Best Wifi Ip Cameras In : What To Buy? – Smartdomotica

Best WiFi IP cameras in 2020: what to buy? – Smartdomotica

In this article you will find the most complete and comprehensive guide to the best WiFi IP cameras of 2020 for video surveillance. Whether for the arrival of the holidays, you just feel more confident buying these devices brings undeniable advantages.

In the guide we have selected, providing short reviews, the best models, dividing them according to their type. In the second part, you’ll find a discussion of how to choose the best WiFi security cameras.

For easy reference of the article, you can use the table of contents below.

Best WiFi security cameras

Below is a list of the best WiFi IP cameras of 2020:

Best WiFi cameras Indoor

Here is the list of the best WiFi IP cameras from inside:

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

This type of device must necessarily be of a compact size and can easily blend in with the decor.

In addition, it must be able to ensure a good viewing angle, so you can also take larger environments.

Below is the comparison of the three models:

Nest Cam: The best WiFi IP Camera 2020

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

Nest Cam Indor, the product of the American company, which was bought in 2014 by Google, can definitely be counted as the best WiFi IP camera for video surveillance of the moment.

Staking everything on the concept of smart, this WiFi camera presents a minimal appearance and a good dose of invisibility, thanks to its small size and aesthetics essential.

From the point of view of the video quality, this cam resumes at 1080p and, as its French rival Netatmo, has an opening of 130 degrees.

Unlike cheaper competitors, this product ensures quality of the shots almost in line with professional standards, thus justifying an investment does not own content.

The installation and initial configuration are simple and require only a few minutes. Once in place, you only have to download the app on Android or iOS to access your account.

In this section, you can assign the surveillance cameras located in different areas of the house and create a true wireless video surveillance system DIY.

In addition, you can assign different people to the house, so as not to activate the cameras in their presence, thanks to geolocation.

If you want, you can always leave the active camera.

From the interface of the app, you can access the live stream in high definition: a great way to control the movements inside of your house from wherever you are.

Recorded video can be stored on a cloud called Nest Aware. The price for the service varies depending on the option chosen and starts at € 5 per month, or 50 € for the annual subscription.

The Nest Cam is a camera inside, but the company also offers a very good outdoor version (the Nest NC2100IT), find the answer below.

Netatmo Welcome NSC01-EU

The product of the French brand, famous for the eponymous street smart thermostat, can not miss in the list of best WiFi IP cameras.

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

It looks like a cylindrical object with balanced lines and elegant, though perhaps it camouflages less easily compared to other models.

The main feature of this security cam is certainly facial recognition, ie the right to know if the people in the field are familiar or strangers.

In the first case, you can disable recording of the scenes. In the second case, you will be notified directly to your smartphone. and, of course, each frame will be recorded and saved on the SD card.

The face-name association is via a relatively short self-learning process (about a day or two of use of the product).

A real smart device.

The management via app is fairly simple, such as the ability to watch live what is happening within the walls of your house through the streaming function.

The videos are stored on the SD card (32GB), thus without the need to pay fees for a cloud service.

The Netatmo Welcome IP camera has a view opening to 130 degrees and resumes in Full HD (1080p), so with excellent video quality. This also applies for night shooting, thanks to infrared sensors.

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

Netatmo Camera Wifi Inside, Motion, Vision Sensor …

Foscam C1

Among the best indoor IP cameras it is definitely Foscam C1, one of the most popular devices in the category.

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

The design of this WiFi camera for home is very compact and elegant. The device is furthermore very easy to position, even in the most hidden corners.

This WiFi camera for home offers a resolution of 720p and an excellent viewing angle of 100-degree viewing. The quality of the footage is quite true, though of course you can find on the market devices with higher resolutions.

Good night shooting, thanks to the infrared sensor with a radius of action of 8 m.

The audio system is bidirectional. So, you can talk remotely with anyone near the security cam.

Present the SD slot for saving in local filming. Foscam also offers subscription to a number of packages for cloud backup.

Ezviz EzCube Pro 1080p

Ezviz, Hikvision brand is part of the group, it is one of the most famous and trusted brands when it comes to WiFi video surveillance devices.

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

The EzCube Pro IP camera is a product of value for money, compact and discreet design. so perfect to be placed in every corner of the house and stay camouflaged easily.

