Best Smartwatch In : Which To Choose?

Best smartwatch in 2020: which to choose?

In this guide to the best smartwatch in 2020 we will guide you in choosing smartwatch showing you what to buy based on a number of factors, in order to identify the most wearable suits your needs. In the first part of the guide you will find comparisons and reviews of the best smartwatch ever. We then focus on the best Android smartwatch, economic, sports, for women and for young people. In the second section of the article, we will discuss instead the most important factors to consider before purchasing a smart watch.

Best smartwatch in 2020: comparison

Here is the list of the best smartwatch in 2020:

Compare smartwatch:

NFC, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2,

NFC, 802.11b/g/n a 2,4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0

WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), NFC, Bluetooth

Samsung Exynos 9110 1.15GHz dual-core

4 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor

Accelerometer, compass, barometer, gyroscope, Pulse, HRM, sports functions,

Sport mode, notifications, call (BT), cardio, pedometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, sleep monitoring

Cardio, Accelerometer, 6 axes pedometer, sleep monitoring, light sensor, air pressure sensor

Up to 2 weeks of battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Exynos 9110 1.15GHz dual-core

Accelerometer, gyro, high-barometetro, HRM, light, GPS, fitness functions, sleep monitoring

4 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor

WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), NFC, Bluetooth

sports advanced features, accelerometer, altimeter, barometer, HRM, sleep monitoring,

15 activities, notifications, calls (BT), cardio, pedometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, sleep monitoring

Sport mode, notifications, call (BT), cardio, pedometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, sleep monitoring

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

Cardio, Accelerometer, 6 axes pedometer, sleep monitoring, light sensor, air pressure sensor

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

We start our selection of the best smartwatch with Samsung’s new premium model, namely Galaxy Watch Active 2.

From the point of view of the autonomy of the battery, this smart watch is really good leads, with peaks up to 5 days if you disable the always-on and switch it off at night.

Of course, like other Korean brand devices, the operating system is the excellent Tizen OS 4.0, very intuitive and quick in response. The only flaw the limited number of additional apps to be installed.

Very convenient notification management, with the option of voice response or emoji. In addition, you can answer voice calls with a good degree of understanding.

Waterproof up to 5 ATM, Galaxy Watch Active 2 presents a series of sensors (accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, etc.) That they sometimes lack in accuracy, but remains at an acceptable standard.

Also interesting is the ability to download up to 500 songs locally using Spotify: in this way, you will not have to carry your smartphone to listen to music, but enough of Bluetooth headsets.

Dutiful finally mention the app Samsung Health, we have examined in more detail in the review of the Galaxy Fit and smartband.

This app is definitely among the most valuable in circulation, thanks to the excellent level of detail and offers customization options.

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

Among the best of 2020 smartwatch could not miss his watch probably the most iconic on the market: Apple Watch Series 5.

The smart watch the bitten apple, now in its fifth generation, still remains one of the favorite models by users and probably the absolute best smartwatch, although not really affordable price and the limited compatibility to Apple devices only.

Finally comes the always on display, great lack of previous versions of the compass, which further enhances the features of this watch.

As Apple tradition, the build quality is top notch, with a background in ceramic sapphire and a robust and durable case.

Outstanding hardware sector, which, unlike the previous models, adds support to the WiFi (unfortunately to a single band). In addition, the OLED display has a quality and an absolutely above-average definition, with excellent visibility in sunlight.

Let the battery. We can definitely say that this is not one of the strengths of the clock. In fact, it hardly comes to the two full days of use. With the arrival dell’always on display, this may drop a further 10-15%.

We come now to the software sector. The smartwartch Apple mounts watchos 5, an operating system that relies entirely on usability and ease of navigation. At first, it might be difficult getting used to, but after the first use, this software proves to be one of the top class.

Very interesting is the possibility of an electrocardiogram directly from the wrist.

