Best Electric Bike : The Comparison And Which One To Choose

Best Electric Bike 2020: the comparison and which one to choose

In this guide to the best electric bike or e-bike, we will give short reviews of the best models on the market, as well as a discussion on how to choose according to their needs.

Lately there is much talk of urban mobility and smart mobility: more and more people look for new means of transportation more convenient, economic and, above all, environmentally sustainable.

Among them, the electric bicycle pedal assisted are experiencing a boom never seen before. The same applies to less traditional vehicles such as electric skateboard, electric scooters, electric single-wheel, hoverboard and segway.

For convenience, we will use the terms electric bike and e-bike without distinction but it is worth noting that these may indicate two different types (explanations below).

Best Electric Bike 2020

Below is a list of the best electric bikes with pedal assistance:

Proposals on the market are many and varied. Choose the best electric bike for your needs is not easy. There is not a better absolute: everything is relative based on use and other factors that we will see in the second part of the guide.

If you’re just looking folding models, check out the guide dedicated to the best folding electric bikes.

In our ranking, we focus on the affordable end models or medium-high (max. About 3000 € List) and a more or less general use (bike pro costing over € 4-5000), although we have selected a suitable mix to different needs and budgets. For each brand we have added to those in the list above other interesting models, although of different types to those described (bigger wheels, folding, bike, etc.).

Best electric city bikes

Best Folding low-cost

Best light bike with small wheels

Best mtb electric bike

Best Folding Electric Bike

26 “-28” (to be chosen based on height)

30 km – up to 60km manual mode 50% and 50% power

26 “-28” (to be chosen based on height)

Best electric city bikes

Best Folding low-cost

Best light bike with small wheels

30 km – up to 60km manual mode 50% and 50% power

Best mtb electric bike

Best Folding Electric Bike

NCM Milan Plus: the best electric bike in 2020

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

Probably, this is the best electric bike of the moment below 2000 €. Let’s talk about trekking bikes NCM Milan Plus, the new and improved version of the famous NCM Milan, already very valid.

A bicycle ultra comfortable with an aluminum frame and lowered and designed for long distances and for a regular use.

Stylish design but also very practical: to understand it, just observe the ergonomic handles and seat in synthetic leather.

One of the most appreciated characteristics is the presence of the powerful battery 768Wh which provides a range of well declared 130km (eco mode), with a minimum walking distance beginning at 50km.

The battery can be easily disassembled and moved while the brushless motor is 250W and is placed in the rear.

Of course, design and battery affect the bike weight, compared to other models on our list, increased to 25 kg.

Equipped with Shimano Acera 8 speed, offers six levels of care of the ride and has excellent disc brakes and suspension fork. The maximum speed is 25km / h while the walk mode is 6 km / h.

Very popular is also the presence of a USB port for charging smartphones and other mobile devices.

Last grains: it is considered one of the most versatile and best electric bikes uphill. In fact, it behaves very well with slopes over 30% – 40%. Not surprisingly, it is often compared with a mountain bike.

As for the tires, you can choose the 26 “wheels, or those 28” based on the height and characteristics of the user (more details on the product page).

Overall, a biking and comfortable, equipped and powerful.

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

NCM Milan Plus Electric Bicycle Trekking, 250W, 48V … Bateria

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

NCM Milan Plus Electric Bicycle Trekking, 250W, 48V … Bateria

Standard model NCM Milan

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

NCM Milan Electric Bicycle Trekking, 250W, 48V 13Ah Bateria …

Model NCM Milan Max

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

NCM Milan Max N8C Electric Bicycle Trekking, Bicycles …

The collection also includes other very valid options including some electric bikes MTB (NCM NCM Prague and Moscow), some folding (NCM NCM Paris and London) and highly popular MNC Hamburg, Venice and NCM NCM Miami, from city. Most of these models then the enhanced versions, called Plus and / or Max.

