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Uninterruptible Power Supplies: the best of 2020 (comparison)

Best Of  (Comparison)

In this guide we take care of the best UPS 2020 uninterruptible.

With the increasing number of electrical devices (either automation or not), in the home, the UPSs have become very popular products.

In fact, these are able to ensure electrical continuity of power supply in case of blackout and protect electrical equipment from power surges, which may cause serious damage to hardware. PC, consoles, security cameras and much more: a UPS is a valuable ally to preserve these devices.

This guide will compare with short reviews, the best UPS on the market, while in the second part of the article will deepen the factors to consider before buying a UPS.

Best UPS uninterruptible

Below is a list of the best on the market UPS uninterruptible power:

Tecnoware ERA PLUS 750 VA

APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400U-GR

4x Shuko, 1 Ie C13, An, cormorants SB

Tecnoware ERA PLUS 750 VA

4x Shuko, 1 Ie C13, An, cormorants SB

APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400U-GR

Tecnoware ERA PLUS 750 VA

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)

We start our selection of the best of UPS with an economical option, but who can satisfy a wide section of the public: Tecnoware ERA PLUS, in its 750 VA version. This UPS Line interactive with electronic stabilization circuit AVR, has extremely compact and can be easily positioned a little ‘everywhere.

Fairly quiet, it is suitable for a plurality of products as a modem, switch, computer, cordless, IP cameras, etc. Unfortunately presents only two sockets for the connection of up to two devices. It is therefore a suitable option for those not sophisticated, but is looking for a reliable and great value for money.

If the power from 750 VA is not enough for your needs, you can opt for the most powerful versions, up to 2600 VA.

APC Back-UPS ES 700

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)

We continue our selection of the best of UPS APC, leading brand in the industry, and its Back-UPS ES 700 model.

This online UPS is one of the most popular in the category and among the top sellers on Amazon. It has 8 Shuko sockets, including 4 with battery backup and surge protection and 4 only with overvoltage protection.

More massif pattern seen earlier, this UPS provides a range of about 10 minutes. In addition, the product is also suitable for the protection of devices with a telephone line (cordless, fax, routers), as has inputs dedicated to telephony.

VulTech UPS1500VA-PRO

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)

Among the best UPS on the market is definitely VulTech 1500VA PRO. This line interactive UPS has Shuko 4 inputs, 1 IEC13, USB interface and two inputs for LAN devices such as modems and fax machines.

Thanks to the LCD screen is possible to monitor a number of parameters such as battery charge level, autonomy and tensions, both incoming and outgoing. Moreover, thanks to the USB port, you can connect the UPS to your PC and manage it through this.

Also excellent service email notifications regarding the operating status of the UPS. perfect option for those looking for a product with excellent performance and not too high price.

APC Back-UPS BX – BX1400U-GR

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)

We continue our review of the best of UPS with one of the most popular models: APC Back-UPS BX1400u GR. Available in two versions: one with Shuko sockets and the other with IEC outputs.

This product has a power of 1400 VA (700 W) and is of the interactive type line, with integrated AVR circuit for stabilizing the voltage.

Suitable for a variety of electrical devices including the console for gaming, is equipped with a small LED display that indicates the status of operation of the product. Finally, this UPS also offers the possibility via PC management.

APC Smart-UPS – SMC1500I

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)

We close the selection of the best UPS with a top of the category: APC Smart UPS -SMC1500I. This UPS provides a perfect sine wave output and is also recommended for most professional applications, as it reflects the highest safety standards in the industry.

The pure wave shape also ensures a greater durability and reliability, necessitating the very high price. It has 8 IEC outputs, USB interface (possible via PC management) and LAN input.

On the front is a display that allows an intelligent management of the battery, with the possibility of receiving the notification message when it needs replacing

Product chosen by many companies and advised by IT companies. Also available the “Rack” version, from the flat shape.

Most popular UPS

Here is the updated list of the best of UPS best sellers on Amazon:

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)
Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Best Of 2020 (Comparison)

What is a UPS or UPS

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a product that guarantees the continuity of power supply to alternating current to other devices, even in case of black-out, problems and temporary power surges.

So, it is a veritable strip can act as an electricity subsidy, useful to avoid loss of data while you are working at your computer, or to keep active WiFi connection and, therefore, all connected products to her.

There is not surprising that thanks to the growth of the smart home market and home automation devices, these products are experiencing their peak of popularity. For example, just think of an IP camera or an anti-theft wireless home: a sudden power failure could “unplug”, making it impossible to be notified in case of break-in attempt.

But not only. In fact, lightning or sudden interruption of electricity will damage your products. The UPS, thanks to their work, stabilize the alternating electric current and providing “clean” connected to the electric appliance, effectively protecting it from dangerous power surges.