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

Among the best smart watches is definitely the newcomer home Fitbit: Versa 2, the smartwatch with Alexa.

The design is minimalist and elegant, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities for the everyday life. Very comfortable on the wrist, it has an anodized aluminum case, light and durable.

From the functionality perspective, Versa 2 offers a great notification management, with the option of voice response. Obviously it has good sports functions (Versa 2 began as SportWatch), especially with the integration Fitbit app Coach (surcharge).

The battery life exceeds 5 days with a medium intense use, wearable making this an excellent compromise between functionality, quality and durability. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

Huawei Watch GT 2

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

Among the smart watches to buy in 2020 is definitely the new Watch GT 2, arguably the best smartwatch Huawei.

The design is decidedly masculine, and squeezes the eye to sports. The AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels is bright and provides brilliant colors. However, there is also a 42 mm version for thinner wrists.

Even under the light of the sun can be seen quite well, although in always on mode loses a bit ‘of visibility.

Excellent build quality and resistance, thanks to the metal crates and to the display with Gorilla Glass, which make Huawei Watch GT 2 perfect even more “extreme conditions”.

Now to the sector sensors and functionality.

The clock integrates an integrated GPS module with Glonass, which allows a good precision in the detection of distances during workouts.

Excellent app interface Huawei Health, which allows the creation of customized training programs.

If you want more information, you can read our review of Huawei Watch GT 2.

Honor Magic Watch 2

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

Among the best smartwatch for quality / price ratio is Honor Magic Watch 2, a smart watch that has carved out a significant market share. For many ways similar to Huawei Watch GT 2 seen above, it is capable of covering, with effectiveness, both the pure smartwatch function of SportWatch.

The AMOLED screen offers excellent contrast and depth of blacks enviable. Available always on the display, although the latter does not perfectly replicate the original watch face.

Well the hardware, which offers an integrated GPS module, fast enough nell’allaccio the satellite and an accurate and timely heart beat sensor.

Instead Migliorabile the notification management. The interaction, from this point of view, it is in fact limited to read-only, without the ability to respond to messages. The speaker and microphone in the clock dividers can make and receive calls.

Let’s autonomy, thanks to the 455 mAh battery, it can overcome a week of use. With always-on display, GPS and workouts, you get about 5 days. Missing the NFC, another feature that would have made this smart watch almost perfect.

Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch for best quality / price ratio

Best Smartwatch In 2020: Which To Choose? | Smartdomotica

The design is similar, not coincidentally, that of Apple Watch. This wearable fact wants to present itself as the clock economical alternative company in Cupertino, also offering comparable functionality.

For example, the ability to make an ECG, this feature as we have seen on Apple Watch.

The screen is AMOLED 1.65 “with an excellent performance in terms of contrast, color and energy yield and is definitely a positive exception for this price range.

Present the always on display and the ability to customize the interface with a selection of widgets.

Migliorabile the notification management, for example by adding the ability to respond to messages with predefined Quick texts.

One smartwatch still complete, but highly affordable compared to what it has to offer.

Best smartwatch economic

Below is a list and comparison of the best budget smartwatch on the market:

Pedometer, Cardio, Workout

Accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, heart rate, activity tracker, 17 sports mode

Pedometer, PPG Cardiac, Geomagnetic, or Barometer, GPS

Pedometer, Cardio, Workout

Accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, heart rate, activity tracker, 17 sports mode

Pedometer, PPG Cardiac, Geomagnetic, or Barometer, GPS

On the market there are cheaper options that offer excellent performance, battery life and build quality, at an affordable price.

In most cases, the choices are low cost Chinese smartwatch that provide functionality comparable to the top of the range.

However, the development of the wearable market has led to a wave of new brands from China, which offer products at low cost. Unfortunately, often the quality of these devices is pretty poor.

In fact, brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Mobvoi now launching long wearable absolute value, of course, to more than affordable prices.

