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Best blinds with Alexa and Google Home


Check the blinds with Alexa and Google Home | The best

In this article we will discuss the best products in order to control the shutters with Alexa and Google Home or better, Google Assistant. Home automation DIY is increasingly popular, especially with the arrival of the above screen readers, and remote control and voice of the blinds is one of the hottest topics. Fortunately, the market offers numerous opportunities at low cost, that make this automation implementation accessible to all. With a little ‘familiarity and dexterity, so you can control the shutters with his voice, asking Alexa or Assistant raise them / lower them.

Operate the blinds with Alexa or Google Assistant: first you need a motor for roller shutters

Obviously, in order domotizzare the blinds and control them with the voice, it is necessary that these are motorized. In other words, you need to enter inside the roller roller shutter motor for rolling shutters. The market has a number of options, but before buying, you need to do some preliminary research. In fact, each motor for roller shutters has a different ability to “lift” the roller shutter, of course based on the weight of the latter. Each shutter has a different weight, influenced both from the surface of the material used. For example, a shutter made of aluminum will have a weight / surface ratio certainly lower compared to a PVC. Choosing the right engine then is the crucial first step.

Below we offer you some of the most popular on the market roller blinds:

Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best

Last Updated: 31/05/2020 05:32

Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best
Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best
Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best

Check the electric shutters with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant: what products to buy

Now that you have mounted the engine, you are ready to control the shutters with WiFi and therefore remote. The wireless control of window blinds benefits are undeniable. You can open / close them all at once, manage them remotely and manage them with the voice, of course, through the voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. You can raise and lower the blinds while you’re sitting watching TV, just “asking for it” to your virtual butler. An undeniable comfort.

However, to control the blinds with Alexa or Google Home, or more generally control them remotely, you need to equip themselves before a WiFi switch or smart-enabled switch with these virtual assistants. These products are increasingly popular because they allow a potentially infinite number of applications and are sold at prices more than affordable. Just think of the Sonoff line, which has literally “open” the market and favored the entry of other players like Shelly and Zemismart. These smart switches can be installed inside the box of the roller shutter, in the electrical panel, or if the dimensions allow, directly inside the wall plate with the inter-blocked buttons. We see the best cost-effective products to control the shutters with Alexa and Google Home.

NB: If you have no experience or familiarity, we suggest you turn to a professional for installation. If you have questions, join the Facebook group Home Automation & Smart Home Italy


Among the most popular products to control electric shutters over WiFi, there are definitely products of Sonoff line, Itead brand. These are the popular WiFi switches, fully manageable via the app owner eWelink. Marketed designs vary, but in our case we are interested in Sonoff Dual models and Sonoff 4ch Pro R2, which differ in the number of available channels: one only has two, while the second four (also 4CH Pro R2 also supports the radio controls). In fact, in order to control a roller shutter with the WiFi at least two outputs are required (one for opening, one for the closure). So, with the above models it will be able to control a motorized shutters and two respectively.

Given the size not quite sensitive, the Sonoff switches can not be installed inside the wall plate. Therefore, the installation must take place within the box or in the control cabinet.

Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best
Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best

Zemismart switch

Now we come to another product with which you can control the blinds with Alexa and Google Home: Zemismart. This is also a smart switch but instead of Sonoff, this WiFi switch is equipped with touch technology, is back-lit, has a more attractive design and is designed to replace the wall plate on the back box 503.

The design, which as said is absolutely more pleasant than Sonoff, is specially designed to carry out the control function electric shutters. In fact, on the body in tempered glass are 3 touch buttons: one to raise, one for lower and one for blocking the movement of the shutter.

The switch management is through the popular app Smart Life. The latter is compatible with many ecosystems automation and allows the integration circuit breaker in a more complex system, with the possibility to create fully customized scenarios. Adding the app Zemismart Life Smart device, you can see on the screen of the smartphone the exact configuration of the touch buttons mentioned above. Of course, the app is compatible with both Amazon and Alexa with Assistant allows voice control of WiFi electric roller shutter. However, not being a timed button to lock the movement of the shutter with Zemismart will always have to press the middle button, or order the virtual assistant to “press” the button for you.

Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best

Last Updated: 31/05/2020 05:32

Shelly 2

We close our roundup of solutions to control the shutters with Alexa and Google Home with Shelly 2, one of the most popular products of the industry. It is a direct rival of Sonoff that, unlike the latter, it uses server sites in Europe, as opposed to those Chinese Itead. The size of Shelly are extremely compact, which makes it perfect to be built into the wall. Moreover, thanks to the consumption measurement of the load capacity connected, this small smart switch is able to recognize when the shutter has completed its movement and automatically lock it at the stroke end.

Remote management is via the app Shelly Cloud offering an enhanced mode for electric shutters WiFi, called Roller Shutter. Therefore, the product lends itself perfectly to this type of use, making it more intuitive than its direct rival Sonoff. Unfortunately, the app is not yet supported IFTTT, which allows creating of action-reaction-based mechanisms.

Check The Blinds With Alexa And Google Home | The Best

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