Best Electric Skateboard : Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

Best electric skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (comparison table)

The electric skateboards have given new life to the good old traditional skate, making it a veritable means of transport. In this guide to the best electric skateboard of 2020, we will analyze, with short reviews, the best models in Italy and will provide an overview of this type of product.

Best electric skateboard 2020: Which to Choose

The market offers many alternatives, even on a budget. To inviduare the best electric skateboard for your needs, you will need to establish a budget and consider a number of factors that deepen in the second part of this guide.

Below you can find the list (and comparison) of the best electric skateboards readily available in Italy and online. Obviously, the global market has many more options, including premium.

We divided our choices by price range (still very indicative as this can vary, but according to the store and to the sellers). Let’s start with the cheaper ones.

Best cheap electric skateboard (under € 350)

Material of the table

Wood Canadian maple (7 layers)

Material of the table

Wood Canadian maple (7 layers)

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

Among the best economic electric skateboard, longboard are RazorX (also available in cruiser version, which you can find below), a brand known to give priority to quality and specialized in production of electric scooters.

As you’d expect from the price, is an automated RazorX skate from basic performance but perfect for those with few pretensions and wants a tool for having fun and casual use.

The electric longboard RazorX provides up to 40 minutes and has a maximum speed of 16km / h, then at least three times the average speed of a person walking on foot.

It supports a maximum weight of 100 kg and has an engine of 125W. The weight is average (5.4 Kg) and the board is made of bamboo and has a length of about 95 cm.

We continue our review of the best economic electric skateboard with longboard Yuneec E-GO 2.

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

The brand is well known with its drones, but is gaining popularity even for e-skate.

The model Yuneec E-GO 2 (available in different colors) offers a performance that has little to envy to more expensive products (and owns proprietary app), as well as a durable and quality.

With a motor of 400 W, it has a maximum speed of 20 km / h (2 speed mode) and a range of about 3 hours, even up to 30 km with a charge support and a gradient of 10%.

Thanks to the regenerative braking system, is able to recover energy when braking or accelerating (the same principle hybrid car).

It is not the lightest but normal weight (6.3 kg) and, for this ensures a good seal.

In particular, its peculiar design Kicktail (the extreme part of the table is folded upwards) allows greater control and better steering.

So very easy to carry. Interesting is the presence of a USB port to charge the smartphone.

EL1 Ridge is one of the best lighter electric skateboard and manageable.

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

In fact, with a weight of only 3.5 Kg, it is a mini cruiser with reduced dimensions (the table has a length of 68.6 cm), which makes it very agile cornering.

The skate has two speeds (one for beginners and one for professionals) and is therefore suitable for both young people and adults. A also confirm the maximum supported weight (100Kg).

Easy to carry (very convenient wireless remote control), has an interesting performance with good grip and good ease of control, although we always speak of a medium-low.

It has a range of 10km and provides a top speed of 16km / h. Ultimately, the British brand stands for good quality / price: recommended purchase if you want a quality model without expensive city.

Best Electric skate between 350 € and 500 €

Material of the table

Maple Wood (10 layers) + 1 fiber glass layer

Material of the table

Maple Wood (10 layers) + 1 fiber glass layer

Among the best electric medium-high skateboard, we find the Teamgee H5, defined by the mostly thin skateboard manufacturer. THE

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

n fact, has a thickness of 1.2 cm, which makes it very flexible and not too heavy (6.6 Kg). Even the battery is thin and almost invisible.

The performance, as the price suggests, is amazing.

The electric skate well fitted with two 380 Watt motors and has a maximum speed of 35 km / h, with a range of about 18 km (very good when you consider the power and that the charging times are only 2 hours!). The maximum slope is 15/20 °. A real means of transport.

Teamgee H5 has a regenerative braking system that, as we have seen, allows to recover energy when braking.

In addition, it is water resistant (IP54) and very solid: the table is built with 10 layers of maple and a layer of glass fiber. Overall, it gives the idea of ​​being a durable product.

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

Teamgee Longboard Skateboard Electric with remote control, Ultra …

You will have already heard of this brand is probably one of the most recognized in the field of smart mobility. His Nilox Doc Cruiser is one of the models most popular e-skate in Italy.

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

The brand also offers versions of the longboard skateboard. Designed to move easily, thanks to the convenience, it is a good alternative for those who want to use it every day, and weighs only 5.3 kg.

The old school design is eye-catching and done just to give the impression of riding: a table of about 80 cm with the tip-shaped tip that gives more dynamism.

It has an engine of 250 watts (the longboard version has twice), a top speed of 12 km / h (only one mode) and a range of 20 km. Maximum supported weight is 100 kg and is therefore suitable for both young and old.