Willful smart watch

Among the best economic smartwatch is definitely Willful, a model with an extremely affordable price (well below € 50) and the exciting features that make it an option by the excellent quality / price ratio.

The LCD / IPS is very large, up to 39 mm and offers a reasonably easy navigation.

Moreover, unlike other smartwatch, it has a 0.3 Mega Pixel camera. The quality of the latter is not high, but it is definitely an interesting addition.

The operating system is proprietary and therefore has limitations in downloading new apps beyond those pre-installed.

In addition, despite being one Chinese economic smartwatch, this device also has integrated a SIM slot. This allows, thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker, to make and receive calls.

Fairly large number of features, especially considering the competitive price. These include the monitoring of sleep, activity tracker, pedometer, alarm clock, reminders, contacts management.

Clock smart perfect for those who are approaching the world of wearable and wants a good product at low cost.

YAMAY Smartwatch

Among the best Chinese and economic smartwatch are definitely Yamay, with a model of the best sellers on Amazon.

It integrates the operating system from Google, offering a number of exciting features. Among these, we remember 14 sports mode, sleep monitoring and interesting features dedicated to women’s health.

It has IP68 waterproof class but does not have dedicated to swimming programs.

Overall, it is a low cost smartwatch designed for athletes, but it is able to meet different needs and requirements, thanks to the good management of notifications and autonomy, which can reach up to 7-10 days of use ongoing.

HolyHigh P1C

HolyHigh P1C is an economic smartwatch feature-rich and the very attractive technical specifications, especially considering the competitive price.

Equipped with a touch screen 1.3 “, this smartwatch is designed especially for athletes. in fact, it supports as many as 17 different sports, providing accurate reports after each training session. Among these there is also swimming, due to impermeability clock up to 5 ATM.

Of course, there is the monitoring function of the heart rate 24/7 and do not miss the sleep monitoring, with specific and detailed reports accessible

The battery life is average: on average are unable to arrive safely at 5-6 days of average heavy usage.

If you want more information, you can read our review of the smartwatch HolyHigh

Amazfit Beep: the best economic smartwatch for sports and fitness

In our selection of the best economic smartwatch there is another Xiaomi device: Amazfit Bip, which we define as the best economical smart watch for sport and fitness.

This smartwatch is indeed a favorite in terms of quality / price ratio and not surprisingly it is one of the best sellers on Amazon.

The lines are essential and the display is with 1.28 “e-Ink technology.

But the greatest strength of Amazfit Bip is definitely the battery life, which can be up to 30 days on a charge. This can go down to 15 days with heavy usage, but to exceed 40 days if the smartwatch is kept on standby.

Among the many features include GPS, barometer, geomagnetic sensor, heart rate sensor PPG, three-axis accelerometer for activities, sports and detection of sleep.

Clock smart greatly appreciated by athletes, combining lightweight (31 g), battery life (widely regarded as the best smartwatch for battery life) and number of dedicated functions.

Miglior smartwatch Android (Wear OS)

Below is a list of the best Android smartwatch in 2020:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor

Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100

Light sensor, heart rate, activity tracker, payments, managing notifications

Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Altimeter, Weather, heart rate, activity tracker, 70 sport mode,

Brightness sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, Heart Rate, Activity tracker, 6 sports mode

Up to 36 hours of medium to heavy usage

40 days in saving mode, 12 hours in training mode

Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor

Light sensor, heart rate, activity tracker, payments, managing notifications

Up to 36 hours of medium to heavy usage

Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100

Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Altimeter, Weather, heart rate, activity tracker, 70 sport mode,

40 days in saving mode, 12 hours in training mode

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100

Brightness sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, Heart Rate, Activity tracker, 6 sports mode

NB: In this context, what is meant by Android smartwatch? This term is often used to denote without distinction, both the smart watches running Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) and compatible with the Android system for smartphones.

Before appointing the best smartwatch Android, however, you should make a small clarification.

Virtually, all of the smart watches on the market, except for Apple Watch, is compatible with Android smartphones. However, this does not mean that the OS installed on both Android wearable.

