Compatible devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo (Updated List)

Compatible devices with Alexa and Amazon Echo (Updated List)

Here you will find the complete list, accurate and updated devices compatible with Alexa and Amazon Echo.

In fact, after configuring Alexa and be familiar with the controls, the next step is to connect it to other products. This is because screen readers and smart speaker release their potential through their interaction with third party services and devices.

So, through your voice, you will be able to control various aspects of domestic life: lights, TV, switches, thermostats, air conditioners, jacks and more.

To visit the category that interests you, helped with the table of contents.

List of compatible devices Alexa

We have broken below all accessories and compatible devices Alexa by product type. Remember, to find the voice controlled from the server brand, you can always consult the Italian skill related to smart home store on Amazon.

Lights, bulbs, LED strips and panels

Turn on and turn off the lights is one of the most common Alexa functionality. Now on the market for some time, the smart bulbs are extremely valuable.

Allow us to remotely control our lighting, maximizing energy savings.

We can control switching on and off, color, intensity and brightness. Set schedules and predefined scenes.

And thanks to its compatibility with the virtual assistant, we can do it with the voice, as well as with the app.

The Philips Hue bulbs are compatible with Amazon Echo

Among the compatible brand, we Philips Hue, Hive, lofter, Lifx, TP-Link, Osram, Xiaomi Yeelight, TRADFRI IKEA, Nanoleaf, Sonoff, Teckin, Koogeek, Unitify and many others.

At this link you can find all the lights and bulbs compatible with Alexa available on Amazon (filtered by clicking on bulbs). Below, the best.

Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)
Compatible Devices With Alexa And Amazon Echo (Updated List)

intelligent sockets

He took WiFi and smart power strips are smart objects by using more varied. They allow you, in fact, to manage, with ease, the operation of your traditional appliances not equipped with WiFi.

With Amazon Echo and Alexa, you can turn on or off any appliance only with the voice (and obviously also by means of app).

Amazon Smart Plug, like other outlets integrated with the Amazon voice assistant, can control several appliances

The market is huge and dominated not only by well-known brands like D-Link, TP-Link, Sonoff, WEMo Belkin and Bticino, as well as many smaller brands that always earn more credibility. Houzetek, Meross, Leyuee, Esolom, Ausein, Teckin, Koogeek and many others.

See below the best outlets compatible with Alexa. For a more comprehensive check, visit the dedicated section of Amazon (filters clicking taken).

WiFi Thermostats

The WiFi thermostats, together with the lights and the smart sockets, are essential to minimize the waste of energy, optimizing the savings.

Thanks to Alexa, only adds comfort, being able to manage the activities of these devices only by voice.

Netatmo is one of WiFi thermostats compatible with most popular Alexa

Among the brand thermostats talking with Amazon’s voice assistant, we point Netatmo, Honeywell, Tado, Hive and Bticino. An interesting new feature is the new Homix Enel X that integrates directly Alexa.

Below are the best thermostats WiFi compatible with Alexa, including thermostatic valves.

Air conditioning, air conditioners and universal remote controls

As for the climate, some Samsung air conditioners are directly compatible with Alexa (skill SmartThings). However, the implementation is still in its infancy. Similarly, even the Philips products (air conditioners / dehumidifiers, etc.) Are working to be compatible.

It considers that, where the association is not direct, you can control air conditioners are not compatible with solutions like IFTTT & Broadlink. Find details in our guide on how to make smart conditioner.

Below are the best products to make air conditioners and air conditioners compatili with Alexa:

Weather stations, air quality and nebulizers

As for air conditioning, even categories such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, weather and air-quality measuring instruments still have a limited number of products that communicate with the Amazon server.

Among the compatible accessories Alexa, the nebulizers are gaining particular popularity.

Below are some of the above products:

WiFi Switch

The switches are smart products which, together with intelligent sockets, arouse more interest in the world of home automation DIY.

This is thanks to their versatility and utility. They allow, in fact, to control the most diverse devices and appliances.

Among the best known brand of WiFi switches fully compatible with Alexa, there are certainly Sonoff, eMylo, Shelly and iotty. Below are some of the best models:

Security and IP Video Surveillance Cameras

Among the devices that are compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa in the security industry, we find brands such as Xiaomi, Netgear Arlo, Netatmo, Foscam, Logitech, D-Link, Ezviz, Yale, Netvue, Nest and obviously Blink and Ring (brand acquired by Amazon) .