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Bicycle Trekking, 250W, 48V … Bateria

Best Electric Bike 2020: The Comparison And Which One To Choose

NCM Prague Electric bike Mountain, 250W, 36V 13Ah battery …

NCM Paris Max N8R Electric Bicycle pirghevole, 250W, 36V 14Ah …

NCM Paris 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 15Ah 540Wh White

NCM London 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 15Ah 540Wh Blue

NCM London 20 “Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V 19Ah 684 Wh …

NCM Hamburg Electric Bicycles City, 250W, battery 13Ah 468Wh, …

NCM Venice Electric Bicycle Trekking, 250W, 48V 13Ah battery …

NCM Miami 26 “Electric Bicycle Cruiser Back E-Bike Battery 48V …

Nilox X5: the best value city bike

We are following our review with one of the best Italian electric bike and a very famous brand in the field of urban mobility.

The Nilox X5 model is a good compromise for those who want a high performance e-bike, to use for your daily commute, with a tight budget.

It is a safe and comfortable bike with the low chassis and a design created specifically for the city.

Equipped with a comfortable 6-speed Shimano gears, mudguards and a rear rack, moves well without pedal assistance (the weight is 23Kg).

The 26 “wheels with a width of 1.75”, are great for sail through the citizens’ journeys obstacles (potholes and other uneven flooring).

As for autonomy, the company says a walkable distance of 55km (the battery is 288Wh). Value which, of course, varies enormente based on factors such as sustained speed, type of route and restarts carried out. It gives the maximum in the plains.

As per rules, the engine is 250W and the maximum speed of 25 km / h: you can choose 3 speed (15-20-25km), using the appropriate command on the handlebars.

Once chosen, it will be enough to ride with minimal effort and the motor will start after 2-3 laps while interrupt the assistance as soon as you brake or stop pedaling.

Overall, a classic city bike and very basic but it does its job well. The list price is 1099 € but on Amazon you can save a few hundred euro.

For those who need a little ‘different (beach, country, etc.). The company also provides you with a very good fat model with 20 “wheels, a weight of 24 kg and autonomy of 45 km, the Nilox X3. If you’re a fan of the brand and looking for a folding, also Nilox Doc X2, with 16 “wheels is a valid option.

The bike the 20-Fold: the best cheap folding electric bike

The ‘i-bike the 20-Fold is certainly one of the best folding electric bikes on the market affordable. The Italian brand is establishing itself little by little in the sector with its scooters, hoverboard and e-bikes.

The model is easy to handle and takes up little space, especially when closed (even the pedals be folded).

With a weight of 24 kg, it can be transported quite easily, even in the train.

The i-bike i-Fold is very practical and resistant (with aluminum frame) and presents a convenient LED display where it is possible to choose between three levels of assistance (low, medium, high), thanks to which it is possible to manage the thrust the engine according to your needs.

Of course, you can also disable the service and use the vehicle in a traditional manner.

The brushless motor 250W is placed in the back, therefore, does not influence the traction.

As for autonomy, that declared is 30 km, with its 288Wh battery, while charging times are around 6 hours. Very good brakes, disc (160mm), and the suspension fork.

The wheels 20 “prove agile in urban routes, especially in curves or in traffic. Very useful support for smartphones and the possibility of USB charging.

Overall, a good option for those looking for a folding electric bike.

If the idea of ​​a mountain bike teases you, please also take a look i-Mud Mountain Bike with 29 “wheels and autonomy of 60 km.

Fiido D3S: the lightweight electric bike with small wheels

We continue our selection of the best e-bike 2020 affordable price range with a folding electric bike of the famous brand based in Singapore: Fiido, specializing in the field for years now.

The model Fiido D3S is distinguished by the excellent quality / price ratio: on Amazon and other online stores you can find these days, a little more than 700 €.

But the real reason why it is recommended that a purchase is the comfort and portability of the vehicle. With an aluminum frame and small wheels 16 “, it is a foldable ultra durable but lightweight (almost 18kg). Excellent also the maximum supported slope of 25 °. Despite its compact size, it has a sufficient maximum load (120kg).