For example, Galaxy Watch and Fitbit, seen before, are fitted with a proprietary operating system, which is fully compatible with Google green robot.

So, if the choice of wearable is mainly affected by the phone you use, you can look to other models in this article. If you wish to purchase one smartwatch WearOS, this section is definitely of interest.

Fossil Gen 5

Choosing the best Android smartwatch, so with Wear OS, it fell on Fossil January 5, a device capable of combining aesthetics, build quality and functionality.

The display is an excellent AMOLED 1.3-inch, extremely bright, but with a rather large frame, which is especially noticeable when choosing a watch face clear.

On the dial are placed 3 physical buttons, two of which are programmable. The third, the middle so to speak, acts as a ring for navigation in the clock menu.

Obviously, it integrates Google Voice Assistant assistant, from which you can also receive voice responses with integrated speaker.

Positive also the notification management experience, to which you can respond quickly with emoji, or vocally.

Not good battery, which ensures only a medium heavy usage day.

Complete device and elegant, perfect for those looking for a smartwatch WearOS.

Suunto 7

Another among the best Android smartwatch is Suunto 7, which can be defined as a hybrid between a traditional SportWatch and a smart watch.

With a rather large quadrant (50 mm well diameter), it is presented with a nice AMOLED display, Gorilla Glass 6:02 lateral physical keys. The display is very bright and easily visible even under the sunlight.

But as you can imagine, the strong point of this Android watch is definitely the sports division. Suunto 7 is in fact able to monitor something like 70 different sports. It lacks automatic detection of sporting activities and one SportWatch for Android like this, it is a deficiency that can hardly forgive.

Water resistant to 5 ATM, has built-in GPS module and NFC to make digital payments. Well even the notitiche of management, with the ability to respond to messages directly from your wrist. Unfortunately missing the speaker to make or receive calls.

Buy Suunto 7 on the official website. Below other purchase options.

TicWatch PRO 2020

Among the most complete Android smartwatch is TicWatch PRO, Chinese company Mobvoi.

This device is characterized by a particular feature: the double screen. In other words, it has two overlapping screens: one LCD, dedicated all’always on display, and an AMOLED for use clock daily. This allows you to be able to view the display without problems regardless of any types of lighting conditions.

Unfortunately, this interesting feature makes the colors of the AMOLED screen slightly “washed out” and shallower than a device with single screen.

Another peculiarity of TicWatch Pro 2020 is resistance. The device has in fact certificates military standards. Therefore, it is a clock that is able to withstand water, dust, shock, heat and cold.

Present microphone for call handling incoming and outgoing calls. In addition to this, the smartwatch has GPS, NFC and 1GB of RAM.

Probably, the most comprehensive of the panorama Android smartwatch.

Best smartwatch for Sport

Below is a list of the best smartwatch for the 2020 sports:

Best Ever

Steel: 60g – Titanium: 75g

TMP (Transflective Memory Pixel)

TMP (Transflective Memory Pixel)

Waterproof (suitable for swimming)

Cardio, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Compass, Barometer, path analysis

Cardio, calculating distance, calories, running index, pace calculation, accelerometer for indoor racing

Multisport including swimming and triathlon, the Garmin Pay, cardio, calories, workout programs, notifications

Multisport, cardio, activity tracker, notiche,

Multisport, cardio, calories, notifications, thermometer, barometer and weather forecasts,

Multisport, hiking and trekking, weather forecasts,

11 days declared in Sport mode

Autonomy declared up to 7 days

Up to 2 weeks declared

Up to 14 days declared without GPS

Best Ever

Steel: 60g – Titanium: 75g

Cardio, Accelerometer, Thermometer, Compass, Barometer, path analysis

Waterproof (suitable for swimming)

Cardio, calculating distance, calories, running index, pace calculation, accelerometer for indoor racing

TMP (Transflective Memory Pixel)