The resolution of the shoot Full HD, which provides excellent image fidelity, and the viewing angle is 135 degrees. Digital zoom is available up to 8x. Can you 24/7 streaming.

Good quality of night shooting (brightness sensor present) and the bi-directional audio.

Also, buy a Ezviz product provides the ability to place the camera in a real home automation security system.

Ezviz fact produces a range of products for the home security, such as wireless sensors and burglar alarm. In addition, EzCube Pro is a suitable device to also fill the role of baby monitors.

Fully compatible with the assistant Alexa Amazon, this WiFi camera is a favorite with our users and among the most sold.

perhaps P30

Best Wifi Ip Cameras In 2020: What To Buy? - Smartdomotica

Among the economic WiFi surveillance cameras there Akaso P30, which is characterized by the excellent quality / price ratio.

In fact, this security camera presents a series of feature characteristics of more expensive models, in particular the pan-tilt function, which moves the camera body 90 degrees vertically and 350 horizontally.

In addition, it offers two-way audio and video quality above average, with smooth lag-free images and interruptions. Improvable night shooting (10m declared, but already 4-5m you lose definition).

It has an SD slot to save in local movies and an excellent system of early notification in case of detection of suspicious noises or movements.

If you want more information, you can read our review of Akaso P30.

Perhaps 1080P WiFi IP Dome Camera, compatibile Alexa, Google Home, Fire TV, …

Best WiFi outdoor cameras

Below is a list of the best WiFi IP outdoor cameras:

If you have a garden or, more generally, an open space, you need a WiFi IP camera from outside.

These devices have the same capabilities of indoor brothers, with the difference to be weatherproof.

Again, in addition to the model Nest Cam Outdoor seen before, we selected three models of video cameras for outdoor and certainly stand out for their quality and functionality.

Below is the comparison:

Netatmo NOC01-IT (Presence)

Ability to save locally

Battery with solar panel

Battery with solar panel

Netatmo NOC01-IT (Presence)

Ability to save locally

Netgear Arlo Pro 3

One of the most popular and beloved of the category, Netgear Arlo Pro 3 is definitely among the best WiFi outdoor cameras on the market.

Although the price is high enough, this product is ideal option for those who want to install a true wireless video surveillance system. And ‘in fact, it can easily associate any additional equipment.

Compared to the previous version, you see a new design, which brings the device to be more similar to Arlo Ultra (version 4K) with respect to Arlo 2.

In addition, it improves the resolution (2K) and the viewing angle, which is as high as 160 degrees.

The cameras are fully powered via USB rechargeable battery (5-6 months) and therefore does not require the use of troublesome cables to be installed.

The product is sold with its base. The latter will be connected to the power supply to the Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet. The base, called hub, allows the positioning of the cameras at higher distances compared to a standard connection and will therefore not be necessary to rely solely on WiFi.

In addition, inside the base it is present a siren with a power output of 100 db, which will be activated when the cameras detect suspicious movements.

Obviously, there are motion sensors from fully customizable sensitivity via app. Upon activation of these, the camera will start recording and the video will be saved to the cloud for 7 days.

Unfortunately, in the event of disconnection, it is not sent a notification to the smartphone. A defect definitely improved.

You ‘still also the continued recovery service, but in that case you will have to pay a subscription to the cloud Arlo Smart service.

Reolink Argus Pro

We continue the review of the best WiFi cameras from outside with Reolink Argus Pro.

The main distinctive feature of this IP camera is definitely power through solar energy.

In fact, the product is sold together with a solar panel, able to recharge the battery in a continuous manner (can also recharge via USB).

In this way, once mounted, it will be possible in a certain sense “forget” the camera from the maintenance point of view.

From the point of view of the video quality, Reolink Argus Pro resumes in Full HD at 15 fps per second, with a viewing angle of 130 degrees.

Also good quality of night shooting, with crisp, clear images up to 10 m away. The mounted audio system is bidirectional.

At the moment, you can not save the filming of the cloud, but the company is working on. However, you can save all the movies in both HD and low resolution, an SD card up to 64 GB (this will be purchased separately).

An excellent product for those looking for an IP camera autonomy potentially endless and low-maintenance.

If you want to know more, you can read the review of Reolink Argus Pro.