So, it lends itself well for commuters. The design is also one of the most appreciated aspects: although functional, resulting in very elegant complex. Do not miss the front LED light and the rear rear reflector.

The electric bicycle has a brushless motor 250W and a Shimano with 6 levels of speed (S the name indicates precisely the Shifting the exchange system). It offers 3 levels of assistance control pedaling: pedal mode (0% of electric force), moped / moped mode (50%) and electric mode (100%).

The autonomy, thanks to a lithium battery 7.8Ah, arrives at 25-30km in electric mode and varies from 40Km to 60km in moped mode, of course depending on the use and weight. The charging time is around 5 hours.

GoZheec FIIDO D3S Electric Folding Bike for Adults, 14 Inches …

If you are looking for a compact folding bike but would still like, an interesting alternative is the new Mountain Bike Fiido M1. It is an e-bike with wheels 20 “, decidedly premium compared to Fiido D3S, with Shimano 7-speed, a 12.5Ah battery and a range of 40-60km according to the conditions. The maximum supported slope is 30 °.

GoZheec FIIDO M1 Foldable electric bike for Adults, speed …

Silver Performance: the best electric bike MTB

And we finish our selection of the best electric bicycles with Silver Performance.

It is an electric, 100% Italian mountain bike, very comfortable and high performance.

Recommended for those on a budget a bit ‘higher (though actually de for those who do not want to be limited to urban journeys.

The wheels KENDA from 27.5 “with a width of 3” make, in fact, the e-bikes also very versatile and agile on the most difficult terrains.

The design is appealing and suggests a tremendous attention to detail, with the grip position of faux leather and aluminum rims.

All components are of excellent build quality. Also notable is the braking system (disc) that garantische total safety even in the steepest slopes.

As for autonomy, it declared walkable distance is 80 km, thanks to Samsung battery 36v 10.4Ah integrated.

The engine 250w is located in the back. The electric bike also has a handy LCD display and a Shimano 7 speed and offers the possibility to choose from 5 levels of pedaling assistance.

Silver Performance, Electric Bicycle, Mountain Bike ride …

If you are looking for a highly portable bike, the Silver bimax with fat 20 “wheels or the Silver Feather, the same company, are undoubtedly among the best folding electric bikes of the moment.

Gocycle GX: best Folding Electric Bike

And we close the selection with what we believe is the best folding electric bike ever, the most expensive model, but that hardly makes us regret the outlay. We are talking of the British Gocycle GX, a premium bike recommended for the city and the undeniable quality construction.

Designed by ex-McLaren engineer Richard Thorpe, Its strong point is precisely the structure and the mechanism for the simple and rapid closure (2 step in less than 10 seconds) which makes it convenient to bring it on the means of transport or in cars, as well as keep it in tight spaces (under the desk, for example).

Overall, it is a folding bike with an innovative design, all in all compact, and low weight (less than 18kg), thanks to the construction materials (magnesium and aluminum). The sprockets and the chain are hidden inside the fork, giving the bike a stylish appearance, but especially avoiding getting dirty.

The Gocycle GX has a front engine 250W, 20 “wheels, hydraulic disc brakes both front and rear, torque sensor and Shimano Nexus 3-speed (max 25km / h). Additionally, it has a rear suspension between the frame and the fork in order to ensure more comfort.

The handlebar has a display with 5 LED lights that inform about the battery status, but the Gocycle GX is associated GocycleConnect app for smartphones, which, although very simple, allows access to other information and functionality.

Thanks to the lithium battery (removable and integrated into the frame) from 13.7 Ah (300Wh), presents a great autonomy of nearly 65km, of course based on the driving modes and conditions. The charging time is around 7 hours.

Better electric bike brands

We saw the best electric bikes “low-cost” or at least ideal for those who have a tight budget, easy to find even online commerce like Amazon.

If you are looking for premium models or vehicles suitable for more specific (for example, racing bikes), you can take a look at some of the best brands of electric bikes as Atala, VANMOOF, Gocycle, Kalkhoff, Brompton, Scott, Cannondale, Focus and Bianchi .