Multisport including swimming and triathlon, the Garmin Pay, cardio, calories, workout programs, notifications

11 days declared in Sport mode

TMP (Transflective Memory Pixel)

Multisport, cardio, activity tracker, notiche,

Autonomy declared up to 7 days

Multisport, cardio, calories, notifications, thermometer, barometer and weather forecasts,

Up to 2 weeks declared

Multisport, hiking and trekking, weather forecasts,

Up to 14 days declared without GPS

Choose a smartwatch for the best sport is no easy task. In fact, one SportWatch can be perfect for swimming, but less efficient for other types of sports such as running, fitness or cycling.

In addition, we must also assess the level that you are looking in the device. Those who practice sport in amateur way, certainly has different needs compared to a professional sportsman, of course, is willing to spend higher figures for better performance.

What SportWatch buy

In the previous sections, we have already looked at some smart watches excellent for those who make physical activity. Among these surely we point out as among the best smartwatch for sport:

However, the market there are several options, suitable for specific needs. Below are a selection of the best SportWatch, the absolute best models suitable for the most popular sports.

Best multisport watch: Garmin Fenix ​​Series 6

Introduced just a few months ago, Garmin Fenix ​​6 can be defined as the best smartwatch for Sport on the market.

Available in 4 versions (6S, 6, 6X, 6X Pro), has a titanium or stainless steel case.

For each type, there are 3 different versions: standard (without maps, WiFi, music), Pro (with full functionality), Sapphyre with sapphire glass.

The 6X Pro also adds the Solar version, the most interesting of the entire range as it is able to recharge partly due to sunlight (Power Glass technology).

The app sports charged are numerous and include running, biking, canoeing, Nordic skiing, cross country skiing, golf and more. The monitoring activity is supported by a series of sensors, including barometer, altimeter and electronic compass 3-axis.

Compared to previous versions, Fenix ​​6 also presents the pulse oximeter, which allows the detection of the oxygen saturation level in the blood, also useful for the monitoring of sleep apnea.

Battery to be top of the class, you get up 14 days in smartwatch mode.

Very interesting ClimbPro function, which analyzes the path of the slopes, including those that are still to come. You will then have information about the slope and distance from the near vertical drop.

A sporty smartwatch and hiking (and not just because it is absolutely complete in all respects) absolutely recommended, although the outlay is substantial (but worth them all).

Smartwatch best for running: Polar M430

Running is probably one of the most practiced sport in the world.

What is going to run for a simple morning jogging session or want to participate in a marathon, the race is part of life for many and is often the only way to get active.

If you are a runner, one SportWatch is the ideal training partner. In fact, you can see the heart rate, running index, count your steps and calories burned, set goals and, of course, keep track of distance traveled.

For an accurate calculation of distances, you should move on a clock with integrated GPS and not shared with that of their smartphone.Probabilmente, the best smartwatch for the ride Polar M430, one of the most popular devices and disseminated by those who practice this sport, even at the professional level.

The integrated GPS is extremely accurate and very quick to nell’allaccio satellite (only a few seconds).

When you start exercising, just press the button to activate it, along with the detection of the heartbeat. At the end of the session, you will see a number of interesting statistics and parameters determined during training. Between these:

The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is great for one smartwatch and very close to the detections carried out with a dedicated cardiac wing.

What can I say, this smartwatch has everything you could want if you love the sport, even if everything is offered in quite basic sauce. For example, it is not available WearOS as in other models of the brand as the M600.

The device is available in various sizes (the price increases with the size), for traction and a portability at high levels.

Best smartwatch for swimming and triathlon: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Choosing the best smartwatch for swimming among hundreds of models available could discourage the most.

To understand fully what it needs, what data you want to see and how much you want to spend, are fundamental factors in the choice.

Obviously, the SportWatch will be able to monitor the length of the tanks, the swimming style and swolf score, which indicates the time and the total number of strokes to complete a spa.

