Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

Best Hoverboard: what and how to choose? (comparison)

In this guide to the best hoverboard 2020 will compare the best models on the market and will provide a comprehensive look at how to choose the model that best suits your needs.

The micro-electric mobility is an ever evolving phenomenon and promises to change the face of our cities. To prove it, the recent bonus on electric mobility, giving entitlement to reimbursement of an amount up to 500 € for the purchase of an electric bike, electric scooter, a monowheel or, indeed, a hoverboard.

These devices, also called self-balance scooter (self-balancing electric scooter), skateboard or skateboard self-balancing two-wheeled, had a popularity boom, which has seen them spread quickly. As with the Segways and unicycles, it is expected to arrive soon charimenti about the regulatory situation, even a bit ‘confused.

The market, although young, can be defined already mature and full of valid options. Below you can find some of these reviews.

Best hoverboard 2020

Here is the list of the best hoverboard of the moment:

TwoDots Glyboard Corse Lamborghini

Ninebot by Segway MiniPro 320

TwoDots Glyboard Corse Lamborghini

Ninebot by Segway MiniPro 320

RCB electric scooter: best economic hoverboard

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

We begin our review with what can be considered the best economic hoverboard in circulation, as well as one of the best sellers on Amazon: the RCB electric scooter.

This hoverboard with 6.5 “wheel a total power of 700W, reaches a maximum speed of 15 Km / h and is able to overcome slopes up to 15 degrees. The maximum speed reached is obviously influenced by the road conditions and the weight of the driver (maximum supported weight: 120 kg).

It equipped with Bluetooth, integrated speaker that can play music tracks (control via smartphone). The wheels are laterally equipped with colored LEDs that, in addition to enrich the aesthetics, improve visibility during evening hours. The LEDs can be easily changed via the control app.

The battery provides about 15-20 Km of autonomy, while a full charge takes about 2 hours and a half to be completed. A hoverboard suitable for both children (minimum supported weight: 20 kg) and adults, combining competitive price to a good level of functionality and usability bad.

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

RCB Electric Scooter 6.5-Inch Bluetooth LED on Wheels …

BEBK: best hoverboard Children

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

Bebk is widely regarded as the best hoverboard for children, although it is a product that stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio.

As the RCB pattern seen previously, this also presents wheels from 6.5 “a dual engine 350W, which ensures a maximum speed of 12 Km / h. Not the highest, it is true, but this also makes the vehicle extremely safe and suitable for children.

The lighting system is placed on the front side, while the load capacity is equal to 100 Kg. Depending on the weight of the driver, the hoverboard Bebk can also overcome slopes greater than 20 degrees.

The battery from 20000 MAh guarantees about 20 Km total autonomy (2 hours for a full recharge of the battery).

The hoverboard Bebk is sold in 15 different colors is not difficult to find the one that comes closest to your own tastes.

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

BEBK Hoverboard Specials 6.5 “Children Overboard Certification …

Nilox Doc Plus Off Road: hoverboard best off road – off road

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

If you are looking for a bit ‘of adrenaline, you can opt for a hoverboard for off-road or off-road. Among the models available on the market, stands Nilox Doc Plus Off Road.

Compared to the basic version Nilox Doc Plus, the variant offers off road wheels with greater diameter (8 “) and a more massive structure, which makes him buy 1 Kg weight.

The table is driven by two motors from a total power of 700W and the maximum speed is 10 Km / h. A low-value, which however makes the gadget very safe to use.

The road holding is excellent, but it is on dirt and grass that the electrical hoverboard Nilox gives the best of itself, proving to be more than suitable for the purpose for which it was designed: the off-road. The maximum uphill slope is 15 degrees.

Autonomy is the average of the hoverboard in this price range, which is 20 Km. Of course, this will vary depending on several factors. A path off-road, for example, most will impact on battery consumption, because the motor will be brought to work harder to easily meet the roughness of the terrain.

