Best Wifi Thermostats : What To Buy? – Smartdomotica

Best WiFi thermostats 2020: what to buy? – Smartdomotica

This guide will take care of the best WiFi thermostats for boiler on the market, analyzing the pros and cons of each model and the criteria to be evaluated before purchase.

The smart warming brings undeniable doubt on all the savings on utility bills, that with the right product can exceed 30%!

To reach these levels, however, buying the right product is crucial.

Let’s see in detail what the WiFi thermostats to choose from.

Best WiFi thermostats 2020

Below is the comparison table and the list of the best smart thermostats WiFi:

Here the comparison of the models that be reviewing:

Compatible with Alexa

Alexa integrated natively

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Alexa

Alexa integrated natively

Compatible with Google Home / Nest

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Nest is definitely the best WiFi Thermostat currently sold on the market.

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

A special feature is the advanced self-learning ability. Simply use the wireless thermostat for a few days so that it fits and adjust according to your habits.

The design is simple and pleasant, with a round body of metal and glass and an engaging, certainly more advanced than its rivals Netatmo. The screen is in color and very bright.

Simply turning the ring located externally, it will be possible to change the settings and access to the various sections of the menu.

In addition, with the innovative artificial intelligence system Nest, characterized by an advanced and fast algorithm, you will not need to manually program the temperature.

The Nest smart thermostat autoprogrammera shall establish a time to reach the desired temperatures at the agreed time.

Thanks to the presence sensor and to the geofencing, the system is able to be activated and deactivated according to the user’s physical location, calculating the time required to heat an environment up to the desired temperature.

The remote control is possible via smartphone and allows you to manage settings even from outside the home. Compatible with Google Home, but not with Alexa (for the moment).

If you want to know more, you can read our review of the Nest thermostat.

Nest Thermostat E: the economic version of the intelligent programmable thermostat Google

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

A few months ago, the US company has launched a cheaper version of this clock thermostat WiFi: Nest Thermostat E.

This device offers many of the Admiral model functionality, but it presents a body made of plastic and one of lesser quality screen.

It remains a good choice for those who want to Nest smart functionality, spending a few euro less.

Netatmo by StarckSe looking for a solution that combines design and function, then the Netatmo thermostat is for you.

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

For some time bestseller on Amazon in its category, the French company leader in the home automation device DIY allows for climate management in your home from wherever you are.

In addition, integration with the decor of the house is easy, thanks to the minimalist and elegant design of the famous French designer Starck.

The device is easy to connect to WiFi, and communicating with the app downloaded free Netatmo Energy, allows an easy and intuitive management of energy consumption.

In addition, each month, you’ll receive a monthly report containing all information relating to the performance in terms of energy savings.

The wall installation is very simple and intuitive. In addition to this, the device does not require electric power, thanks to the screen with low power consumption e-Ink (similar to that of the Kindle for instance), fed with three simple AAA batteries.

Obviously, this makes the unreactive display than the average. The dimensions are reduced, both in amplitude (less than 8 cm), and depth (approximately 2 cm).

Unlike Nest, the smart thermostat WiFi Netatmo not mount presence sensors.

Fully integrated with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home is a great choice for those looking for simple installation and configuration via an intuitive app.

The elegant design and the learning system make sure one of the best WiFi thermostats on the market.

As anticipated, this is a programmable thermostat WiFi battery powered and is therefore a completely wireless device.

This makes it definitely one of the best wireless thermostats on the market.

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

Netatmo NTH01-EN-EC Intelligent boiler thermostat Wifi …

Sapene If you want more, you can read our review of the smart thermostat Netatmo.

From the modern lines and square, Honeywell Lyric T6 definitely falls among the best WiFi thermostats on the market.

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

It combines cutting-edge design and ease of use and installation, making it one of the most popular products in its class, and one of the best sellers on Amazon.

Honeywell Home With the app, you can access at any time to the control panel via smartphone or tablet. Note that this app does not support Windows Phones.

Inside the box, you will find two classic components: a relay to be connected to the boiler and the smart WiFi thermostat.

The latter, is presented as a square body and a frame of black color, in contrast with the display text (white) which, combined with a good brightness of the display, with excellent visibility.

Lyric T6 seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, Assistant Google, Amazon and Alexa IFTTT.

This will allow you to insert the smart thermostat in a connected home system, controllable verbally thanks to screen readers.

Finally, among the main features of this article, we remember the geofencing technology and the ability to program the week according to the time bands and the environment, for a 360-degree control of their heating and of their consumption.

The thermostat smart WiFi Tado, the German answer to Netatmo and Nest, is a mix of aesthetic (white and elegant), and technology to meet your needs.

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

Without a doubt, it can be considered among the three best WiFi Smart thermostats on the market, along with the aforementioned rivals.

From the point of view of ease of use, Tado is certainly a leading brand.