Best Chinese electric bikes

If you want to, and economic bike which guarantee a good level of performance, you can also consider Chinese models.

Here are some of the best Chinese electric bikes:

The most popular electric bikes

Still undecided / a? Below you can find the list of the top most popular electric bikes on

What is an electric bike and what it means bicycle pedal assistance

An electric bicycle is a bicycle with an enhanced engine and equipped battery.

Although people often use different terms for the same thing, in fact, you must make an important distinction.

There are in fact two macro-categories: on the one hand, we have the pedaling bicycles assistista, also known as Pedelec, the other electric bikes where engine and pedaling (always if present) are totally independent.

The electrically assisted bicycles, now called by the generic term e-bikes, can be considered to all effects normal bike: engine, in fact, is operated only by pedaling.

So, this does not replace the physical effort but it makes it easier, especially for uphill paths.

According to European regulations CE 2002/24 the maximum speed of these e-bike is 25 km / h (must be equipped with a sensor that limits the engine’s service below this value) and the engine power is not exceed 250W.

Engine of an electric bike

The Highway Code considers these vehicles as bicycles and normal cycles and therefore provides the same regulations: use of cycle path or roadway, helmet requirement just under 14 years and prohibition of use of the sidewalk.

These are, in terms of the law, equivalent to conventional bicycles and, from January 1, 2020, also to the electric scooters.

The electric bikes not Pedelec or S-Pedelec (pedal assisted those that exceed 25km / h) are, however, considered two-wheel mopeds and provide a more complex regulation and “severe”.

E ‘need to use a plate, take out insurance, pay the road tax and provide a rear-view mirror. Given the complexity and expense, they are less common than the e-bike.

Why buy an electric bike with pedal assistance?

The advantages of an e-bike / pedal assisted bikes are easy to enumerate: no cost compared to other motorized vehicles, portability, ability to do physical activity (if desired), optimization of time, zero stress and pollution.

Moreover, even people not trained will regularly use the bike to get around.

Not for nothing that many Italian companies are investing in the sector.

Of course, you can also assemble their own e-bike motors and buying parts separately but it is not an option for everyone.

Bonus Decree bike Bid

Another good reason to buy this type of product is the sustainable mobility bonus, in Decree increment. This provides a good up to € 500, which covers 60% of the amount spent. To learn more, read this insight into how it works and how to request the bonus for bikes and electric bikes.

best electric bike: how to choose

In addition to the available budget, there are several criteria to be evaluated at time of purchase to choose the best electric bike for your needs.

As seen, for pedelec, power and speed are limited by the European directives to 250W and 25km / h; therefore, we find the technical characteristics for the most part identical.


Determine the use you intend to make e-bike is essential. Based on this, you can opt for a bike more or less light, robust and portable, with a range higher or lower and with specific characteristics for selected routes.

You can choose, for example, between a folding bike, city bike (suitable for the city), a mountain bike (perfect for the most difficult trails) or a trekking bike (perfect for longer trips).

Design and portability

Obviously, the shape and weight of the electric bicycle are going to affect its portability and, consequently, on the use that you can do with it.

In principle, an e-bike has a higher weight than a traditional bike: one starts from 16-17 Kg, but can also exceed 30Kg.

If you want a vehicle to move easily in the home to work or you are short of space, it would be better to opt for a folding electric bike: in less than a minute, you can close it and carry it easily.

The folding electric bikes can be transported easily

Battery and walkable distance

The best electric bikes have other rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life of about 2-3 years and a capacity of at least 280-300Wh.

Regarding the walkable distance, this obviously depends on several factors such as assistance intensity, the path, the user’s weight, etc..

The range varies from 30km of the cheapest models to over 100 km, the premium models.


As mentioned above, the engine of a pedal assisted bikes can not exceed 250W.

This can be placed in the front, rear or center. Its location can affect performance.

