Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: Guide

Best smart WiFi bulbs and intelligent lights: 2020 Guide

In this guide, we will cover the best smart bulbs (Wifi or not) on the market, now very popular and widespread devices. In fact, home automation is now available to everyone and it becomes more and more DIY.

Below you will find the list of the best models smart bulb, a comparative table and the detailed description for each of them. After that, we will talk about other devices to the wireless lighting control. Finally, a discussion on smart and WiFi lights, how they work and why they buy them.

Best smart bulbs in 2020: what to buy

Here is the list of the best smart bulbs that allow the WiFi control lights:

Below is the comparison of the models:

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT

Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant ,

Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant

Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT

Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant ,

Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant

Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance starter kit

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

Surely the must-have product as regards the smart lighting.

Philips Hue is probably the best you could want regarding a WiFi light.

In this case, we chose one of the most popular and convenient options: the Starter Kit includes the Philips Hue Bridge.

The latter allows the lights to connect to WiFi, for an integrated management of all the ecosystem devices (it is possible to associate a plurality of light points to a single bridge).

Fully compatible with Alexa and Google Home, these devices fully justify the price higher than the market average.

In fact, through the dedicated app Philips Hue, you can customize the color of light, the intensity, the color (16 million possible combinations), to operate the lights in time to music, or select the perfect setting for various activities (work reading). You can also check all the rooms of entire devices.

The Hue range is certainly the most diverse on the market. In the article we focus on the starter kit because it is the obvious choice for those who are buying for the first time given the presence of the bridge, but the options are really varied.

From the lights outdoor lamps, you’ll find the solution that best suits your needs and create a real WiFi lighting system.

If you already have a hub or Zigbee devices that integrate (as Echo Plus), you can buy (and control) the Hue bulbs individually without the bridge.

If you want more information about the brand and its products, you can read our article dedicated to Philips Hue.

Philips Hue Lights without bridge

Philips Hue has just announced the release of Bluetooth bulbs, which do not need the bridge for proper operation. However, the new devices will be available only in the United States and the release date in Italy has not yet been revealed.

TP-Link LB130

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

Among the best smart bulbs is certainly the TP-Link LB130. Although less popular than Hue lighting system from Philips Lighting, it is a great product if you want a wireless controllable light right from your smartphone.

This, without the need for additional hardware such as the Philips bridge. It simply needs to download the app KASA to immediately control the lights remotely.

Similar to Hue, the range of colors available is 16 million: So you will have endless possibilities to cover your environment with the most suitable light. In addition, you have a selection of “mood” default, to be used during specific activities such as reading, dinners with friends, parties and night for conciliarti sleep.

And of course the ability to create and save your own sets.

In view of the wireless lights, therefore, this is a product that can compete with Philips and, moreover, perfectly compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, Google and Apple Assistant Home Kit, which may lead to vocally control your home lighting.

Of course, thanks to the connection with the app KASA, you can program the day, setting therefore the moments of automatic start and stop.

Surely one of the best WiFi bulbs without a hub.

Lifx A60

Another brand that is making headlines is Lifx, offering high quality products, such as the A60 bulb model.

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

This bulb WiFi LED is the only one on the market able to offer a brightness of 1100 lumens (most of the best models is around 800 lumens), which is comparable with a traditional light bulb 75W.

Many smart app offers features like a choice of 16 million colors available, or adjust the intensity or hue (more or less hot) light.

Fully compatible with screen readers and ecosystems most important home automation (even with Apple HomeKit), Lifx A60 does not require an external bridge for WiFi connection.

It is a fairly expensive bulb, but it definitely falls among the top options the market can offer.

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

LIFX E27 LED bulb Wi-Fi Smart, Adjustable, Multicolor, …

ξ mysteries Y ee light

Among the best is definitely smart bulbs Xiaomi Yeelight, one of the most popular products of the category.

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

In fact, this product offers probably the best value for money on the market.

Like the models described above, this smart bulb provides up to 16 million of available color combinations.