The app for the remote control via smartphone, whose download is available for iOS and Android, is also extremely intuitive and well made.

Although offering less level of detail and a more meager reporting of its competitors, we can say that the German brand still unable to meet the basic needs of those who buy a product like this.

From the point of view of the technical characteristics, however, the smart thermostat Tado defends itself admirably.

Thanks to the state of the art geolocation system, the device is able to determine your location and, for example, lowering the temperature if you’re going out.

In addition, accurate humidity sensors are able to record sudden changes of temperature, realizing for example if a window has not been closed.

In addition, Tado V3 + is able to detect when a window is open and thoroughly integrate external weather data.

Finally, Tado thermostat learns over time the design and structure of your home, thus changing their own settings.

If you want to know more, read the review of the smart thermostat Tado.

Bticino Smarther X8000

We continue the selection of the best WiFi thermostats with the very Italian Smarther X8000 of Btcino.

Best Wifi Thermostats 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

This thermostat for the environment combines an attractive glass appearance design and sophisticated lines, yet simple.

Very nice the panel with soft touch technology: simply touch it to issue commands directly from the thermostat.

It ‘available in two versions, which differ from the installation mode. The X8000 model is to be recessed in the wall, while the wall is X8000W alternative.

The installation and initial configuration are very simple and require only a few minutes to complete.

From the point of view of functionality, the thermostat WiFi Btcino offers all the features essential for this type of product. Among these: geolocation, programming, smartphone management, consumption control, etc.

Very useful of the boost function, which allows to keep burning the boiler for 30, 60 or 90 minutes, without taking into account the previously set programming.

The thermostat Bticino Smarther Home is compatible with Google and Alexa, but not with Apple Homekit.

If you would like more info, please see our full review of the thermostat Bticino Smarther.

Homix Enel X: the thermostat with Alexa for the smart home

Homix is ​​the WiFi thermostat launched by Enel X thought a few weeks ago for the smart home by the quality / price ratio top. In fact, it is the first thermostat in Italy to natively integrate voice Amazon Alexa assistant. Therefore, it will not be necessary to have a smart speaker or similar device, as Homix Home is the first to be a 2-in-1 device: home automation and thermostat hub together.

The product consists of two units. On the one hand we Homix Home, a sort of tablet with 7-inch touch panel that serves as the control unit, where are placed the various sensors (temperature, humidity, proximity and brightness) and 3 microphones to allow the use of Alexa. On the other hand, we have the Homix Form boiler, the device you will be connected to the boiler using the old thermostat wires. The communication protocol between the two devices is Zigbee and, therefore, the Home Homix is ​​positionable at will (on a wall or shelf), even away from the boiler.

As regards the installation, is rather simple and the product has a wide compatibility and requires no wall intervention. Here put the manual provided by Enel X.

By integrating Alexa, you can manage the thermostat vocally as well as use various server functions, just like an Amazon Echo (weather, music, news, etc.). As mentioned, Homix Home is a real home automation hub can handle Homix other devices. In fact, it is possible (or soon will be for some of the following products) to buy the radiator thermostat, the smart camera, the touch sensor, the multisensor (movement, brightness and temperature), the bulb and the socket smart smart. Not only that, should support other Zigbee devices like Philips Hue and IKEA Tradfri.

In addition to manual settings, you can of course activate the smart mode which will use geolocation to adjust the thermostat intelligently and guarantee savings: just to download all the family members the app Homix. Not missing, finally, the ability to remotely control them via the smartphone.

In an innovative idea overall, the performance satisfactory but needs some tweaking / improvements on the software, it probably will not be long in coming.

Homix Smart Thermostat with Alexa Integrated – Heating Kit …

Best budget WiFi Thermostat: BOT-313 Beok

If you’re not going to spend a high figure, you can orient yourself on a thermostat to economic WiFi boiler. Among the best is definitely Beok BOT-313, a very popular device among the top sellers.

Obviously, it is not possible to compare the number of features and the design of this device with those examined previously. However, it is a good compromise to reduce the costs of heating and maintain the boiler more wisely.

Beok BOT-313 Wifi For Programmable Boiler Gas Wired thermostat, …

Thermostatic valves smart WiFi

If you want to have more control of individual radiators, you can think of buying the WiFi smart thermostatic valves.

These are mounted directly on the radiator and are able to regulate the flow of hot water inside the same.

These can also be operated independently from the thermostat and can easily be controlled remotely.

Netatmo and Tado are among the brands that offer the most reliable products and smart. Here are the links:

What is a WiFi Thermostat

With a WiFi thermostat you can remotely control your boiler

A thermostat is a device able to sense the temperature of an environment (and its variation). A real control unit therefore, which allows to manually set the desired temperature.

If the product offers the possibility to adjust the temperature according to days and weeks, it is called a programmable thermostat.