Considering various factors including functionality, performance, accuracy, durability and of course price, best smartwatch for swimming is Garmin Forerunner 735XT.

SportWatch This is one of the least expensive of the Garmin line, and, perhaps for this reason, has managed to convince us more than others.

In fact, with just over 200 € we will take home a complete and accurate product.

In workout section it is possible to choose between different modes, including swimming in the pool and swimming in open water. In the latter case, it is very useful the excellent GPS system clock.

Of course, you can set the style of swimming, the pool length and consult the data for the index swolf.

Finally, this device has been indicated by many as one of the best smartwatch for triathlon, thanks to their dedicated functions. So, a great device for running and cycling.

Best smartwatch for fitness and gym: Garmin VivoActive 4

Now we come to another of the most practiced activities: fitness. Again, the smartwatch can be a great training partner in your training sessions, both outdoor and in a gym or fitness room.

The ideal SportWatch fitness is definitely small, light and with a good number of customized workouts to choose from: a so-called smartwatch multisport.

In addition, of course, to provide accurate detection of cardiac activity, calories burned and other health indicators such as fitness age.

The offer of the market is quite extensive, with models that can cover different age price, influenced by the technological level of the device.

The palm of the best smartwatch for fitness, gym and free training goes to Garmin VivoActive 4.

This wearable fact combines an excellent range of features at a price affordable to most. In simple words: a quality product and suitable for most needs, for a “democratic” price.

VivoActive 4 is a very light and beautifully designed watch, perfect to be worn in the gym and in contact with gears and handlebars.

As anticipated, it is the excellent range of sports to choose from. Among the many these:

Very interesting music features. In other words, the smartwatch has an internal memory where you can save your own music playlist. so you will not have to bring your smartphone with you to the gym or during outdoor workouts. Taking only a couple of true wireless headphones to listen to your favorite music.

In addition, this watch can be worn as an accessory everyday, also useful on other occasions (for example, with the Garmin Pay service can pay touchless).

Best smartwatch for cycling: Garmin Forerunner 935

We come now to the best smartwatch for cycling. Which brand if not with his Garmin Forerunner 935 could be the perfect companion for a sport like cycling road?

After all, Garmin has its roots in satellite navigation …

This is a complete wearable smart watch, equipped with an accurate GPS module / Glonass and excellent battery life.

Many sport modes to choose from (of course there is cycling), which makes it a perfect device for anyone serious multisport more sports.

Very light and compact, Forerunner 935 provides a respectable portability, even during the long stages.

Best smartwatch Hiking: Suunto Traverse

Among the many excellent models available on the market, the best smartwatch for hiking is probably Traverse Suunto.

This watch combines advanced features with a long battery life, great feature for particularly long trekking sessions.

Really interesting the programming function of your trekking route, so you can easily follow your own path through precise integrated GPS module.

Another much appreciated feature is the detection of atmospheric pressure. This means that the watch will provide accurate data on weather conditions, alerting you of imminent rain, etc.

Smartwatch female

Obviously, there is no single definition of female smart watch or smartwatch Women. In fact, almost all the models seen so far are also suitable for a female audience, or at least have versions with dial by the smaller size.

It is precisely the size of one of the largest discriminant: too large dials or too bulky and thick crates may clash with wrists in fact, on average, more subtle.

Not only aesthetics and size. One smartwatch Women should offer a number of specific features, such as the monitoring of menstrual cycles. Along with naturally good sports functionality.

Taking into account all these factors, we chose the Garmin Venu Best smartwatch women, as can encompass all the features mentioned so far: design, dedicated features, sports and everyday life.

Garmin Venu: best smartwatch Women

Presented at IFA last September, Garmin Venu is a wearable versatile and suitable for different occasions. Presents an AMOLED display from 1.2 “(the first Garmin to have this type of screen) very bright and brilliant colors.

It offers 20 different sport profiles already installed, GPS module, the Garmin Pay function and more, which make it a complete and reliable wearable.