TwoDots Glyboard Corse Lamborghini (Lamborghini hoverboard)

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

TwoDots Glyboard Corse Lamborghini, from the most known as the hoverboard Lamborghini is a device that combines beautiful design with top performance.

This self-balance scooter mount two motors 400W each, which guarantee maximum speed of 15 Km / h. The headlights are fitted front and rear and are reminiscent, in form, those of the supercar of the famous car brand.

Again, the hoverboard has an integrated speaker and Bluetooth connectivity. The settings are managed via the dedicated app.

The battery is fully recharged in less than 4 hours and provides a range of about 15 Km.

Ninebot by Segway MiniPro 320

Best Hoverboard: What And How To Choose? (Comparison)

We close the selection with a product that deviates from the traditional concept of hoverbard: Ninebot by Segway MiniPro 320.

Ninebot, producer of famous products for urban mobility, such as the Segway ES2 and monowheel ONE S1, is a highly reliable and offers a product quality above average.

It is not less than this Ninebot by Segway Mini Pro 320 that, unlike conventional models, presents a central drawbar which allows a better control of the vehicle and a greater stability. These bars can be replaced with longer patterns that make the hoverboard like a real segway. These features make it one of the best, if not the best hoverboard affordable.

The weight is 13 kg, so not very light, but can be transported via the convenient pull-out handle. When lit, the Ninebot automatically detect this mode and assecondera the movement, making it easier (and much) transport.

Through the app you can customize various settings and access the service. In addition, the command is available from the device remotely via smartphone.

It reaches a maximum speed of 18 Km / h and also guarantees a range of 30 Km. 3 hours in the time for a complete recharge.

Ninebot by Segway Minipro 320, anti theft, White

The most popular electric hoverboard

Below are the rankings of the best hoverboard the most popular time:

What is a hoverboard and how it works

The appearance of a hoverboard or self balanced scooter vaguely reminiscent of a skateboard and for this reason is wrongly called two-wheeled skateboard. However, the working mechanism is very different.

The hoverboard are in fact equipped with a built-in weight sensor, which sends signals to the electronic card and a gyroscope, which in turn, activate the vehicle engine. This axis shows the platform and allows the device to move and brake.

The technology, simple and futuristic at the same time, explains the name of self-balancing scooter. In fact, the action of the “engine balance” the inclination due to the shift in weight and this keeps the platform parallel to the road floor.

Normally, the weight sensor of the hoverboard is very sensitive and precise. This gives the scooter also respond immediately to the slightest movement of the driver. For example, by moving slightly the weight of the body towards the right, the hoverboard will move immediately in that direction. At first you need to do a little ‘practice, but after a little’ practice anyone is capable of controlling the car. In order to make changes, twirling and pirouetting, it will take rather more patience.

As mentioned, the regulation is still unclear and runs to Toninelli Decree of June 2019, which kicked off the trial. However, considering the bonus and the ever growing popularity, hopefully in the new upcoming measures.

Hoverboard: prices

The cost of a hoverboard varies depending on the model, and to the motor integrated batteries and other technical characteristics. The price range varies widely: there are products with a lower cost to € 100, while other devices even exceed 500 €.

On average, between 200 and € 300 are available and suitable products to a diverse audience: who wants to buy a hoverboard for fun or to move easily in the city, at this price you can find the right option.

For special requirements in terms of performance (eg models suited to off-road) or with performance top of the range, instead we must rise above € 400. Conversely, falling too low price, it is likely to run into products by the performance below average, which easily can disappoint the expectations or even present problems after a few uses of the product. Because of the way the safety of those on board (and people around), it should consider investing a few euro more for recognized brand and good reputation.

Best hoverboard brands

The market is composed of a wide plurality of different brands and brand, each of which is characterized by peculiar features and price ranges.

Among the most famous brand Nilox remember, i-Bike, TwoDots, Freeman, Ninebot, BEBK, RCB, Itekk. At cheaper price points there are different brands, mostly from China, whose reliability and compliance with European regulations are often questionable.