The WiFi versions of these devices have the same basic functionality of the “traditional model”, with the ability to manage all via smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and access to a range of extra features.

A programmable thermostat of this type is in fact also called “smart”, as it is able to self-learn and set itself according to your habits and needs, by acting directly on the boiler.

Usually, a thermostat for smart boiler is composed of 3 distinct elements: a sensor, an activator and a unit dedicated to the management of the device.

How does a WiFi Thermostat

The WiFi thermostat is connected to the boiler through a relay, a real switch that switches on and off the appliance to which it is connected, as a function of the desired temperature.

Once reached the desired level, the thermostat will turn off and, consequently, the temperature will begin to fall again toward the ambient temperature.

However, this level will never be reached. Once reached the set point (temperature level halfway between the desired and the environment), the thermostat will activate again.

Smart thermostat WiFi: What adds

A thermostat for smart environment adds a number of distinctive features (and consequent advantages), which will help in the management of consumption for the riscaldameno. Between these:

These devices are therefore the best choice to bring down heating costs, as we know, are among the highest that a family has to bear during the year.

Thanks to total control, monitoring and optimization of the use of the boiler, in some cases you can save more than 30%. The cost of the programmable thermostat will then be paid off in a short time.

If you want to know more, you can read the article in Il Messaggero dedicated to energy saving with smart thermostats.

Compatibility with the boiler house

Before buying a WiFI thermostat is advisable to first evaluate the compatibility of the product with its own boiler.

Normally, the models described above have a high degree of compatibility, often greater than 90%.

For more info, you can consult the relevant page on the manufacturer sites (links below):

The features that you can not give up in a programmable thermostat WiFi

Are you looking for a device that helps you to keep the temperature of your house at an ideal level, reducing consumption? Best WiFi smart thermostats on the market share some common characteristics.


Best WiFi smart thermostats can easily connect to your home Internet network. Using a downloadable app easily from iOs and Android, you can access the control panel of your thermostat from anywhere, even outside the home.

This way, you can manage the convenience of your smartphone heating of your home. In addition, most of the app provides useful periodic reports, aimed at an optimal consumption monitoring.


Thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, these devices are capable of learning your habits over a period of time and self to program accordingly.

This way, you will save time in configuration and, at the same time, you get a dynamic warm-up program perfectly adapted to your life everyday.


A useful feature to look for when purchasing a WiFi thermostat is undoubtedly geolocation: the ability of the device to know your position and auto-set itself accordingly.

Imagine you’re ten minutes from home and your smart device to change the temperature you find comfortable warmth in the winter house, and a cool summer.


The best WiFi thermostats are equipped with presence sensors that can detect whether or not you are within the domestic tack.

Therefore, an excellent technology for waste reduction service, as the device will increase or decrease the temperature accordingly.

In addition, the ability to detect the external weather and adapt parameters according to it, makes it more suitable for the adjective “intelligent.”

WiFi Thermostat: Price

How much does a WiFi thermostat for the boiler? Prices in the market are quite different: starting from basic products rather than a few tens of euro, up to reach devices like the Nest, which costs nearly 300 €.

Much it depends on expectations and the desired level technology. In other words, if you’re simply looking for a device that can adjust the temperature of the home and remotely program the operation of the boiler, it is sufficient to orientate on low-cost models.

If you are looking for a smarter product that self-learns the user’s habits and adapt accordingly to ensure real savings on your bill, you must take into account a larger investment, which will still be paid off over time.

FAQ at a glance

What is a smart thermostat?

A thermostat, or rather a programmable thermostat, is a device able to sense the temperature of an environment and adjust / program it. There is talk of smart thermostat because it has WiFi or wireless connectivity, thus offering the possibility of remote control (via smartphones and other devices), monitoring of app consumption and voice control. There are also other options such as programming based on geolocation.

How does a WiFi thermostat?

The thermostat functions as a true unit for the climate. Once set to the desired temperature via smartphone or hub, this sends an impulse to the relay place on the boiler to start the heating. Once the temperature is reached, the thermostat will regulate the flow of hot water in the various radiators to maintain it.

How much does a WiFi Thermostat

The market offers products from a few tens of euro, useful for programming and remotely manage the operation of the heating. The more expensive models also exceed 200 € and offer a number of additional features and more “smart”.

How to install a WiFi thermostat?

To install a smart thermostat will be necessary to connect the relay to the boiler, connect to the internet (via Ethernet or WiFi) and to the power supply (if it is not powered by batteries), configure via app and start it. If you do not dimistichezza, you may want to consult a professional.

How to choose a smart thermostat?

Factors to consider are different: in addition to the price, you should consider the type of connectivity, compatibility with other ecosystems (Alexa, Google Assistant and hub home automation), the integrated sensors and the various functions (self-learning, geolocation, etc.. i, eTrovi a deepening in our guide to the best WiFi thermostats.