Best Robot Mower : Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Best robot mower 2020: which to choose? (comparison)

In this guide to the best robot mower of 2020, we will compare the best models on the market and will provide short reviews to help you choose.

The robot lawn mower, also called robot mower or lawn mower or just garden robot, the outdoor version of the most famous robot vacuum cleaner and floor washing robots.

These devices are a valuable ally to maintain the grass of the garden taken care of without any effort and, along with irrigation controllers WiFi, represent the ideal option for those who want to automate everyday actions required by their outdoor spaces.

Best robot mower 2020

Below is a list of the best mowing robots 2020:

Husqvarna Automower 430x

lifting Sensors (cutter block)

lifting Sensors (cutter block)

lifting Sensors (cutter block)

lifting Sensors (cutter block)

lifting Sensors (cutter block)

Husqvarna Automower 430x

lifting Sensors (cutter block)

Worx Landroid WR130E: the best cheap robot mower

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

We begin our review of the best mower robot with one of the most popular models on the market and economic, as well as best-selling in its category on Amazon. Let’s talk about Worx Landroid WR130E, a definitely economic model, but can offer excellent performance in relation to its price.

Suitable for small gardens (300 square meters), Landroid WR130E is an automatic robot that offers the ability to manage up to four different work areas. Completely plug – & – play, it is sold already programmed and ready for use.

You then simply unpack, place it on the lawn and the robot starts to mow the lawn for you.

The supported slope is up to 27%, which corresponds to about 15 degrees. Therefore, it is also perfectly suitable for steep and steep terrain. Moreover, it is equipped with infrared sensors able to detect and circumvent obstacles on the path of the mower.

With built-in WiFi module, it can be managed remotely via the dedicated app. From this, you can program the operation, but also select your finger on the lawn area to be cut.

Very interesting the battery to the interchangeable lithium PowerShare 20V, which can be disconnected from the robot lawn mower and Worx used with another device (for example, an electric saw compatible).

Also available models for larger gardens: 500 m, 700 m, 1000 m, 1500 m and 2000 m.

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Worx Lawn Mower Robot Garden Landroid WR130E, Lawnmowers Electric …

McCulloch Rob R600

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Certainly, one of the best lawnmower robot is now McCulloch R600. Of American origin, the brand now belongs to Husqvarna AB group, industry leaders and well-known name in the smart gardening.

The strong point of this product is the quality / price ratio. The robot mower is intended for medium-large sized gardens, up to 600 m2. Suitable for soils with an inclination up to 25%, this model is equipped with a shaving system with 3 precise and efficient blades.

Like most of robotic lawn mowers, McCulloch R600 works after installing the perimeter cable. From the point of view of autonomy, it guarantees an average of 65 minutes of continuous work, before automatically reposition itself at its charging station (50 minutes required for restart).

Among the best from the point of view of noise (58dB), the mower robot works perfectly even in the rain, due to its resistance against weathering (class IPX4). Presents the security system with PIN and an alarm in case of lifting, as well as the blocking of the blades in the event of rollover.

For larger lawns recommend the model McCulloch Rob R1000, ideal for areas up to 1000 m2 (link below).

Bosch Indego 350

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

We continue our review of the best mower robot with a brand of reference in gardening / DIY sector. Let’s talk about Bosch and Indego model 350.

As the name suggests, the automatic lawn mower is suitable for small and medium-size lawns, up to 350 m2. The most distinctive feature of this mower robot navigation Logicut, considering that the shape and size of the lawn, will automatically calculate the most efficient route, remembering the already completed areas (stores the cut each time session).

Most notable AUTO calendar function is to place the boundary wire and start it up and, after mapping, will recommend a mowing / calendar program based on grass (you can still experiment yourself).

Excellent noise (64 dB), while the autonomy is improvable (45mins). However, acceptable if it relates the charging time (45 minutes). Once the battery is depleted, the robot will return to base to recharge.

In addition, it is resistant to rain and is equipped with multiple anti-obstacle sensors. As the pattern seen previously, it is equipped with PIN code to discourage theft and mulching (not collect the grass but sminuzzera them on the lawn, using them as fertilizer).

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe is another of the best mower on the market. Technologically very advanced this lawnmower robot is plug & play: simply remove it from the box, press a button and the device will start to cut the grass.

Its patented sensor for grass recognition, in fact, allow the product to fully understand and automatically go to where in shaving, without the need to install any perimeter wire.

Therefore, it is useful if you intend to use the device on the lawns. It is a robot lawn mower suitable for special needs: specifically, for owners of small gardens (up to 200 m2) and requires quick and easy installation for immediate use.

The sensors are definitely the main selling point. The ZGS (Zucchetti Grass Sensor) are in fact designed to recognize the turf and understand if, at a given point, the grass is already cut. In this case, the robot will automatically reduce their energy consumption, thereby increasing their autonomy and reducing wear.

Ben also realized the “precipice” sensor, built to prevent overturning and falling. To close the circle, even the anti-collision sensors work in an optimal manner.

The four powerful driving wheels make it a product very versatile and suitable for all uses: the robot is able to walk with steps or rough terrains, with a permissible slope of 50%, failing to provide excellent shaving performance.

The only flaw of this robot is the lack of automatic recharging: in fact does not have a charging base. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can manage it via the Remote app Ambrose, despite not allow programming.

Husqvarna Automower 430x

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Husqvarna Automower 430x

For those who have a high budget, one of the best mower on the market it is certainly Husqvarna Automower 430x. Very robust, it is capable of covering large areas (up to 3200 m2) and with important gradients (has been tested with excellent results even in excess of 40% gradients).

In contrast to other models available on the market, this robot lawn mower is a really smart product. Assisted by an accurate GPS system, the robot is able to completely map the garden, in order to optimize performance during subsequent shaving sessions.