The advice is to be wary of products with low prices and invest a few euro more for proven and recognized quality.

How to choose a hoverboard

Structure and Design

A hoverboard is composed of a platform with two anti-slip footrest and two wheels by the variable diameter. The structure is very compact and lightweight (usually these devices do not exceed 12 kg in weight) and lends itself perfectly to also be transported on public transport, more than one folding electric bike, for example.

The wheels, as mentioned, have a variable diameter expressed in inches. Higher this value, the better the hoverboard stability and its ability to handle rough terrain like dirt. Some models have an LED light system mounted directly on the wheels, whose colors and animations can be customized through the dedicated app.

On the front (and often the back) are the LED headlights, required for operating the vehicle at night.

Some models are also an integrated audio system under the platform, to listen to your music when on the move.


The engine, as mentioned earlier, is the element that allows you to self-balance the hoverboard and, of course, to make it move and brake.

The engine of these devices must perform work “double” compared to, for example, an electric scooter. In fact, whenever the weight is shifted frame reverse, the engine will work to counteract the movement performing, in fact, the braking movement.

It follows that the nominal engine power of self-balance scooter engines is higher on average than that of other means of micro-electric mobility.

The hoverboard equipped with two engines that provide a total power of at least 700-800W. The engine power influences the speed, the ability to overcome steep slopes and the answer in braking.

Full speed

Most of the models on the market is struggling to easily exceed 15 Km / h, a lower peak velocity compared to other electrical means, but significantly higher than that of a brisk walk.

Although the touch speeds are not high, you should always wear a helmet and do not make use among people under 12 years.


Wheels with larger diameter to 8.5 “are suitable for off-road and over rough terrain, while a diameter of less than 6.5” is recommended for a younger audience and lightweight.

Max Supported Weight

The advice is to adhere to these guidelines to avoid failures and malfunctions of the device.


Appearance to be reckoned with is that of security. To ensure that the device is secure and compliant, it must have the necessary certifications. The most widespread in Europe and the United States is called UL 2272.

Battery and Autonomy

The battery of a hoverboard determines the mileage that can be covered with a single charge. Obviously, the calculation can not be objective and must necessarily take into account several aspects, including the speed, the weight of the driver and the road conditions.

Usually, hoverboard on the market that provide a range that can go from 10-12 km to 20-25 km in more advanced models, for up to two hours of continuous use.

Other functions

Some electric scooters self-balanced offer some features and additional features that can enhance the overall experience of use.

Among these, we remember the presence in some models of a Bluetooth audio speaker system is controlled directly via the app on your smartphone.

With the latter it is possible to monitor several parameters, such as the traveling speed and distance, but also customize some aspects such as lighting of the wheels.

The accessories and those purchased separately are not a fundamental criterion for selection, but could still affect the final choice.

Among the most appreciated, certainly a bag or reef line for transportation, adhesives and protections for the platform.

To hoverboard you can be fitted with a steering wheel frame and seat, which makes these devices real electric go-karts.

Frequently asked questions

How does a hoverboard?

The hoverboard moves according to the displacement of the weight of the driver. This is detected by some sensors, which send the pulse to a control board and a gyroscope. On the basis of the inclination of the table, the engine will provide the power needed to put in the hoverboard axis and, consequently, to move forward or backward the wheels.

How much do hoverboard?

The hoverboard have a price that can range from a hundred Euros, to over € 500 for the higher-end models. The advice is to avoid extremely inexpensive products, whose quality and compliance are often questionable. On average, between 200 € and 300 € you can find quality products.

Hoverboard: which to choose?

The hoverboard best choice for their needs should be guided by the use you intend to do in the middle and of course the available budget. On the market there are different models reliable and undoubted quality. For a selection, you can read our article above.

How to choose a hoverboard?

Factors to consider for purchasing a hoverboard are manifold. Among the most important: the maximum speed, the engine power, autonomy. For a complete overview, you can take a look at our guide above.