There comes a power of 600 lumens, perfect for a light bulb of this price range, and is fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

In addition, it offers a wide range of possibilities. As well as the choice of colors, you can set the Flow mode, with automatic rotation of colors, or Music mode, with which the light will change and will move to the music.

Even this device does not require a bridge / external hub. Therefore, the installation is very simple: simply screw the bulb socket, connect it to WiFi via the app and you can manage everything remotely. For more information, read the full review Xiaomi Yeelight.

Best Smart Wifi Bulbs And Intelligent Lights: 2020 Guide

Smart LED Light Bulb, 16 million color RGB E27 10W Dimmable …

Teckin A19

The bulb economic Teckin smart is one of the most popular devices and sold on Amazon. In fact, in spite of an extremely attractive price, this light guarantees optimum performance and durability.

It has in fact a brightness up to 800 Lumen 30 thousand hours of use and a power of 7.5W.

Through the app you can customize various settings, including color (RGB light), intensity and custom scenarios.

It integrates a WiFi module and is compatible with both Alexa, Google and Assistant IFTTT.

Smart Soft Light Bulb With 2800k-6200k + RGBW, TECKIN E27 WiFi …

Lampadine smart Ikea TRADFRI

In addition to the listed solutions, including smart Ikea Tradfri bulbs are a great option. These are very popular products, thanks to their low price and reliability of supply.

Available in different variants and versions, they are a great alternative to products that are usually found on Amazon.

If you want more information, you can visit Ikea.

Lamps smart WiFi Best

The smart lamps can be perfect by furnishing objects to be placed on a table, a desk or a shelf. In addition of course to carry out their primary function, ie illuminate.

In the market there are different types of products: bedside lamps, table, laptop and even a living room. All controllable with your smartphone and voice.

Again, it does the Philips Hue master, but brands such as Xiaomi still offer quality products. Below the two best models.

Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go is a portable lamp WiFi, wireless therefore, the famous lighting brand.

The compact design and pleasing lines fits perfectly into any environment and position: table, shelf, table, even in the bathroom.

It is a rechargeable lamp. Just charge the battery for about 3 hours and you can move at your own pace, without the hassle of wires.

Obviously, the lamp offers all the functionality of Hue line: 16 million colors, dimmable light, creating custom scenarios, music, etc. function.

Xiaomi Mijia LED Desk Lamp MUE4066GL

The smart lamp Xiaomi table is a very popular device and among the most sold under illumination WiFi.

The design is modern and sophisticated, with sleek lines that make it a true designer object to be displayed on display on their desk.

Design not only beautiful, but functional. In fact, the lamp has three pivot points and can be easily moved according to their own needs.

Its built-in WiFi module 802.11b / g / n and is manageable with the app I Home, compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Many of the procedures and the available presets. In particular, it is very interesting focus mode, with which the light remains on for 45 minutes, and then goes off for 15 and so on, helping the user to maintain this concentration.

Spotlights smart

Obviously, there are not only the classic bulbs and smart lamps.

If you have specific needs, the market offers several solutions, such as spotlights smart WiFi.

Here is a selection.

Philips Lighting Hue Argenta White and Color Ambiance Faretto…

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Fugato spotlights Related …

Bulbs compatible with Alexa

One of the biggest advantages to buying a WiFi LED lamp has to be able to control the lights by voice via Alexa.

Below is a brief selection of the smart bulbs compatible with Alexa.

For the complete list and for other products, you can consult the complete list of devices compatible with the Amazon voice assistant.

Bulb Intelligent, Smart WiFi lofter Bulb E27 7W RGB, Work …

Smart Soft Light Bulb With 2800k-6200k + RGBW, TECKIN E27 WiFi …

ACCEWIT Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Dimmable LED Light Bulb 20000 hours …

Bulbs are compatible with Google Home

Below are a selection of the best smart bulbs are compatible with Google Home.

For the complete list and for other products, you can consult the list of compatible devices with the Google voice assistant.

