Best Folding Electric Bikes In : What And How To Choose?

Best folding electric bikes in 2020: what and how to choose?

In this guide to the best folding electric bikes, we will provide short reviews with pros and cons of each one of the best models of 2020, belonging to different price ranges.

In recent months we are seeing a real boom of the power and mobility in general, a new way of living green. Beside the bike, more and more people are considering alternative methods of transport such as electric scooters, hoverboard, Segways and electric single wheel. No wonder that the increment Decree also includes a bonus to encourage these media (more information about our deepening mobility bonus).

Best folding electric bikes in 2020

Here is the list of the best folding electric bikes of the moment:

Below is the comparison of these models:

25-30 km (100% electric mode)

25-30 km (100% electric mode)

As mentioned in our most general guide to the best electric bikes, it’s hard to make a selection that gives voice to all valid models. The range is wide (more of scooters, for example) and in terms of specifications that, consequently, the prices (there are e-bikes that cost thousands of Euros). The advice is to first understand the use you intend to make of the vehicle.

Gocycle GX: the most innovative folding electric bike

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

Gocycle is one of the most famous and trusted brand when it comes to bikes. It is a British company that stands out for its aesthetic elegance, 5 but especially for the construction and engineering quality of its products. We can consider his Gocycle GX one of the best, if not the best folding electric bike for the city of the moment.

It is a model with 20 “wheels decidedly premium, designed by former McLaren engineer Richard Thorpe, who submits an original structure able to bend in a few seconds. In fact, this e-bike is extremely portable and comfortable, ideal for those who want to put it in your car, carry it on public transport or for those who have not enough space for a traditional bike.

In addition to occupy little space, the Gocycle GX has a reduced weight (less than 18kg), thanks to the design designed in a smart way: it is made of magnesium and aluminum and presents the sprockets and the chain hidden inside the fork. An aesthetic choice that gives the bike a futuristic look, but also a functional choice: in this way in fact, the components are protected and do not get dirty.

The Gocycle GX has a front engine 250W has hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear), torque sensor and Shimano Nexus 3-speed (of course maximum 25km / h).

Much appreciated is the presence of a suspension on the back between the frame and the fork for greater comfort driving. The handlebars are a display with 5 LED lights that indicate the autonomy. For more features, you will need to use the app GocycleConnect, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

The lithium battery from 13.7 Ah (300Wh) is removable and hidden in the chassis and allows you to travel up to 65km with 7 hours of charging, of course depending on the road conditions, and to set user guide.

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

If the budget is not a problem (over € 5000), the Gocycle G3C is undoubtedly one of the most desired folding electric bikes and the best you could wish for. Compared to the GX, it is lighter (only 15.5 kg, carbon fiber frame) and has a greater range (up to 80 km, from 375Wh battery and the sun charging 4 hours). It also has a daytime front light, inspired by the one of the cars.

NCM London Plus

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

NCM is another well-known brand in the industry. Based in Germany, the company offers a number of electric bike models for different needs and price points. As for the more compact, it is worth noting among the best folding electric bikes NCM London Plus.

It is a folding with wheels 20 ‘and not from its low weight (about 25 kg), but by the quality / price ratio not bad, considering the specifications. Integra, in fact, a 648Wh battery that provides up to 130km of autonomy in eco mode (70-130km range). In addition, there is a USB port that allows charging of other devices (smartphones, etc.).

Service levels are 6, the engine is rear 250W and even in this case, as required by law, the maximum speed is 25 km / h. The NCM London + presents a Shimano 8-speed gearbox, hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear) and is equipped with lights and front and rear mudguards. In particular, the suspensions under the saddle guarantee a good comfort, even in the presence of holes on the path.

The design is elegant with an aluminum frame, seat and handlebar grips sintentica brown leather. On the back we find a small luggage rack. On the handlebar, there is a convenient LCD display where you can see various information about the route.

