Best To Date (Updated List)

Skill Alexa Italian: what they are and the best to date (updated list)

Here you will find a list of the best Alexa skill in Italian available at the time and a deepening of what your skill and how they work.

If you already have an Amazon Echo or an integrated device with Alexa, you’re probably not using 100%.

So here’s our advice to make the most of.

We had already given previously, a comprehensive overview of voice commands and what to ask Alexa. In this guide, we focus on specific functions and on the third skill.

What are the skill Alexa

The skill (from “skills”) are Alexa features created by third parties and therefore does not natively built into the software. So provide access to content and tools.

They are very similar in operation, the app for smartphones. Just search in the app and activate Alexa (when almost all are free, although, as in the app, there are bonuses paid content).

A skill can be a game, provide information or answer the specific needs (see for example the calendar for waste collection).

However, many skills enable interaction between the assistant Alexa and other products, platforms and services (smart devices such as light bulbs and thermostats, streaming services like Spotify, etc.).

The Hue skill allows to interact with Alexa Philips Hue products Signify

How to add skill Alexa

Before you look at some of the most popular skill Alexa, let’s see how to add them.

The skill is activated / download as a real app.

So, to add, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)

Alexa skill in the app section

Alternatively, you can visit the Amazon store, search for the skill that interests you the most and click Activate.

Also, if you know the exact name, you can just ask Alexa to activate it for you, “Alexa, active GialloZafferano”.

You can then manage your app skill Alexa: Skill and games -> Your Skill.

Selecting the one that interests you, you can deactivate the skill, manage permissions and notifications, or enable it for the kids.

Skill Alexa Italian Best

News and daily summary

One of the most interesting and useful feature of Alexa, and screen readers in general, is undoubtedly the one concerning news and updates in real time.

You can directly ask “What are the news today?” or “What is my daily summary” to get an overview, short or semi-detailed, depending on the skill, what happens in Italy and around the world.

At the moment, the most popular are certainly Giornale Radio Rai and Sky TG24, although the former is limited to securities, while the latter is more detailed.

You can move forward or backward through the titles simply by saying “next” or “back.” Similarly you can say “pause” or “continue”.

Obviously, there are other skills like Bend, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Messaggero, which can activate simultaneously, so as to listen to all the news of the different sources in a single routine, or your daily summary .

In order to customize, Alexa app go to Settings> Summary Daily. Here you can enable or disable every single skill or change their order.

Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)

In the settings you can change your daily summary


And we can not talk without speaking news from the sports world.

In fact, there are dedicated Alexa skill that they too will fall in your daily summary.

Unfortunately it is still not mature skill, then it can happen that the news is not always updated to the last hour. The most popular are SkySport and La Gazzetta dello Sport, although they are still very immature. Our favorite is

Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)

Food and recipes … what a passion

And if you like to try your hand at the stove, you can hardly do without a little help by Alexa in the preparation of your favorite dishes.

The most popular skill in this regard is undoubtedly that of Saffron Yellow.

Just ask Alexa to start Saffron Saffron or ask the recipe for a particular dish or ideas for first, second, etc.

If you’re preparing a meal but do not know which wines go with it, you can use the Match Wine skill, a kind of personal sommelier.

Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)
Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)

And if you have no time or desire to cook you can always ask Alexa to open JustEat, still limited skill that at the time, does not allow for complete shopping experience.

However, you can rearrange what you have ordered in the past if you are willing to pay cash on arrival order.

We still expect a lot of news in the coming months, considering that now in the US you can buy or order of all thanks to a multitude of dedicated Alexa skill.

Entertainment and games

One of the largest areas to explore the world of Alexa skill is definitely the one that relates to entertainment.

In addition to listening to music with Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music (you need to download the skill), the various radio stations with TuneIn (native functionality) or through specific skills of radio (Radio 105, RTL 102.5, Radio Deejay etc.), it is possible to live a variety of features.

TV, sounds, quotes, games and quizzes for children, adults or the whole family.

If you’re wondering if there are skills to Youtube or Netflix, the answer is still no.

If you have an Alexa display, you will need to arm yourself with patience and hope that the features come in the future and take advantage of the Prime Video catalog.

A very useful skill is Super TV Guide, thanks to which you can ask Alexa what’s on TV on a certain day at a certain time and have information on TV programming.

For movie lovers, provides, however, information on programming of Italian cinema.

FilmQuest the skill is also much appreciated: thanks to this skill, Alexa will tell you all about any film drawing directly from IMDb.

