by smartphone or tablet, even voice control of these little autanti is priceless. Imagine you activate it while it remains comfortably seated / a on the couch, just by asking intelligent speaker.

Ask Google to turn your robot vacuum cleaner

Among the brands that support integration are iRobot Roomba, Xiaomi, Samsung and Proscenic. Where there is direct compatibility, very often you can overcome this problem with IFTTT.

Below the vacuum cleaner / floor cleaning robots are compatible with Google Home:

Music: speaker, speakers, and compatible apps

Smart Home is also entertainment and as a few other things in the world, music is an integral part of our days.

And ‘possible to associate Google Home to other speakers of the same line, the WiFi supported crates and any other Bluetooth speaker.

The crates are compatible with Google Home over WiFi is still limited, although different brands support it in English and then, they will also in Italian in the future. Some directly integrate the assistant, thus becoming real smart speaker.

Below are some of compatible speakers or integrating Google Assistant:

Among the services and enabled apps Home in music there are Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, and TuneIn.

streaming services, TV boxes and smart TVs

As for the video industry, the TV compatible with Google Home natively, in some cases, support integration still immature and limited functionality (see Samsung and SmartThings). Unfortunately, there is no official list released by the company.

Some smart TV 4K and OLED directly integrate Google Assistant, therefore, do not require the possession of a smart Google speaker. The assistant can be called up via the dedicated button on the remote.

Among the TV compatible with Google TV are all Android with Google Assisistant. So, let’s talk about some of Philips models (including OLEDs), Sony Bravia and Sharp Aquos (BL2 series, BL3 and BL5). There are also brands like Samsung (the R-series and 2019 editions onwards) and LG. The complete list of TV LG supprotate find it here. Only 2019 versions can be controlled with Google Home / Nest without the need to use the remote control.

These are some of the best TV compatible with Google Assistant:

Obviously, if the integration is not supported, you can vocally control the TV with your Chromecast. Among the supported streaming services are Youtube and Netflix.

If you’re not going to use a Chromecast, you can also consider a box compatible with Google TV Assistant or a universal remote control as Broadlink. Find more information in our guide on how to connect to Google Home TV.

Appliances, routers and more

The devices are compatible with Google Home are potentially infinite.

In a few years, most of us will have a fully connected home: refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and microwave ovens, cookers, coffee machines, printers and so on.

When the appliances that can “talk” directly to the assistant of the Mountain View giant are really limited.

Even Samsung’s control SmartThing products often make it hard to interface with the virtual assistant.

Among the products that are compatible with Google Home that fall outside the categories dealt with already, we recommend WiFi routers and repeaters TP-Link and Netgear.

Batteries and holders

There are some useful accessories (not necessarily smart) compatible with Google Mini and Google Home Home that allow placing them a bit ‘wherever you want and to transport them without the use of cables.

In fact, the absence of battery is one of the few cons of these gadgets.

Below are the best batteries and media:

Google Home and home automation: a deepening

Logo google assistant

Google Assistant, software that is ‘run’ Google Home (the same available in Android devices), it can play the dual role of secretary and virtual butler.

The features (called actions) will only increase, thanks to continuous updates and new partnerships with other companies.

Make appointments, save a reminder, inform you about the weather conditions in the coming days or about any topic.

But also turn on or off the lights, adjust the thermostat, control sockets and appliances and all these smart devices to interact in groups or routine.

Everything simply as possible with voice, activating the device with the phrase “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”

To know more, you can also read our guide to the features and the Google Home commands.

How do I know if a device is compatible with Google Home or GH Mini

To fully enjoy the virtual server functions, you will need to equip yourself with products that have the following characteristics:

Look for the “Works with the Assistant Google” label to see if the product is compatible

Respecting the rules listed above, you can transform your house into a real home automation, fully controlled with your voice.

“Ok Google, turn on the lights in the living room”

“Ok Google, play Lost on TV.”

Consider that to find brand compatible with Google Assistant, see also the section on the Google home automation, although it is not always up to date.

Because many brands have made official compatibility but have not yet implemented the integration, if it is not expressly confirmed that the product is compatible with Google Assistant or no label, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer before purchasing .

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