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

NCM London 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 19Ah 684 Wh …

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

NCM London 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 19Ah 684 Wh Black

If you want to save a few hundred Euros, even the standard version, the NCM London, is a viable alternative, with a less powerful battery (540Whm, up to 90km in eco mode), mechanical disc brakes and Shimano 7-speed.

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

NCM London 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 15Ah 540Wh …

Especially women will appreciate instead NCM NCM Paris and Paris Plus, with very similar specs but a low frame than the London model.

Best Folding Electric Bikes In 2020: What And How To Choose?

NCM Paris 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 15Ah 540Wh White

Silver Feather

Among the best folding electric bikes is also the Silver Feather (new model), the famous Italian company specialized in electric mobility. Even this e-bike has 20 “wheels (Kenda) and a compact design and a quick closing mechanism that makes it perfect for the city.

The aesthetic is pleasant and very special thanks to the colored rims (red or blue) in aluminum and black rays. This folding bike has an aluminum frame, a front suspension fork, mudguards and a luggage rack of the maximum capacity of 25 kg.

With a rear engine of 250W, the Silver Feather offers three levels of support, which you can choose directly from the LED display; This also allows you to view the status of the battery and turn on or off the front and rear LED lights. With front and rear mechanical disc brakes, a Shimano Tourney 7 speed.

The integrated battery is a Samsung from 375Wh with a USB port for charging smartphones or the like and allows to travel up to 70km, depending on driving conditions. The charging time is around 6 hours.

Much appreciated is the AXA insurance included (there is a good for the activation in the package) which covers up to € 5,000 in damages.

Silver Feather City Folding Electric Bicycle, Unisex Adult …

If you are willing to spend a few hundred euro more and you want the wheels fat, the Silver Bi Max is definitely one of the best folding electric bikes.

Although this model has an aesthetic particular: presents wheels 20 “but wider (4”), a frame with a spring shock absorber, a range up to 80km, 5 levels of assisted pedaling (rear engine 250W), exchange Shimano 7 speed and hydraulic disc brakes. Suitable especially if you are going to ride difficult trails or rough terrain.

Revoe Urban: the bike with small wheels designed for the city

If you are looking for a compact folding electric bike, lightweight and with small wheels, the Revoe Urban is an ideal solution for anyone who is appearing in this world and want a cheap and functional product. Even the assembly is quite simple since it is already mounted comes to 90%.

As the name suggests, it is a model specifically designed for the city. This bicycle has indeed 14 “wheels, a fairly low weight (less than 18kg) and an aluminum frame, and is perfect to be transported anywhere, especially on public transportation.

With an engine of 250W, the Revoe Urban presents V-brakes and drum, LED lights front / rear and fenders. The handlebars are an LCD display that shows the battery status information, the speed and distance traveled. From this you can choose one of three levels of assistance available (6 km / h, 15 km / h and 25 km / h).

Equipped with a lithium-ion LG 7.8Ah (removable), it provides about 40 km range. The charging time is around 4 hours.

i-Bike-Fold 20: better economic Folding Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a cheap folding electric bike, including the best point out the i-bike i-Fold 20. As Silver Bike, also the i-Bike is an Italian company specialized in electric mobility (produced, for example, even scooters ).

Even this model, with 20 “wheels, it is not among the lightest (24 kg) but has a structure quite handy and a convenient and quick closing mechanism.

The i-i-Fold bike has disc brakes, single exchange, a suspension fork and a brushless motor rear 250W. Using the handy LCD display, you can select three levels of care, so as to decide the type of engine you want to help

The integrated battery is 288Wh and provides about 30 km range. A charging takes about 6 hours.

Much appreciated the ability to recharge other devices through the appropriate USB port.

Fiido D3S: Best Chinese Folding Electric Bike

Fiido is a brand that in recent years has gained great popularity in the industry. His Fiido D3S is undoubtedly one of the best Chinese folding electric bikes, and tradition, has an excellent quality / price ratio.