As we know, prevention is always preferable to treatment and the advance purchase of a UPS may be one of the best investments to preserve their expensive electrical equipment.

How does a UPS

Before we delve into what are the criteria to be taken into account when purchasing a UPS, you should do some ‘clarity about how a UPS. On the market there are both professional models for domestic use, but we can say that both macrofamilies have the same components and principles of operation. In the case:

The principle of operation of a UPS is quite simple. As long as this is connected to electricity, batteries store energy. As soon as the power surge occurs (for example during a thunderstorm), the UPS comes into action after a few milliseconds, keeping switched on the connected device. Usually, the “commercial” UPS does not go beyond the 10 minutes of battery life. However, this time interval is certainly sufficient to rescue their work, allowing to safely shut down the appliance.

Why buy an uninterruptible power supply

The benefits of buying an uninterruptible power supply or UPS are easy to enumerate. Obviously, the first advantage lies in the protection of the connected electrical appliances. Earlier we talked about computers and products for the smart home, but applications can be varied: router modem, game console, TV and so on. In the workplace, UPSs are used to protect equipment such as servers, in order to avoid irreparable damage that could result in serious consequences.

The other advantage of the UPS is in the stabilization of the alternating current input. In fact, the uninterruptible power supply “cleans” the electric current on the input, providing it completely stabilized and devoid of voltage fluctuations, in the form of pure sine wave. This occurs by the EMI filters that, with this action, prevent possible hardware damage caused by too long swings.

How to choose an uninterruptible power supply


In the market there are three major families UPS: offline, online and line interactive. Each of these corresponds to different characteristics and price ranges. Of course, you need to assess what are their needs and relate them to the available budget, in order to orient themselves on the purchase of the best UPS for their own needs.

For this reason, you should do before a bit ‘preliminary research and have clear which and how many products will be connected to the UPS.

The offline UPS are the cheapest and most widely. They do not have an EMI filter system and, therefore, do not guarantee the stabilization of the current in the event of voltage surges on the power line, as the input current directly supplies the connected devices. The reaction time of these UPS is generally attests between 5 and 10 seconds.

Best of UPS are defined online or double conversion. These are definitely the most expensive and, for this reason, even the less common in homes. As the name suggests, this type of product with the electric current is converted twice.

The first time in the entrance, when the alternating current coming from the mains is converted into continues to recharge the battery.

The second output from the battery, when it is converted back into alternating current.

Thanks to the double conversion UPS of this type are constantly “online” and the drive time at the time of power failure is practically equal to 0.01 milliseconds. In other words, there is no latency between the time of the blackout and that of the drive unit, thereby ensuring the continuity of supply.

In contrast, these UPS are generally larger (often approaching the size of a PC) and a greater consumption.

The line interactive UPS is a middle ground between online and offline and are the best choice for the value for money. These products have an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), which filters the current by adjusting dips, interruptions or voltage surges.

Upon the occurrence of one of these events, the integrated inverter activates the batteries in a range between 5 and 10 milliseconds.


Another factor to consider before purchasing the best of UPS is the power. In fact, according to the devices to be connected, it will be necessary to evaluate the supported power, or expressed in watts (W) and Volt-Ampere (VA).

In other words, if we need to connect different devices, the total wattage of these must not exceed the maximum supported indicated the UPS itself.

There are different units to express the capacity of a UPS. In the case:

To calculate the actual wattage starting from the apparent power, it is necessary to multiply the value in volt-ampere for the power factor.

The latter is equal to 0.9 for the active PFC models and 0.6 for those passive PFC, where the PFC indicates the power supply power factor correction, a technology capable of reducing unnecessary consumption and dissipation of power. When the PFC is active, the reduction is significantly higher and is therefore demand less power from the UPS, making it a preferable choice.

Wave Type

As anticipated, a UPS is able to stabilize and clean up the input current from power surges and voltage drops. The current, filtered by the EMI filter, is delivered to the appliance in the form of electric wave.

The wave can be of three types: square, Stepped approximation to sine and pure sine. The latter is the best, because it is able to preserve the most of the electrical equipment, reducing to a minimum the dangerous power surges.

However, the UPS can supply pure sine wave are on average more expensive than other products in its class.


A fundamental aspect to consider before buying an uninterruptible power supply is the type of available inputs. Indeed, it is necessary to evaluate which devices connected to the UPS and shall be deemed to orientate on a product that allows the connection (otherwise you will have to resort to the use of adapters). The most common input types are:

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: Prices

How much does an uninterruptible power supply? The price of these products varies greatly and, depending on the type and characteristics, it can vary from several tens to several hundreds of euro.

How much to spend it is strongly dictated by the needs and the use you intend to make the device, for example sporadic or more professional level.