Reolink Argus 2 with Solar Panel HD 1080P Security Camera …

EZVIZ ezTube 1080p Outdoor

We close the selection of the best outdoor IP cameras with Ezviz EzTube, in its outdoor version.

We have noted the indoor model of this WiFi security cam in the previous section of the article.

The outdoor version features all the distinctive features of the model, such as 1080p resolution and the ability to record 24/7.

It differs from the internal model for the corner wider viewing (118 degrees) and, obviously, in the degree of weather resistance (the outdoor version has an IP66 rating).

In fact, this camera is equipped with a siren and an integrated strobe light, which are activated in the event of detecting a suspected presence.

Netatmo Presence: Camera outdoor (NOC01-EN)

Netatmo Presence is the outdoor version of the famous French brand. It is an aesthetic camera a bit ‘cumbersome and improvable by line but the design is certamemente with premium quality materials, water-resistant and weatherproof.

The size of not really contained are also due to the presence of an integrated light that is dimmable and is automatically activated if it detects a movement. In this regard, this outdoor camera Netatmo is very smart, very well as is able to distinguish between people, machines and animals.

The video quality is great, with a resolution of 1080p, while the light has a good brightness and is dimmable. App is possible to control the room, set the notifications (which precise and punctual resulting possibilities) and, with the Alert-Zones function, determine the area to be monitored and the type of intrusion for which you want to receive the alert. The field of view is 100 ° and the infrared night vision allows you to see up to 15m.

In terms of video storage, you do not need no subscription, because the camera incorporates a micro-SD that allows you to save local (8GB). Also possible automatic backup to Dropbox or FTP.

Netatmo Presence also provides wide compatibility: it is integrated with IFTTT, Alexa, Google and Apple Home HomeKit. Unfortunately, there is no two-way audio.

Netatmo Camera Wifi Exterior, Integrated Light, Motion, Sensor …

IP cameras by professional external

If you are looking for a more sophisticated solution, some companies also offer professional IP cameras.

These guarantee a quality significantly better recovery, dedicated assistance, network video recorders, network infrastructure, powerful optical zoom and so on.

Therefore, the perfect solutions for those who want to increase the security of your commercial establishment or company.

For more information, you can refer to the professional video surveillance section on the D-Link website.

Alternatively, you can visit the site of one of the most important brands in the field of professional video surveillance: Hikvision.

Blink XT 2: best WiFi security camera battery

Often, the use of the power cord is considered (within reason) a limitation in the choice of the camera’s positioning.

In fact, sometimes it is necessary to install the camera in points not located close to electrical outlets, and, of course, you want to avoid the use of uncomfortable extensions.

In these cases, the best choice is that of a cordless IP camera. Therefore, a completely wireless security camera. Surely the best way to create a wireless video surveillance system.

Camcorder battery monitoring

In this article, we have looked at some models that run on batteries, such as Reolink and Arlo Pro 3.

Now we see another model definitely worth noting: Blink XT 2.

Blink is a US part of the Amazon group, along with Ring, forming the giant Jeff Bezos response to Google’s Nest.

This WiFi IP camera battery is definitely a quality product, able to withstand the weather and very low energy consumption.

The stated battery life is indeed a well two years. Literally, you can install the cameras and forget about it for a good period of time.

Let the image quality. Blink XT 2 offers a resolution up to 1080p, with good fidelity, even during night shooting (infrared sensor up to 10m).

In addition, unlike Blink XT, the previous version, this model presents the two-way audio and it is therefore possible to interact with those who find themselves in the vicinity of the device.

This product is also thought to be part of a surveillance system with multiple devices.

You will indeed implement a system with up to 10 wireless cameras Blink XT2.

Other device’s strong point is certainly the storage service free of cloud.

New Blink XT2 | Security camera for indoor / outdoor use with …

Best of economic WiFi IP Security Camera

These are the best economic WiFi cameras:

These devices are perfect for those who have too many claims and is looking for a companion product to increase the security of your home, or a device that can help you keep an eye on children or pets.

TAPO C200 (TP-Link)

Tapo is the new low-cost brand launched by TP-Link, one of the most famous brands for smart home (and beyond). The company, in fact, wants to “democratize” the market, proposing with this new line, the reliability of the brand a more affordable price.