Let us remember that if you have a spot Echo, Echo Echo Show Show or 5, you can see the footage of the cameras and video directly to your smart display.

Video report on Echo Show

Below are the best products, including smart locks, WiFi video phones, baby monitors and WiFi IP cameras.

Robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber

Among Alexa compatible robot vacuum cleaners are famous brands like iRobot Roomba, Neato Robotics, Ecovacs, Proscenic, Xiaomi (still with some limitations) and robots Sprite (only models VR200, VR300).

For some brands, only certain models integrate this functionality (often mentioned in the same skill page).

With a robotic vacuum compatible with Amazon Echo, you can manage the cleaning with the voice

Below are the best:

Audio, Music and Entertainment

As for audio and video products that can be connected to Alexa they are still limited but ready to grow: loud speaker, soundbar and subwoofer, TV boxes, televisions and much more. Again the Broadlink and the like can help, if the devices in question are generally controlled by a remote control.

However, you can connect via Bluetooth to any Alexa cash.

Below is a selection of soundbar, speakers and speakers compatible with Alexa. The main brands are Bose, Sonos and Yamaha. Some of these cases become real smart speaker as directly integrate the assistant Alexa.

Interesting l’Echo Sub, a subwoofer to be connected to Amazon Echo.

Some products (speakers, headphones and earphones) to integrate their internal artificial intelligence Alexa. So, you’ll need an Amazon Echo to control and you can access almost all of the benefits of server (calendar, news, etc.). You will find a list of devices with integrated Alexa:

As for the music streaming services are supported services such as Spotify, Deezer, and TuneIn. But, of course, Alexa is designed to go hand in hand with its services: Amazon Prime and Amazon Video Music.

No, unfortunately Alexa Chromecast are not compatible. Is it not possible to use Chromecast with the virtual assistant.

Yes, from September 2019 Amazon Fire TV Stick is fully compatible with the voice assistant (just buy a version with remote control with voice control).

The Fire TV Stick 4K version, moreover, you can create a home theater system, associating up to two devices Echo, and see the Fire content with the Echo audio (Configuration 1.0, 2.0 or 2.1, 1.1 if you pair a Echo Sub). Recommended especially if you own Echo Studio, gave support Dolby Atmos.

Controlling the TV with his voice is definitely one of the most popular features for those who own a smart speaker.

At the moment, the number of TV compatible with Alexa is reduced and the voice commands available rather basic (turn on, turn off, raises or lowers the volume).

Only in recent times have been released skill by different brands of smart TV: Sony, Hisense, Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic, Loewe, JVC, LG and Samsung (SmartThings skill). However, only some models, especially the most recent, have compatibility.

To check if your TV supports Alexa, visit the official sites of the producers or the skill page, where usually the models are reported.

Below are some of the best TV compatible (or with the integrated server directly):

It ‘still can control the TV with Alexa with products like Broadlink or Fire TV Stick, as already mentioned.

Household appliances, routers, mowing robots, and more

The macro category of appliances compatible with Alexa is the one with the most potential, but also the most limited at the moment. Washing machines, food processors, printers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee machines, consoles and routers. Among the brands that interface with Alexa, we find XBox, Candy White, Bose, Hoover, Netgear, TP-Link and Asus.

Below are the different devices compatible with Alexa that does not belong to the categories already addressed:

Batteries and supports for Echo

There are also useful for the Echo devices that allow it portable or placing them strategically.

Find the best media and batteries below:

House Home Automation: how do I connect Alexa lights at home, the TV, the thermostat, etc.?

Now you have a home automation thanks to Alexa. The resulting benefits are undeniable, from comfort to energy saving.

Some examples below:

For more information on server voice, read the article where we explain what is Alexa and what is.

How can I tell if a device is compatible with Alexa

As mentioned above, in order to maximize the functionality Alexa and Amazon Echo line in the field of home automation, you will need to equip yourself with products, systems and services that reflect the following characteristics:

Search the words Works with Alexa in product Amazon

If the device is compatible with IFTTT, with Alexa you can control certain functions indirectly