In addition, thanks to the Body Battery function, it can suggest the energy level of the wearer and understand the actual state of the form.

In addition, you can download applications dedicated to women, such as Mestrual Cycle, which can track their menstrual cycles.

Another noteworthy feature is the Service Request, designed for women who like to run alone.

Autonomy can be up to five days, but it is reduced to about 6 hours when set to music playback function.

Children and boys

One smartwatch is not just a device for adults.

In fact, in recent years, these devices are becoming more common and popular even among children and teens.

Thanks to the features offered, a growing number of parents choose to give their children one smartwatch.

But what features should be the best smartwatch for children?

Best smartwatch for kids and teens: Oaxis FirstFone S2

Surely, the best smart watch for children is Oaxis S2.

In fact, this wearable integrates a number of excellent features, that wink to the safety of our children.

The watch is of course equipped with GPS module to track position. In addition, all data related is protected with 128-bit encryption algorithm.

Present the integrated SOS button and the virtual fence function.

The touch display is very large (1.5 “), and suitable for easy consultation time and other information provided by the device.

In addition, the wearable integrates a 2 MP camera. The children, as well as play and be entertained by the contents of the device, will also dabble in photography.

A truly comprehensive product and makes safety the pride. Certainly, the price is higher than the industry average, but the difference is absolutely justified.

You can buy Oaxis FirstFone S2 on the official site.

SmartWatch Samsung

Smartwatch Apple

Huawei Smartwatch

SmartWatch Garmin

Smartwatch Amazfit

What is it and why buy one smartwatch

The purchase of a smartwatch can be driven by different reasons. Among the most common uses:

No need to explain that the purchase of a smartwatch is an excellent investment for a sports person and that makes constant physical activity. With the pedometer, heart rate monitor and other features, the smartwatch will be of great help during workouts.

Obviously, the smartwatch can also be purchased by anyone who is not going to make it a specific use, but is simply attracted by having the wrist a combination of technology and design, able to perform a number of useful functions in everyday life.

So it’s no surprise about the popularity and the increasing spread of wearable technology, especially the watches.

For those who have a smaller budget and will use the device purely for sport, you can move towards a fitness band. To learn more you can read our guide to the best smartband.

A smartwatch may be the ideal companion for outdoor activities

Smartwatch: how to choose the best for your needs

The main use that you’ll want to do the smartwatch must necessarily be put in relation to the available budget.

The market offers a plurality of choices, with widely different price ranges. Having then clear the purchase order is crucial to choose the best smartwatch for their own needs, without necessarily spending a fortune.

Here are some key factors to consider before purchasing.

Operating system: WearOS, and other watchos

The first factor to consider when you approach the purchase of the best smartwatch is definitely the operating system. The latter distributes the smartwatch in more or less large families of products, each with their own distinctive characteristics. The main operating systems on the market are:

Ecosistema WearOS by Google


The smartwatch is indeed a concentration of technology, but also an object that will be worn at all times in full view on the wrist and, as we know, the eye wants its part.

The market has a different design, can satisfy the most diverse palates. You can gain more classical models, fully comparable to a normal analog clock, but also watches a sporty design, suitable for the performance of outdoor activities.

Certainly, the ability to customize the screen with smart functionality is an aspect not to be overlooked, as it will allow you to change the look of your clock every day.

Finally, another factor to consider is the strap.

Buy one smartwatch a brand that offers a wide selection of complementary accessories can be a good choice, especially if you get tired easily wear the same styles and colors.


central fulcrum and design element, the display is a key part of the smartwatch. In the market you can find different styles, shapes and technologies, each of which with its own peculiarities.

The choice of display form is often an issue linked to its very personal tastes.

The most common forms on the market are circular and square / rectangular. Of course, you may prefer one over the other, but the functionality of the device will be the same.

However, a circular screen may cause some difficulties to those accustomed to a more square shape and might prefer a rectangular display.

