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Alexa games: the best skill to play with Echo / Alexa

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Smart speaker are becoming gradually mates irrunciabili home. Alongside the more useful features, these gadgets allow you to access a range of activities and entertaining. Here you will find the list of the best Alexa games to start playing with your Echo (or Alexa device) and pass the time, alone, with friends or family. In fact, there are a number of skill games and quizzes to Alexa designed for children, but there are also those for all categories of age and for adults only.

Alexa games: the best skill to have fun (for children and not)

Among the games to play with no shortage Alexa quizzes and riddles on various topics, skill and curiosity to learn basics of different types or real role playing and logical carrying another dimension.

Unfortunately, compared to angolofone skill (Jeopardy, Jack Ryan, the board game St.Noire, etc.), In Italy the number of skill to play with the server is still limited but more and more developers release new skills. The advice is often to look at the section dedicated to discover new games.

Unlike skill for home automation, you will not need to activate the app before you start using them, just say “open Alexa skill name” to start playing right away. Below the best Alexa games, some of which are for children or families, others for adults only, others for both.


Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

One of the most popular games is undoubtedly Alexa Akinator, to which most of us have probably already played in the past on smartphones or tablets. Think of a character, real or fictitious (movies, books, etc.), And Alexa will do everything with his questions to guess who it is.

Escape Room

Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

Escape Room is a perfect logic game to pass the time and do something really different. Just ask to open the skill to find virtually trapped in a room. You can decide between a prison cell, an office, a car or a garage, depending on the desired level of difficulty.

At this point, your mission is to escape and to do that you will need to inspect the site and give precise commands to Alexa. You will look in a direction (up, down, right, left), inspect an object and use a tool in your inventory on a given object.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

Trivial Pursuit needs no introduction and is one of the most famous games to test your knowledge and learn new things. This edition is designed for families and includes 2 to 4 players.

As in the classic version, simply answer the questions in each category to advance to the next category: wins respond properly to each of the six categories of questions and of course, the question of the ultimate challenge. Each player can decide whether to receive questions or requests for children to adults.

Mental Shock

Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

Mental Shock is one of the most original games Alexa and loved by adults. It is a skill created by an Italian team that transports the user into a dystopian world through an interactive game.

How to Escape Room, the adventure progresses because of the decisions / commands. After opening the game you will find yourself in a hospital room, and you will understand that, as a result of an explosion, he can not help but talk / listen.

You’ll therefore rely AI dell’assitente Athena to advance in the game (including commands like “go”, “use”, “grab”) and move between inidizi and riddles that will lead you to understand more about what is happening. Among the many things to discover, you will need to deal with MIND, a mental hacker who in turn will have a role in the game.

Capitals of the world

Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

Capitals of the world is a quiz game to play with Alexa that allows you to test your knowledge in geography. You can choose to start a classic game to guess a random capital or a continent or you can choose for a full brush up, the World Tour mode, where guess the capitals along the world from north to south or east to west.

The new version of this game Alexa also supports the Regions Battle mode where you can take part in a league where players are divided according to their origin in order to reward the most experienced region.


Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

If you are bored, you know, play Tris is always a good idea. The difference is that, in this case, the famous barbecue is virtual (although you can display on the smart display Echo Show). Alexa will ask us to imagine a phone keypad with numbers from 1 to 9 and will ask us if we want to start by saying a specific number. Based on the responses of Alexa, we shall gradually our next number in order to make mills.

The Spin the Bottle – truth or dare

Alexa Games: The Best Skill To Play With Echo / Alexa

And of course spin the bottle (truth or dare), a game designed for adult users and to dinners and parties with friends. Alexa will spin the bottle and ask each player “truth or dare”, by this time the player will have 60 minutes to do what Alexa calls or answer the question.

Quiz Vero false

The quiz True or false Alexa is another game to test their knowledge and learn new facts about various topics. In fact, almost every question will then have their own explanation. Just open the game and answer the various questions with true or false (you will have 3 lives / attempts available) and earn or lose points based on the correct answer. The goal is to enter the ranking.

Guess who I am

One of the quiz / most interesting Alexa games (also for adults) is Guess Who am. Alexa will give you some clues and you have to guess who or what it is. You can try the quick game or start a normal game, choosing from the following categories: athletes, celebrities, electronics, fruits, animals, logos, cartoons.

The animal Game

A skill is a lot of fun for kids of Animals Game: the player has to think of an animal and answer the various questions that Alexa is to guess. The trick is to choose a difficult animal to take the game over and give you a hard worker.

Clem quiz

Another very popular game for young children (the answers are very simple) is Clemquiz, Clementoni the quiz. You can also play as a single player to beat the record.

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