The Tapo C200 is an inexpensive WiFi camera that has all the functions that a good camera should have: night vision up to 8m, 1080p resolution, pan / tilt function, two-way audio, alarm, push notifications on smartphones (if put in offline mode house) and storage on micro SD-128 GB.

As regards the movements, the camera can move through 360 ° horizontally and 114 ° vertically. The detection is punctual and the image quality is very good and sharp, even in low light conditions.

Unfortunately, at the moment, save to the cloud is not possible but seems to be developing and is expected in the coming months.

As for the voice control, even if the functions are still limited to the feed stream, Tapo C200 is compatible with both smart display Alexa as Echo Show 8 that with Google Nest Hub.

TP-Link Wi-Fi Camera Inside, 1080P Security Camera, …

Xiaomi Mi Home MJSXJ02CM

And when it comes to low-cost airlines that do not compromise on quality, we can not talk about Xiaomi, the Chinese company that has always distinguished itself for the quality / price ratio, especially in the field of smart home (see Roborock S5 Max or Robot Xiaomi 1S, among hundreds of examples).

The Xiaomi Mi Home MJSXJ02CM camera, like other economic cameras are not distinguished by refined aesthetics or to the quality of materials, but is compact and reliable whole.

Easy to configure and install (even at the wall), offers a good range of features, including two-way audio. It is resolution of 1080p, a night vision from clear and detailed images and can rotate horizontally by 360 ° and move vertically of 96 °. The motion detection is precise and accurate, and allows you to receive specific notifications.

As for storage, this can happen on micro-SD (up to 64GB) and NAS. Power is supplied via micro-USB: The cable is long enough, even if equipped lacks a dedicated charger.

Like most of the company’s products, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Victure FHD 1080p

Among the best economic IP cameras we chose one of the best selling products on Amazon and with the ratio number of ratings / highest evaluation.

We talk about the security cam Victure FHD. As the name suggests, this IP camera is able to shoot 1080p, providing a good overall image rendering.

The device integrates all the functional characteristics of the higher-end models: good night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, stored locally, cloud saving.

perfect device to be used as a pet monitor or baby monitor, highly recommended for those in search of the perfect compromise between expenditure and yield.

Victure FHD 1080P WiFi Surveillance camera, IP camera …

PoE IP cameras

What is a PoE camera

An IP camera PoE (Power over Ethernet) is powered directly via the network cable and does not require connection to the mains.

A feature therefore very useful when you do not want or one is unable to feed a local device. For example, to reach outlying corners of the garden or terraces.

Wiring is definitely simpler and requires less deployment and maintenance costs.

Recently, the new PoE + technology was introduced. This ensures almost twice the power than the previous version, resulting therefore extremely convenient and effective.

PoE IP cameras: the best models

POE IP camera, outdoor security camera 2 MP, …

Reolink Poe IP Security Camera 5MP HD Super Slot SD card …

The most popular WiFi cameras

Below the best over WiFi cameras sold on amazon:

What is IP camera?

With IP camera refers to a surveillance device capable of connecting to the internet and which can be managed remotely via a series of devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

The IP cameras generate a video signal ready for data transmission, so without the need for any conversion.

If you want to know more, you can read the interesting article of Free Technology deepening.

How do WiFi IP cameras

Once purchased the security camera, you will have to connect to the electricity network (in the case does not have battery) and follow the initial configuration process via the dedicated app.

In this way, you will link the device to the internet and you can customize recording settings, such as the sensitivity of the motion sensor or activate the continuous shooting.

At this point, the last step is to decide where to save movies: SD card or on the Cloud. In the first case you will need to insert an external memory card. In the second, you will need to take out a subscription plan, in most cases for a fee.

Finally, if you implement a surveillance system consisting of multiple devices, you will need to use an NVR (Nerwork Video Recorder). This is a kind of central hub, connected wirelessly or via Ethernet cable to all the cameras IP network.

Benefits of IP connected room

If you still do not know if it’s worth investing in the purchase of this product, let’s clear up some initial doubts.

What is a WiFi IP surveillance camera?

These devices allow you to control, even remotely, your home, your office or commercial establishment or your child’s bedroom while he sleeps or plays.

Moreover, in case of suspicious presences, you will promptly send a notification by email or SMS. Some models also offer a direct connection with the local authorities.