Conversely, a round shape is the most elegant complex and can satisfy those who love the taste watches “classic.”

In addition, the displays may differ depending on the technology used. The most common commercially available technologies are:

Most smartwatch on the market has a display with touch function.

However, some SportWatch (smartwatch dedicated to those who make sport) longer point on the robustness and resistance (under water) taking control via buttons (v. Garmin models).

Processor, RAM and internal memory

In addition, it is also necessary to evaluate its hardware segment. In this case, we talk about processor (CPU), RAM and internal memory (ROM).

These elements all have an impact on the operation and general usability of the device. The processor indicates the capacity and speed of the smartwatch in processing and process data, while the RAM is volatile memory which denotes the clock’s ability to function with multiple open applications.

These factors, combined with the internal memory storage, are particularly important once installed in different content and app smartwatch.

If not enough, the watch’s performance may in fact decrease, resulting in an experience of cumbersome and not very fluid use.


As anticipated, one smartwatch can satisfy a wide section of the public, thanks to the endless possibilities in terms of functions.

Ability to rapidly respond to messages

The smartwatch fact, it acts as a true extension of your smartphone, with the convenience of having it always on your wrist. Here are some of the features that the best smartwatch should present:


In order to collect data, the smartwatch need dedicated sensors. These can be: Motion, biological and environmental. We see the main:


Obviously, the smartwatch are devices that work in synergy with other devices, especially smartphones. Therefore, the presence of wireless connections is inescapable for proper watch operation. All models, even those lower-end, are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the connection of proximity to other devices. There are several Bluetooth technology, more or less dated, so it is important to assess which of these are supported by the smartwatch. In addition, many models have WiFi connectivity, useful if you have a wireless home network. Finally, some smartwatch models have a slot for the SIM card and are therefore able to make and receive calls without the need to connect to the smartphone.


Battery life is a key aspect to consider during the purchase phase. On average, they smartwatch have a range between 24 and 48 hours; some of the best smartwatch have a range of three or four days. However, much also it depends on the intensity and type of use of the watch. Also important is the charging duration that, in most cases, amounted to around 2-3 hours.


Another very important feature to be evaluated for the purchase of the best smartwatch for your needs is its degree of water resistance.

This is marked by the letters IP (International Protection) followed by two numbers. These are to indicate their level of impermeability of the smartwatch.

The most popular acronyms on the market are IP67 and IP68. In the first case, the smartwatch is protected from water and dust, but it will be immersed to a maximum depth of 1 m for 30 minutes of time. IP68 instead indicates a greater degree of protection (only with respect to liquids): in this case, the clock can be submerged up to 3 meters per hour.

In addition, some smartwatch are resistant to depths greater. To understand to what you can push, the manufacturer will specify the so-called ATM (ATM).

This is the degree of pressure that the smartwatch will endure. For example, a clock 3ATM can arrive at a depth of 30m, 5 ATM 50 m and so on.

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Frequently asked questions on smartwatch

How does a smartwatch?

The smartwatch connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and, in addition to functioning as an extension of the same, and app offers features dedicated as: monitoring heart rate, counts steps, calories, personal training, etc. NFC payments.

What is the smartwatch?

The smartwatch can be used for a plurality of purposes. In addition to the features of a traditional clock you can manage notifications from their smartphone, track workouts and activities, set goals for physical activity, make / receive calls (if the clock has SIM slot, microphone and speaker) .

What does it mean smartwatch?

Smartwatch literally it means smart watch. In fact, it offers advanced features that make it a technological evolution of the traditional wristwatch.

Which smartwatch choose?

There is no definitive answer and unique to this question. The best smartwatch for your needs depends mostly on how you want to use the clock and the available budget. In our guide you will find the best models by type (top, economic, sports, etc.).

As you connect your smartwatch on the phone?

Connection is via Bluetooth. Once the initial pairing, the clock will connect and will automatically synchronize with the smartphone.