In the case of a front-engine, for example, this changes the natural rear wheel of the bike, making it less Stabie on dirt and climbs.

A rear engine, however, does not affect the stability of the vehicle but makes it uncomfortable mounting and the eventual replacement of the wheel.

A central engine is the ideal situation, since they do not interfere with the stability or other aspects, even though it is much more expensive.

detection sensor and type of assisted pedaling

In the electric bicycles with assisted pedal stroke, the engine is operated all’attivarsi of the pedal sensor and “stops” once it reaches 25km / h. The pedaling detection system may be different.

In some models, in fact, we find the effort sensor: in this case, the motor is activated when it detects a strong pressure on the pedal and stops if stops detecting such pressure.

So, you will need to adjust the speed and the help received from the engine through your own strength. So, you need a physical effort, albeit lightweight.

Other e-bikes, however, totally zero stress and have a less complex solution: a pedaling sensor or rotation.

To operate the engine simply move the pedal, but after the first lap (pedaling “symbolic”), will no longer need to pedal, the engine will work autonomously.

Safety and durability

Obviously, an electric bike must be resistant (it is recommended that the aluminum frame) and safe.

Regarding the brakes, we find different types: disc brakes (the most efficient also with water and mud, especially those hydraulic), the drum brakes (effective but more to wear in long-term subjects) and v-brakes ( a middle ground between the first two but can lose effectiveness with mud).

The size of the wheels usually ranges from 12 “to 29” with a width ranging from about 1.5 “to over 4” (in this case one speaks of fat bike).

The choice differs depending on the type of road we are going to ride. Typically, 26 “-28” they are ideal for an electric bike to use in the city.

The fat bike (very large wheels) are recommended for the most extreme trails as ensuring adherence of mud, water, snow and sand.

Features and accessories

To end, next to the warranty and support offered by the manufacturer, you should evaluate the features and extra accessories of the vehicle on-board computer which refer to speed and battery level, speed controller, odometer, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, fender , luggage rack, etc.

Electric bikes prices

As we have seen, the market is varied and rich in alternatives and brand, for all tastes and uses.

You could buy a cheap electric bike from 400 € but the best ebike often have a list price that starts from 1300 € up to even get to 8-9000 €.

Who does not have a high budget but want the flawless performance, can also consider buying electric bikes used (just search, ebay and the like).

Frequently asked questions: in brief

What is a pedal assisted bike?

A pedal assisted bicycle, also known as Pedelec or e-bike, is a bicycle equipped with motor and battery which is actuated with the movement of the pedal. It does not replace pedaling, but it adds to this by facilitating the effort.

As an electric bike cost?

The cost of an e-bike varies depending on the model and features, we start from about € 400 to be up to € 8000-9000 for professional e-bike. Generally, the best electric bikes have a list price that starts at around € 1200-1300, but you can also find good models around € 600-700.

How heavy is a pedal assisted bike?

The weight of a bicycle pedal assistance varies depending on the model chosen (folding, fat, trekking, mountain biking, etc.). It starts from about 18 kg of the lightest models up to 30 kg. The average weight is around 24-25 kg.

That speed reaches an electric bike?

An electric bike to be considered normal in Italy must not exceed 25km / h (if the built-in motor exceeds this speed, a speed limiter must be present). Generally, it is possible to choose between different pre-set speed, according to the path. If the bicycle speed exceeds this is called S-Pedelec and is equated to a moped.

What does the Code of the Road on electric bikes?

Electric bikes are treated as conventional bicycles and, from 2020, also for electric scooters. To be legal must 1) have a speed not exceeding 25 km / h (or present a speed limiter) 2) present a motor not exceeding 250W 3) have a bell and lights if it circulates in the dark. As for the bike, the circulation is allowed on the bike paths and prohibited on sidewalks and in high-speed zones.

What are the best bikes with pedal assistance?

The market offers a multitude of options and at time of purchase you must consider several factors (use, location, time, etc..). In this guide to the best e-bike, we review some of the best models and explain how to choose an electric bike.