Consequently, in the event of motion detection or anonymous attendance will be able to act quickly.

You can check the filming of the IP camera from a range of devices

In summary, here are the advantages of an iP security camera:

In particular, it is thanks to remote management, flexibility and convenience that more and more security products are becoming intelligent (smart locks or see the levels of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors).

How to choose the best WiFi IP surveillance cameras

The first question you will need to bring is where you want to place your security camera.

Based on this, you can decide whether to purchase a security cam Indoor, Outdoor, or to support both environments.

For an outdoor camera obviously you will need to search for particular characteristics such as resistance to weathering and water and impeccable night vision.

Similarly, you will need to consider the type of connection used. Many IP cameras are connected to the electrical current (and therefore must be positioned in the vicinity of an outlet), while others are battery-powered.

Moreover, as we have seen, there are IP cameras that need a direct connection to the router via Ethernet cable. In this case, the advice is to look for cameras with Power Power on Ethernet, allowing us to use the same cable for both power and for the internet.

A fundamental aspect is undoubtedly the quality of the images, and the format in which they will be compressed.

Obviously, the more will be high resolution, plus you’ll need a fast and stable connection. For a WiFi home not too fast, the middle ground is certainly a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels.

Consider that the SD (standard definition) is 640 × 320 pixels, HD (High definition) of 1280 × 720 pixels and Full HD 1980 × 1080 pixels. If you want the highest resolution, make sure you have a fast connection.

Similarly, you will need to consider, the frames per second, the rate at which images are captured and then go to make the actual movie. The higher, the more the image will be smooth.

Not to forget, the opening that determines the amount of light that the lens is capable of capturing. It is measured in f / s plus the number will be low, the more will be the amount of light. Unfortunately, this information is not always available.

If you search for a WiFi security camera capable of producing optimal movies even with low light conditions, it is advisable to opt for cameras with infra-red or LEDs placed around the camera.

Night Scene of a surveillance camera WiFi

For affect the quality of the images then there is the format in which they are compressed when saved. Make sure your computer, tablet or smartphone supports this format!

The most common formats are MPEG4 and H.264 (the latter with best ratio between weight and quality of the file). Typically, movies are stored on your PC using software provided by the manufacturer to download at installation.

Other using an SD card, not really convenient if you want to place your camera on top. Others, however, use of cloud services, offered by the same manufacturer, for free or for a fee in the form of subscription.

It is important to understand if you want to film (and save) all that happens in the environment or monitored automatically activate the security camera only when a movement has been detected.

If you want to make the use is mainly domestic and want to avoid having hours and hours of footage in which nothing happens, you may want to opt for a camera equipped with motion sensors (motion detection).

Some are also able to avoid false alarms being able to differentiate the movement of a person from that of an animal.

In addition, you will need to consider if you want a static perspective (most often with a wide angle lens to cover a larger area) or swiveling.

Among those orientable, there are the so-called PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom), which can rotate 360 ​​degrees, zoom in on the subject and tilts downwards.

Last factor to consider before buying, important if you want to use the WiFi IP camera to monitor your baby, will be the equipment of audio.

Compatibility with screen readers

Best WiFi IP cameras are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and you can then control the devices by voice.

So, if you have a smart display (Echo Show, Echo Show 5, Google Nest Hub), you can see the images taken by viceocamera security directly on the screen.

And with two-way audio, you can use these devices as a real WiFi videophone or video smart bell, as well as baby monitors.

Surveillance Cameras: prices

How much is a WiFi camera surveillance? The price of these devices can vary greatly. For example, we have seen some inexpensive models from a few tens of euro and other several hundred, like Arlo system.

When you spend? Much it depends on the user’s personal needs. In fact, if you need to cover a large outdoor space, you should consider higher expenditure than a device to pick up the living room.

The general advice is to not rely entirely on savings. In fact, these devices are appointed to protect our homes and our commercial spaces. It is therefore not scare the investment in a reliable product, with secure servers, in a timely surveys and good audio / video quality.

On average, just over 100 € we often take home a quality product and be able to respond efficiently to different needs. However, if they are less stringent, and you need a simple device but at the same time complete, you can also find your way to a low-cost model as those analyzed in the article.