Bulb Intelligent, Smart WiFi lofter Bulb E27 7W RGB, Work …

LIFX E27 LED bulb Wi-Fi Smart, Adjustable, Multicolor, …

Smart LED Light Bulb, 16 million color RGB E27 10W Dimmable …

ACCEWIT Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Dimmable LED Light Bulb 20000 hours …

The most popular WiFi bulbs

Here is the list of the top most popular WiFi bulbs at the time:

I do not want to throw my old LED bulbs: what do I do?

If your traditional LED bulbs are new and have no plans to replace them with WiFi variants, you can make smart thanks to other products.

This way, you can control your lights with your smartphone, even if they are not originally related products.

Let’s see what solutions you have available.

Portalampadina WiFi

A bulb WiFi is a convenient and economical solution to make your own smart LED bulb.

Just screw it into the bulb holder, which in turn will be screwed to the attack. Just then connect to Wifi using a simple configuration, in order to control comfortably with your smartphone or by voice.

Installing a bulb WiFi

Among the smart bulb to control the most popular wireless lights are the models below:

E27 Wireless, LoraTap adapter Bulb + …

Smart WiFi E27 Light socket, Aicase Intelligent WLAN [2 pezzi] Home…

Porta intelligent lamp Sonoff Slampher, 433MHz RF & WiFi Control …

What are the lights smart / WiFi and the wireless lighting systems

These lamps or LED bulbs controllable directly from your smartphone or by voice (if compatible and integrated with a smart speaker like Amazon or Google Home Echo).

These can function both as a normal white light (or yellow), or as a light colored, meeting your requirements and needs.

Thanks to WiFi lights you can create a wireless lighting system

It is easy to connect to your home WiFi network, and via the integrated app downloaded on Android and IOS, allow control lights remotely.

With these devices you can then create a wireless lighting system without the intervention of a professional.

Just a smartphone or tablet and WiFi connection to check your light bulbs, lamps, intelligent outdoor spotlights and lights.

Installing smart bulb is difficult?

Absolutely not. You simply replace the old bulb with one connected, download the dedicated app and you’re done.

Obviously, so that the smart functions light, it is necessary that the physical switch that controls it is in the On mode, otherwise it will not be able to control it.

Now we know what a WiFi light. But what are its advantages and why should manage the wireless lighting?

Why buy a light bulb or lamp smart WiFi

Energy saving

The LED lights in itself consume much less than a normal incandescent bulb.

The LED bulbs are energy efficiency classes higher than the traditional ones

So imagine this combined with the ability to be able to program the lighting according to your presence inside the house … result: cut down costs and save on electricity bills.

Buying a WiFi bulb it should not therefore be considered as a cost but an investment that will pay off over time.


The WiFi lamps allow the light control or smartphone, as anticipated, via voice.

The command of the remote lights bring undeniable advantages in terms of convenience and flexibility.

Control of lights from smartphones

You can in fact manage the lighting from wherever you are, even thousands of kilometers away. In addition, through integration with smart speaker, you can also use only the voice.

Outdoor spaces

If you have a garden, go to a WiFi lighting system is the wisest choice that you make. Take full control of lights for your outdoor space, being able to illuminate some areas rather than others. A management therefore more granular and precise.


Not only control and lower costs, but also comfort. This definitely thanks all’integrabilita with home automation systems, as well as motion sensors and presence.

No need to lift a finger to turn on the light, but simply your presence in the house to activate the lighting.

Motion sensor Philips Hue


Thanks largely to the ease of installation, some smart lights (eg WiFi LED strips) can be positioned really anywhere in the home.

A light for every occasion

Most WiFi lights and bulbs offer a selection of colors to choose from (for example with Philips Hue, you can choose up to 16 million colors).

A smart bulb is therefore also a furnishing element. Also, every time needs its light: a romantic dinner wants a warm, soft light, while a dinner with friends definitely requires lighting more lively.

In addition, some smart bulbs allow to preset scenes (for example, “film” or, precisely, “romantic dinner”, totally integrated with other smart products present in the home).