Best Electric Skateboard 2020: Complete Guide (Comparison Table)

We close the selection of electric skateboard under 500 € with a Maxfind model, a Chinese company with support in both Europe and the US: Max 2 Series Dual Motors.

Compared to previous models, here we make a great leap forward in terms of performance and power. As the name suggests, in fact, the skate has two engines from 1000 watts each.

The maximum speed is 36 km / h and the supposed autonomy stands at around 26 km, with a gradient of up to 35 °.

The battery is the same as Tesla, therefore, is able to recover energy. In short, not bad, considering the price.

Maxfind Max 2 is also water resistant (IP65), also thanks to the construction materials (polypropylene and glass fiber).

Good also the maximum supported weight: 120 kg, 20 kg more than the standard.

Best electric skateboard from 500 € up

Material of the table

Wood Canadian maple (7 layers)

Material of the table

Wood Canadian maple (7 layers)

Among the best electric skate over € 500 point longboard Kowheel, often available online for less than 600 €.

The Chinese brand is specialized in electric scooters, hover, and skate shoes and has a service center in Europe, based in Germany (the guarantee is less than 2 years). It is a “professional” skateboard in effect.

The performance is, in fact, really interesting: the maximum speed is 40 km / h (there are 2 speed mode) and walkable distance guaranteed between 20 and 25 km.

The maximum inclination is 25 °. The longboard uses 2 engines 350W and offers a very practical wrist remote.

In addition, it looks solid and resistant (consists of 7 layers of Canadian maple). Excellent opportunity to replace the battery.

Overall, a good electrical skate terrain (off road) given the high performance.

KOOWHEEL – Longboard Skateboard Electric D3M 2nd with Remote Control, …

The Inboard M1 is perhaps the best electric skateboards on the market. It is a premium model, with a price in excess of € 1000.

One of smart transportation fledged tool since you can control through the appropriate app (via Bluetooth).

The design gives the product the status of a high-tech gadgets and modern. It also presents LED lights at the bottom, very useful in case of poor visibility.

The skate has a maximum power of 1600 Watt and mounts two motors in the wheels, which makes the sealing and the more robust performance.

It reaches a maximum speed of 35 km / h and has declared autonomy of about 11 km.

Autonomy that could definitely be improved even if the charging times are very good (90 minutes). The maximum inclination is 17 °.

The Inboard M1 is a durable and resistant product, even water (IP54). In addition, it presents a regenerative braking system.

Overall, it is the ideal option for all types of roads / grounds and for all types of riders, from novice to veteran. They are, in fact, are 3 speed modes: beginner, intermediate and expert.

Best electric skateboard brands

In addition to the models and brands seen before, as I said, the market has several proposals, in particular premium.

If you are looking for a skateboard with professional motor and have an adequate budget considers the products of some of the best electric skate brands like Boosted, Evolve and Blink Acton.

In this case, you must purchase the product from abroad on the website of the manufacturer.

Best electric skateboard to a wheel or monowheel

If you prefer a more unusual means, surely you will like the idea of ​​an electric single-wheel skate (only one wheel instead of 4). The best model in circulation is undoubtedly OneWheel +, even if the price is definitely not the most inviting (about $ 1700).

Electric skateboard monowheel

It is an electric longboard unconventional and beautifully designed, but it is able to tackle even the most difficult terrain. So, a great off-road skateboard (off road).

Electric Skateboard: What They Are and How They Work

Along with the hoverboard (a kind skateboard with two wheels), electrical and one-wheel electric scooters / monowheel, they are revolutionizing the way we move.

As the name may suggest, an electric skateboard (or e-skate) is a skateboard equipped with an electric motor and a battery, controllable via a dedicated remote control (or smartphone, via Bluetooth).

The skate the famous “boards” with wheels, have a fascinating history. Californa Born in the 50s and 60s as a means of training for surfers and arrived in our country in the 70s, gave birth to a real sport, as well as a culture and a dedicated lifestyle.

Someone, in recent years, has seen fit to consolidate this strength with a motor and use it not only for sports and entertainment, but also to move regularly.

Benefits of an electric skateboard

With the new focus on the environment, the inconvenience caused by traffic and public transport, it is not surprising that more and more people look for efficient and intelligent methods to get around.

Electric skateboards are so popular more and more, especially in big cities (starting right from the USA) and, albeit slowly, are taking place in Italy, even if the regulation is still under discussion.

Whether for entertainment or utility, the advantages of using an electric skateboards are soon told.

First, go to one and-skate is a lot simpler than going on a traditional skateboard (although, of course, talking about different requirements).

Just become familiar with the board and with the remote control commands and the game is done.

