Best Robot Floor Cleaners Guidance And Comparison

Best robot floor cleaners 2020 guidance and comparison

In this guide to the best floor washing robot in 2020, we will provide short reviews of the best models on the market and some tips on how to choose the right product for your needs.

A floor cleaning robot is a device able to wash the floor for us, it raises us to be a tedious and often long work and rag mop. We should then see the purchase as a kind of investment, of which the gain is measured in terms of time.

Best robot floor cleaners 2020

Below is a list of the best floor cleaning robot of the moment:

Some have dedicated cleaning function, others are robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner hybrid:

Here is a comparison of the models we’re going to review:

Best robot floor cleaners

Up to 3 hours (120 minutes washing)

Best robot floor cleaners

Up to 3 hours (120 minutes washing)

If you would like more information about the operation and the characteristics of these products, in the second part of the guide you will find a discussion.

iRobot Braava 390T: the best robot floor cleaners 2020 with dedicated function

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

We begin our review of the best floor washing robot with a label that can be defined now historic in the industry.

iRobot is the brand that most of all he was successful in our collective imagination with regard to the robot vacuum cleaner. Braava 390T, certainly confirms this as the top brand in the industry.

The product is very small and light, so easy to carry from room to room.

It has two modes of operation, dry (Swipe) and wet (Mop), both selectable with the intuitive interface present on the product itself.

In the first case the floor cleaning robot may cover up to 75 square meters and will move in a linear manner, along parallel lines. In this mode, the Braava 390T has a range of up to 4 hours.

In Mop mode, however, the robot will follow the vectorial curves and will be able to cover about 35 square meters lines, with an autonomy reduced to 2 hours.

One of the main characteristics of the Braava 390T and that makes this product one of the floor cleaning robot best on the market, is definitely the environmental NorthStar mapping technology, which allows him to move optimally between the various obstacles.

A real GPS system, helped by cubic infrared technology positioned in various corners of the house (you can buy additional to increase coverage).

Another plus point is definitely the possibility of using the normal disposable cloths can be purchased at the supermarket without being forced to buy expensive dedicated shoes.

Very quiet and very good for parquet, floor washing robot that is one of the most loved and sold in the category on Amazon.

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

iRobot Braava 390T Lavapavimenti 2 in 1: Dry Cleaning and Wet …

For smaller homes would also recommend the cheaper alternative iRobot Braava Jet 240.

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

iRobot 240 Braava Jet – Floor Washing Robot 3 in 1, Suitable for bathrooms …

Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max: the best vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning robot

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

The Roborock S5 Max, officially launched at the end of 2019, is, according to the editorial, the robot vacuum cleaner and better lavapavimenti commercially (therefore, is a hybrid).

This robot vacuums and washes contemporanenamente thanks to the large pan of water (290ml) already integrated: just insert only the supplied cloth. They are guaranteed 120 minutes washing (an apartment of 200 square meters). With regard to the aspiration, the power is about 2000 pa and the container of 460ml powder. The overall range is about 3 hours and the intelligent charging enables the robot to return to the base and charging only what is necessary to finish the job.

Equipped with a 32-bit quad-core processor and 14 sensors, it is able to provide an accurate mapping of all the rooms, including objects and obstacles. The result is a smart navigation and ultra-efficient.

The entire management of the device is via the app or app Xiaomi Home Roborock. After cleaning, you’ll find the app the entire map of your home, expertly designed by Roborock, which will use it for future cleaning sessions.

You can also choose to clean certain areas than others, selecting them easily from your smartphone. Not only that, the user can choose the areas where it is forbidden to wash but allowed the aspiration, as well as choose the amount of water to be used.

Overall, this is a great choice for those looking for an all-in-one. If you want to know more, also read the review / guide Max of Roborock S5.

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Intelligent Control …

Zaco V5S iLife Pro: the best vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning robot economic

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

Consider Zaco V5S Pro (iLife) the best robot hybrid economic scrubber.

It is a robot vacuum cleaner with water tank (separate in this case), with a very attractive price (is located around 200 €), which combines ease of use with impressive performance.

Unlike Roborock, it is a basic product that does not present environments mapping capabilities; its action will be more “random.” Also this version does not provide WiFi and control app.