With the WiFi bulbs you can choose the light based on the atmosphere desired

How to choose a smart bulbs

Color: white or colored light bulbs?

One of the first factors to consider before purchasing a WiFi bulb is certainly the range of colors available.

In fact, it is possible to choose between a multicolored smart bulb or white.

Obviously, the best WiFi bulbs on the market are those that provide a wide combination of colors from which to choose and adequate power.

You can choose from millions of color combinations available

In this case, most of the products on the market is able to issue an RGB matrix colored light (Red, Green, Blue).

Thus, by combining red, green and blue, these bulbs offer the choice of about 16 million different combinations. In contrast, the single-color lights are more limited from this point of view, but they cost less on average.


We have always been used to assess the power of a light bulb on the number of watts. However, the latter shows how much energy a light use and not how much it actually emits.

So, to better understand the brightness level to which arrives a smart LED bulb, it is appropriate to use another unit of measure: the lumen. The number of lumens indicates the amount of visible light to a human eye.

Therefore, the higher the number, the greater the brightness of the light. So, with LED bulbs, it is possible to obtain a light source with good intensity, with a significantly lower energy consumption than conventional incandescent light bulbs.

voice Control

The advent of screen readers and smart speaker brought to the fore the possibility of voice control of connected devices.

In order to turn on and turn off the light, however, only with the voice, it is necessary that the bulb is compatible with screen readers Alexa, Google and Siri Assistant.

Do not worry, most of the WiFi bulbs on the market are compatible with these artificial intelligences.

This also allows to insert the bulbs within an ecosystem of connected products that interact in synergy between them.

For example, with routine Alexa or Google Assistant, you can set a series of actions by different devices with a single voice command.

WiFi dimmable bulbs

The best smart bulbs have the ability to be dimmed. In other words, if a light is dimmable, you can adjust the intensity, so that they emit only the desired amount of light.

In other words, they are light bulbs with the remote control.

This feature is very useful and interesting if you want to create a special atmosphere, or simply do not need the full potential of the bulb.

Or, with some bulbs you can set the “natural awakening mode”, with which the light automatically grow in intensity, replicating the performance of that of the sun.

bridge Presence

Not all smart bulbs directly connect to the WiFi network. Some, for example Philips Hue, they need a central hub ( “Bridge”), from which you can manage in an integrated manner and organized a large number of light points.

Therefore, in this case it will be the hub to be connected to WiFi and transmit the signal (for example Zigbee or Z-Wave) to the bulbs. Hubs are useful if you want to create a real wireless lighting complex system, perhaps that also includes outdoor spaces, so you can easily control every area.

If one has instead the need for a more simple configuration, for example 1-2 smart bulbs, one can orient toward products like Yeelight, which offer good performance to Native WiFi connectivity. Just install the bulb, connect it to WiFi via the app and will be ready for direct control.

What are smart or WiFi bulbs / lights?

The smart bulbs / lights are devices with WiFi connectivity / Bluetoooth or other types of connectivity (in this case require hub) that allow it to be controlled remotely via smartphone or vocally (if compatible). In addition, they offer several advanced features (multiple colors, scenarios, geolocation, scenarios, etc.).

How does a smart light bulb?

A smart bulb is used as a normal light bulb: once screwed, just configure via the dedicated app for smartphones. Most smart bulbs offer different combinations of colors, some will also adapt to the music and work within scenarios (night, cinema, studio, day, etc.).

How much is an intelligent light bulb?

The price varies depending on the features: there are many economic bulbs on the market, from € 10-15. However if you want to push more complex products, you can get to spend 50 € -100 €. Smart boards and the like can cost about 200-300 €. Almost all the bulbs are compatible with most home automation ecosystems (Alexa, Google, Apple).

Smart bulbs require a hub?

Most smart bulbs requires hub, being equipped with WiFi connectivity. There are however some models, usually the more complex ones or belonging to a specific brand / ecosystem, which require a home automation hub, with which communicate using a different protocol (for example, Zigbee). An example is Philips Hue.