Strengths of this e-bikes are the convenience and portability that make it attractive option for commuters. In fact, it is lightweight (18 kg) but resistant (aluminum frame) and presents but not too small wheels (16 “). These together with the motor, allow slopes up to 25 °. Although this is a compact bike, it has a good maximum flow rate (120 kg).

With an engine of 250W and a Shimano to 6 levels of speed, offers 3 levels of assistance: pedal mode (0% of electric force), moped / moped mode (50%) and electric mode (100%).

The Fiido D3S integrates a lithium battery 7.8Ah that allows you to travel 25-30km in electric mode and 40-60km in moped mode with a single charge (5 hours).

GoZheec FIIDO D3S Electric Folding Bike for Adults, 14 Inches …

The most popular folding electric bikes

Below is the ranking of the best electric bikes sold at:

How to choose a folding electric bike

Considering the considerable investment, the purchase of an e-bike takes some ‘preliminary research. Here is a brief overview on the factors to consider when purchasing, already seen in the general guide on pedal assisted bike.

For what and where you will use it?

As already mentioned, one of the first questions to be clarified before choosing an electric bike is the use you intend to make the medium. If you are looking for a folding, you probably want to use it in the city and looking for something compact to carry on transportation, by car and store in small spaces such as a basement or a balcony.

Depending on the type of terrain that you’ll want to go, you will need to search for the exact specifications. Big wheels (at least 20 “) tend to give more stability even on soils with holes, cobblestones and rises (asphalting not homogeneous, rails, etc.). If the paths are uneven or dirt, it will be better to focus on the so-called fat bikes that have a width of the upper wheels (from about 3.5 “onwards).

Bike with small wheels, however, are extremely easy to handle and suitable for example to move nimbly between the crowd and obstacles but tend to be less stable and “feel” much more than the road and its pitfalls. In fact most of these bikes has shock absorbers and suspension for greater comfort.

Similarly, if the path is uphill will need to make sure that the engine + battery combination is adequate. The greater the power, the better the performance.

Design, material quality, safety and portability

Once established use, you can browse factors such as the design, construction quality, solidity and safety of the vehicle.

The aesthetics and the materials used will influence the size, weight and, consequently, the ease of transport. If, for example, wish to bring a folding electric bike on transport or by car, it will be best to consider lightweight models (from 15 kg up to 20 kg) and compact, once reclosed.

Of course, to exploit the advantages of a folding, it is necessary to make sure that the locking mechanism is fluid and rapid. Most models also allows you to fold the pedals.

We have already talked about the wheel size that affects the stability of the vehicle. Even the braking system is important. There are three main types of brakes:


By law, a pedal assisted bikes must have a maximum 250 watt motor. One factor to consider is the location of this: if the front, rear or center. The latter is less common and can be found in expensive models and top of the range.

Each motor type has its pros and cons: the front one impacts the natural rear-wheel bike, reducing the stability of dirt roads and steep climbs. A rear engine, however, does not influence the stability but is rather inconvenient during assembly or when you must replace the wheel.

Battery and Autonomy

The battery is another important factor that influences not only the autonomy (walkable distance on a single charge) bike but also, in conjunction with the engine performance. Normally, this type of bike has lithium ions from 280 Wh.

As for the autonomy it declared it starts at around 30km to arrive, in the most exclusive models, even to exceed 120km. In addition, you must be careful and not to be taken literally as stated by the manufacturers.

In fact, the autonomy is extremely variable and is affected by multiple criteria such as level of service selected, the user’s weight, road gradient and road conditions in general, the number of starts and stops, tire pressure, etc..

Accessories, support and functionality

Before buying an electric bike, it should also inquire about the reliability of the brand (and seller) and the quality of care. Also easy availability of parts or additional accessories is important.

In this regard, it is good to take a look in accessories: edge display / computer, fenders, bell, front and rear lights, roof racks, etc.

Last but not least, the features: Bluetooth connectivity and app control, cruise control or ability to choose the speed (required by law) and the level of the pedaling support, USB port to charge other devices, etc.