The 430x automatically regains its charging station when the battery is low. The charging time is really short (less than an hour) and provides up to 145 minutes. Other valuable features are definitely the noise level (only 58 db) and the excellent mulching ability.

From the point of view of safety, the robot mower Husqvarna Automower® 430x has supplied lifting sensors, which block the blades in case of tipping of the appliance. In addition, it offers the possibility to block PIN to prevent theft.

The mower, as well as via the control panel integrated in the product, is controllable via app, for a remote management apparatus. This also presents a geofencing function, with which you can verify that the robot path, either through heat map that linear path.

The best robot mower professional level whose only “sin” is not exactly cheap price. However its performance justify every euro spent. Besides, this is a purchase that can last 15-20 years.

Best Robot Mower 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Robot mower Bestsellers

Below is a list of the best lawnmower robot best sellers on Amazon:

What is a robot mower

A lawnmower robot is a device that automatically adjusts the size and lawn for you.

These devices are powered by electricity and have a rechargeable battery. Precise and silent, these robots are able to work even on the most difficult terrain or with steep slopes.

In addition, with the integrated GPS system, the mower robots are able to completely map the garden, in order to improve their performance over time.

How does an automatic lawnmower

Operation of a lawnmower robot is really simple. Just charge the battery, program the device and run it. The garden robot will automatically move back and forth, keeping the grass at the right height. Obviously, the product is not sold individually, but as part of a real gardening DIY system comprising:

The perimeter wire demarcates the robot workspace

Robot lawn mower: they really work?

The question that arises is: “if you buy a robot lawn mower, I can forget to mow the lawn”? The answer is absolutely yes. The best mower robots are in fact a concentrated technological, precise and high-performance.

You only have to choose how to program the product and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the uniformity of the cut. From the energy point of view also, they are highly efficient products and no pollution, given that, on the contrary of motor mower, using only electrical energy.

Of course, the level of satisfaction is directly proportional to the expectations on the product itself. For this, a little ‘research is needed to understand what are their needs and, therefore, the most suitable product to meet them.

How to choose the robot mower

Before analyzing the best mower on the market, we see what are the features you need to consider before purchasing. As mentioned earlier, you need to understand their needs in order to avoid buying a product from the cost not just content so impulsive and, in hindsight, unintelligent.

Garden size

“How big is the work area of ​​my robot mower potential”? This is certainly the first question to ask before purchasing one of these devices.

In fact, vast surfaces (greater than 2000 to 2500 m2) require higher price range products, with a greater autonomy. On the contrary, for lawns from smaller areas, you can opt for goods at cheaper price points.

Other factors to be considered in relation to the size of the garden are of course the speed of the robot and the size of the blades.

Morphology of the land

Not all gardens are equal. For a small garden prvo or gentle slopes, you can opt for standard models, not so pretentious. If, however, your garden has steep areas with slopes greater than 30 degrees, we’ll want more resistant models and preferably four-wheel drive.

In addition, the most advanced products, have a safety system that locks the blades in case of the robot tipping. so useful function in case of difficult terrain.

Same goes for sensors able to detect irregularities in the soil. Obviously, the scope of these features make up the price, but they are necessary for user experience that will not disappoint the expectations. Moreover, several gardens require different robot mower.

Grass cutting and mulching

And the grass clippings? This is another question that might arise spontaneously before buying a lawnmower robot. Among products with or without bag for collecting grass cut, our advice is to opt for a third way: the best lawnmower robot, in fact, have the mulching.

For newcomers to the industry, the mulching is to cut, chop the grass and spread it on the lawn, without thus collect it in a sack. The benefits of this cutting mode are undeniable: grass clippings act as fertilizer for your lawn, making it greener and durable.


Most of the best robot mower is programmable. You can then decide at what time it started and during the days of the week. This feature is of course very useful in the event of your absence: the lawn will not grow wild, but will remain always perfectly groomed and mowed.

Enhanced smart

Some robotic lawn mowers integrate a WiFi module and are therefore manageable remotely via smartphone.

Robot mower connected

Thanks to a dedicated app, it will be possible to program the operation of the device, to change the main settings, etc..


Consider the charging is crucial. There are two types of robots: automatic and semiautomatic. The former are able to autonomously head towards the base of charging when the battery is low. The latter, by contrast, require your intervention to be moved to the loading station.

Robot mower on its charging station

Obviously automowers robots are advantageous from the comfort point of view: you do not have to think about anything, the robot will load and restart to mow the lawn in an independent manner.

The latter, however, are a great choice if your garden consists of several separate areas, perhaps by paths that are perceived as obstacles by the robot. In these cases, you might as well opt for the model with multi-zone option. Again, it is good to evaluate what kind of garden the robot will have to take care.

Best robot mower: frequently asked questions

How does a robot lawn mower?

Just charge the battery, program the device and run it. The garden robot will automatically move back and forth, keeping the grass at the right height. Automatic models will return themselves to the charging base.

How to choose the mower?

To choose the mower you must consider several factors. Among the main, of course, there are the size and morphology of the garden, which necessarily influence the choice of the best model for your needs. For a complete overview of the factors to consider before purchasing, read our guide above.

How much does a robot lawn mower?

The price of the lawnmower robot ranges from a few hundred to several thousand Euros of top models. Obviously, to affect the price there are several factors, such as for example the autonomy, the presence of driving wheels, the security system, the presence or absence of the guide wire and perimeter wire, etc.

What are the best brands of robotic lawn mower?

There is no single answer to this question. In fact, we need to consider the personal needs and budget. Among the top brands we include: Worx, Zucchetti, Husqvarna, Gardenia, Bosch, McCulloch, etc.