Probably not as convenient as an electric bike, or rather a folding electric bike, however, it is then an ideal way to cover short to medium distances. Transportable, safe and eco-friendly 100%.

Most models supports slopes and inclines and is resistant to rain, saves time and money compared to other means of transport and, no less important, allows a higher speed than a traditional skate (obviously, this is controllable from the remote control or special device).

Differences between skateboard, longboard and pennyboard

Although in this article, for ease, we always use the term skateboarding, there are other types that are very different from each other.

On the one hand, there is the electric longboard, with a longer board and the different form (wider and with the smaller end and not curved) compared to skateboarding.

Moreover, the wheels are bigger. Given these characteristics, the longboard are easier to handle than a skateboard and suitable for beginners.

Not only that, you pay less to freestyle and are recommended for travel longer distances or traveling in general.

On the other hand, we have the electrical pennyboard: they are much smaller and shorter (sometimes less than half a meter) of a skateboard, more similar to longboard in terms of shape.

Given the small size, they are not suitable for freestyle, but more than anything else represent an excellent means of transport.

Sometimes also it referred to cruisers: skateboard small, lightweight and managgevoli made specifically for travel (the same pennyboard are considered cruiser).

How to choose the best electric skateboard

Prices Electric Skate

The market for electric skateboard is constantly changing and offers several proposals. But how much does a skate?

The best performing models have a price that often exceeds 1000 €, but the spread of this type of product has allowed more affordable and you can now buy excellent also models with more reasonable budget, even from just under € 200.

Where to buy it? The same manufacturers often sell their products on their official website but often you find a better price on online megastore like Amazon, eBay or in specialized shops for sports like Decathlon.

Besides the price, in order to choose the best skateboard you will need to consider a number of factors. Let’s see them below.

Type of use

The first question you will need to bring is how and for what purpose you intend to use the skateboard.

For fun? For the home and work? You’ll use every day, and if so, for how many hours? What kind of percorrerai roads on average? You are in the hills and there are climbs? The often you will use in the rain?

All these questions will help you identify, over budget, the features to be found in the product, and consequently evaluate the factors of which we are speaking.

Similarly, if you are a beginner, you might consider suitable models for those who are beginners.

Battery and walkable distance

The battery life is a fundamental criteria to consider when purchasing: the bigger and powerful battery, the more km of paths with a charge.

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are generally the most performing and the most common ones. In addition, some skate have the possibility to replace the battery (and therefore having an emergency).

On average, the best electric band skateboard highest guarantee hour’s autonomy and a coverage of about 20km with a single charge.

Obviously, it is of values ​​that differ according to other factors such as weight and height of the rider (who goes on the skate), wind and road characteristics (slope, downhill, etc.). The charging times roam, usually, around 2 hours.

Keep in mind that some brands communicate autonomy in minutes, others in terms of distance (km). In most cases, knowing the maximum speed, you can go back to autonomy in km.

Motor speed and

essential element for the performance of an electric skateboard is the engine power.

Normally, if you travel mostly flat roads, it is sufficient a power of 250-260 Watt (which should support a gradient of 15 ° and a weight of approximately 120 kg).

With regard to the speed, we start from a minimum of 12km / h. The maximum safe speed amounts generally around 30 km / h. Obviously very few models are electric skateboard suitable for children.

The best skate manage to get to 45/50 km / h (only recommended for experts), although, uphill, the drop is drastic for most models.

Design, weight and strength

Other items to consider prior to purchase are the skateboard materials.

If, for example, you’re planning to use it in the rain, you should make sure this is water resistant. Of course, more expensive materials (resistant) make up the price.

Even the wheels and their hardness are another factor to consider. These are made of polyurethane (PU) and their hardness is measured using the scale Shore A.

Usually the hardness of the wheels varies from 75A to 104A. We consider those soft wheels with values ​​ranging from 78A to 90A, medium-sized ones whose hardness ranges from 90A to 98A, and hard those that exceed 99A.

They recommend soft wheels or medium for those who plan to use the skate for travel, hard for those who intend to practice freestyle and fun with the skateboard on land and hard floors.

Moreover, in addition to the classical models with 4 wheels, there are also two-wheeled skateboard (so-called waveboard), although those are few motorized (in that case you prefer a hoverboard). Not only that, even the one-wheel skate are spreading little by little.

Finally, no less important is the weight: if you do not want to be forced to go on in a traditional manner skate in the event of exhaustion of the battery, you should opt for a model easily portable by hand (under 5 kg).

Warranty, support, and maintenance

Besides the presence of extra features, the warranty (usually a year) and assistance in case of problems are other factors to consider when choosing the best electric skateboard.

Similarly, it is good to prefer products that require a minimum level of maintenance of both the electrical and mechanical part.