For movie lovers, provides, however, information on programming of Italian cinema.

FilmQuest the skill is also much appreciated: thanks to this skill, Alexa will tell you all about any film drawing directly from IMDb.

No shortage of skill Alexa fun and recreational purposes.

The game is open for adults and children alike.

There is the legendary and timeless Akinator, but also the famous Trivial Pursuit Family Edition.

Among the most popular skill is worth mentioning Clemquiz, quiz Clementoni, however, able to entertain even adults. Simpatiche also Quiz True or False Question and Day.

Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)
Skill Alexa Italian: What They Are And The Best To Date (Updated List)

Among the skills you think entirely for children, include: Quiz Children, Rhymes goodnight, Giunti Editore signed the skill to help sleep of our small and exercises on multiplication tables, to learn by playing.

Finally, one of the most used skill is the animal sounds, thanks to which you can ask Alexa to play the elephant, monkey and so on. We have devoted a separate article to the best Alexa games.

And to stay on the subject of sound, we can not not mention the so-called ambient noise.

It is a series of highly valued skill.

We can ask Alexa to start the noise Forest Night, Rain, Stream, Ocean or even the hairdryer! To relax we can start Tibetan bells, the sounds Medieval or gettonatissima skill Sounds relaxants.

For lovers of the zodiac signs, the best skills with the horoscope forecasts are Horoscope Radio Lattemiele with Paul Fox and

What is the weather like?

Another important feature of Alexa is the possibility to receive detailed information on the weather, without the need to download dedicated skill.

In fact, the forecasts will be automatically provided by

However, we point out a nice skill that will help you decide what to wear depending on weather conditions: Assistant clothing.

Health and wellness

The benefits of a smart speakers are varied and, at times, go beyond mere convenience or entertainment.

Some use and functionality, in fact, can be very useful. Among the skills in the field of health, it is worth mentioning Pharmacies Open, providing you with the name and address of the nearest open pharmacy.

For expectant mothers, there iMamma, which can track the fertility period and progress of motherhood.

To get a motivational boost, however, we suggest Motivational Phrase and Wellness My aimed at providing phrases and positive comments for the day with a smile.

Transport, traffic and waste

It will be possible to consult about the situation Alexa traffic and home to work without the use of skill.

There are, however, different skill Alexa in transport and urban mobility.

Among these popular skill of Trenitalia, which allows you to check the status of the train, and receive detailed information on travel solutions.

Also worth a mention the skill Waste collection, allowing you to create or use an existing schedule (based on place of residence) to remember which refused to throw (or expose) on a specific day. Then he just asks Alexa, “I throw today?”.

Smart Home

And we get to home automation and smart home, the real focus and their Alexa and smart speaker.

Each compatible device has its own dedicated skill Alexa. Among the most popular skill we Philips Hue, Yeelight, Smart Life, Smart and Tuya IKEA TRADFRI, which enable Alexa to check out our lights.

iRobot Home, through which you can check your Roomba by voice.

SmartThings, which allows you to control devices connected Samsung although still limited in Italian.

Shelly Cloud eWeLink and Smart Home, which control respectively Shelly and Sonoff devices.

To know more, by also a look at our article on devices compatible with Alexa and Amazon Echo.

The best skill smart display Alexa

If you have a smart display, there are dedicated skill that you can use, making the most of the presence of the screen.

To find out more, read the guide dedicated to the best skill Alexa Echo Show, Echo and Echo Show 5 Spot.

How to create a skill Alexa

If you want to challenge themselves in the development and publication of a skill of your own (and you have the right skills), Amazon gives you the opportunity to do so.

To create a skill Alexa, you’ll need a developer account and AWS. Find more information on the Alexa site developers.

Elenco skill Alexa Italia

In this article, we gathered the most popular and useful skill to most. To view the complete list of skills to Alexa, see the section on Amazon or the app.

Frequently asked questions at a glance:

What are the skill Alexa

The Alexa assistant’s skills are additional features created by third parties. They are like apps for smartphones and, at the moment, they are nearly all free: to use them, just activate the app on Alexa and Amazon store. Alexa They allow you to interact with other services, products and platforms.

How to add / enable a skill

You can add a skill directly in the app Alexa (Menu> and Skill Games) or on the store (you will need to log in with the account you used to Alexa).

How to create a skill

Anyone can create and require the publication of a skill. If you are a developer or have the necessary technical skills, simply create a developer and one AWS account to start building your skills.