The excellent range and compact design (very thin) but will allow a cleaning of (almost) the whole home.

At the end of the cycle, that is the suction or cleaning, the robot automatically returns to its charging base.

To switch to the scrubber function, you will need to replace the reservoir for dirt with the one for the water and apply the cloth provided on the lower part of the product.

As a result, you will have to wait for the robot vacuum cleaner to finish his work, let him make a little pit stop, and start it in the floor cleaning mode.

Less comfortable, then the Roborock, but very effective performance. ILife (the old name by which the company) was known has become synonymous with good quality / price ratio.

Best Robot Floor Cleaners 2020 Guidance And Comparison

Zaco V5sPro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Water Tank, Robot …

The company has recently launched a smart app with version control, Zaco V5x (nessario will probably wait for compatibility with screen readers).

Zaco V5x Robot Vacuum Cleaner with cleaning function, App & Alexa

Proscenic 830T: robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner from the best quality / price

If you want a smart hybrid robot, the Proscenic 830T could be the product that’s right for you.

Since the price lower than the Roborock Xiaomi, this option is definitely considered one of the best floor cleaning robot, at least as far as the quality / price ratio.

Connected to WiFi home, it is fully manageable by app, via smartphone, of course, also remotely. The app is in Italian and is very simple and intuitive, although there are some small errors in translation and sometimes the connection may be unstable.

It will be therefore possible to program the robot or restrict its radius of action.

The robot is round and small in size, therefore, very agile in their movements. Includes mapping, presents fall and antiostacolo sensors.

The Proscenic 830T has supplied a water tank 350ml, which moistens the cloth in contact with the floor surface.

In order to activate the scrubber function, it will be necessary to replace the powder container with this pan.

Through the app you can even select the amount of water to be used during cleaning sessions to suit your needs (there are three predefined levels).

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Proscenic 830T with APP & Alexa, Scrubbers …

iRobot Braava Jet M6: the robot floor cleaners top of the range

And we close the selection of the best floor washing robot with a top of the range. Announced in May 2019, it is a very advanced device.

Not surprisingly, the price is still prohibitive for many (of € 699 list price), especially if we consider that it is a robot that only has the function of washing and not suction.

From compact and square-shaped design (called maximized-Edge design), can clean with accurate angles and difficult areas (along the walls or under the furniture).

E ‘can choose the washing (and hence cloth) Dry (in this case uses the electrostatic force) or water. As the Braava Jet 240, thanks to the Precision Jet Spry, throws water in a precise manner, being able to dissolve and remove the most stubborn dirt.

Equipped with the intelligent mapping Imprint, the Jet M6 is able to store your entire house, giving the possibility to choose which rooms to clean and when.

In addition, it is able to charge automatically when the battery is running low, and return to work later.

One of the most acclaimed features is the possibility, thanks to technology Imprint links, to communicate and work in synergy with the robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba and the s series (Roomba + i7 and the new S9 +).

Therefore, the app will be possible to program the combined cleaning: once the robotic vacuum cleaner has finished, the floor cleaning robot will start washing. When finished, the user will receive a notification.

Popular Robot floor cleaner

Here for any floor cleaning robot most popular online:

What is a floor washing robot and what is the difference with a robot vacuum cleaner

The floor cleaning robots are not to be confused with the robot vacuum cleaner. The latter, in fact, are veritable automatic vacuum cleaner equipped with rotating brushes, while the first wash our floors with a cloth, dry or dampened depending on the type of product and the selected operating mode.

Robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners are therefore two complementary products which, combined together, are able to save us time, keeping our house always clean.

In addition, there are hybrids, or of products capable of vacuuming and washing the floors simultaneously.

Features of an automatic floor washing robot

After reviewing what the best floor cleaning robots on the market, let’s step back. We have seen that there are different floor cleaning robot, belonging to different price ranges.

To understand better which of these bearings, it is necessary to fully understand the features and capabilities, in order to purchase more just go for your needs.

A key feature to consider is undoubtedly the washing mode.

Dry wash

It is robots that wash the floors using a non-dampened cloth, able to remove surface dust and polishing floors. This feature is also found in some robotic vacuum cleaner, suitably equipped with accessories such as microfibre cloths and pewter and that use electrostatic energy to remove dust.

Dry wet

In this case, we are talking about robots with a clean water tank floors. Allow it to wash the floors with a damp cloth, with or without detergent. This is the natural evolution of the products above. Many robots (v. Roomba Braava 390T or Roomba Braava Jet M6) have both functions for a cleaning both dry and wet.

Robot washes and dries

These products have two separate reservoirs, one for clean water (which moistens the cloth) and one for the dirty water that is literally sucked by the robot. Allow the contemporary drying / washing.

Hybrids: yes or no?

If you are looking for a comprehensive product, or a robot able to think about the cleaning from A to Z, some options can play a dual role: the vacuum cleaner and floor washing robots are available.

Obviously, the price in this case stands up considerably and the benefits are not always comparable to those of products dedicated to a single function.

However, the time saved and convenience are points to keep strongly into consideration and also the technological level reached by some models is truly amazing.

A complete cycle of a cleaning robot vacuums and washes consists of several phases:

How to choose the best robot floor cleaners

Although the offer is less extensive than the category of robot vacuum cleaner, this has several models in various price ranges, with different characteristics and functions.

Before purchasing, it is therefore necessary a bit ‘of preparation, in order to avoid buying a floor cleaning robot not suitable to its own type of dwelling.

Much like the robot vacuum cleaner, there are several factors to consider. Being products sometimes quite expensive, so it is advisable to ask questions that will help you understand better what you really need the product.

How big is my house?

Obviously, one of the first factors to be taken into consideration before purchase of a floor cleaning robots are the size of their home.

These, in fact, are closely related to the autonomy of the battery of our potential acquisto.Una smaller home, of course, requires more limited autonomy and, therefore, also a saving on investment.

Conversely, if the house is sizable (over 80-90mq) it is advisable to opt for models with extended autonomy. Of course, the battery life is not the only characteristic to be assessed as a function of the size of the house.

The automatic charging capability is very good indeed for larger homes and requiring more cleaning sessions (we would not see us ever in the situation to return home and find the unloading robot in the middle of the room, with two or three room even to wash!) .

Another feature is definitely the charging time: longer times are short, the more likely that the robot floor cleaners terms of cleaning the same day.

What type of flooring I?

Not all floors are identical. There are indeed floors “easy” to clean, as smooth and without irregularities, requiring less attention and less pretentious products.

In this case, you could also opt for a hybrid robot, that is, a vacuum cleaner and floor cleaning robot.

On the contrary, others are definitely more difficult and require a product of a higher level, that is able to recognize the type of floor and modulate their operation accordingly. Obviously with the appended excellent washing functions.

In these cases, we recommend to opt for more “premium” and equip yourself with two distinct robot products, one for the vacuum cleaner function and one for the scrubber function.

Similarly, it should make sure that the chosen robot is suitable to the floor if this requires special care, such as parquet.

I have pets with fur?

Our four-legged friends are adorable, but unfortunately lose hair all the time, often thwarting efforts to keep shining forever home.

To overcome this problem, we recommend you opt for dedicated products, and then a vacuum cleaner robot able to recognize the type of dirt (in this case the hairs) and a floor cleaning robot to join him.

In this case in fact, the hybrid products may not be sufficient, presenting more “basic” functions of washing compared to dedicated products.

What shape is my home? How many pieces of furniture and sofas?

These two questions are equally important before purchasing a floor washing robot.

If the dwelling presents obstacles (furniture, sofas, tables, chairs) you will have to opt for a medium to high-end model that can map your internal (such as, for example, Roborock s50).

In contrast, opting for a model without this feature, you will have to clear the field to the robot.

Not really convenient, since the main reason the purchase was just “not thinking about it anymore.”

The same applies to the shape of your own home. A house with different angles may require a product with more square shape (such as the Braava Jet M6), able to graze perfectly the walls and arrive in all angular shape spaces.

Finally, the presence of different furniture and sofas definitely requires a product with reduced size and not too thick (less than 10 cm), can easily pass under the furniture.

If you search more intelligent products for the maintenance of the house and the garden or to facilitate everyday activities, even by a look at the guide on the best cordless electric brooms, on the best mowing robots, robot best kitchen and best planetary.

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