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If you are looking for a comfortable ally for cleaning, possibly a wireless electric sweeper is the ideal option. Indeed, the absence of annoying wires and obstructions definitely allows movements less strenuous and faster.

Unfortunately, sometimes this type of product has some cons. For example, these being slender brooms and smaller in size compared to other vacuum cleaner as those in tow, often they have a less powerful motor, and therefore less efficient. If you want to overcome this problem, the solution is to spend at least a few hundred euro to buy premium versions (see the Dyson V series).

But technologically advanced Chinese companies like Xiaomi have taught us that the quality can often go hand in hand with convenience. And the price / quality ratio is the element on which the new Made in China “premium” leverages. Just think of the sub-brand Xiaomi, Roborock, which now dominates the market for robot vacuum cleaner next to more famous brands like iRobot.

Even in the vacuum industry, the brand is doing, little by little, a name. Among the best cordless electric brooms Xiaomi, obviously with different performance and price points, we find the following, all with a complete and useful set of accessories and different brushes:

Xiaomi Jimmy JV51

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

It is a very light and handy broom (1,46Kg) that provides 45 minutes of battery life (approx 350m2 with a refill). It has HEPA filter and the container has a capacity of 0.5 liters. The total motor power is 400W, while the suction air of 115 Watt.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV53

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

This model can hold its own against more expensive models like the Dyson Absolute V8 and V10 Dyson Fluffy. Here the review and our tests of Xiaomi Jimmy JV53.

Even Jimmy JV53 has the same weight as the previous model. It has a HEPA filter with 4 levels, a range of 45 minutes, digital motor from 100,000 revolutions per minute with a total power of 425W. The suction power is 20,000pa and 125 Watt air.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV71

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

The next model of Jimmy range presents a suction power of 130 Watt air (with angle 18 Kpa) with a brushless motor 400W. Autonomy is the same as brothers: 45 minutes, thanks to the lithium battery 2500mAh. Obviously not missing the HEPA filtration system.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV83

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

Which brings us to a more expensive model but obviously more powerful. The Jimmy JV83 is a great mix of power and design. With its HEPA filter with 4 levels, has a suction power of 135 Watt 20,000Pa and air (to get an idea, the Dyson V10 Fluffy has 130). Autonomy is one hour and the little weight more than 1.5 kg.

Xiaomi Mi cordless electric broom

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

The Xiaomi Mi has a suction power of 100 air watts, thanks to the advanced technology to 9 hurricanes. Presents a filtration system 5 (2 cyclone, high intensity 3) suitable to also capture fine particulate matter (2,5PM), a static pressure of 23 Kpa and a range of about 30 minutes.

Xiaomi Dreame V9

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

Another light and agile electric broom (1.5 kg) with a suction power of 120 Watt and 20,000Pa air and a HEPA filtration system 5 levels. E ‘can choose between 3 power levels (100,000 engine revolutions per minute) and a charge allows one hour of cleaning in power saving mode (battery 2500mAh).

Xiaomi Roidmi Nex

Scope Cordless Electric Xiaomi Best - Smartdomotica

We come to the premium line: Xiaomi Roidmi. The Nex-new model has very elegant lines and a powerful brushless motor 120,000 rpm per minute. The suction power is 23,500Pa and well 145 Watt air and the battery life is approximately one hour. The real novelty lies in the presence of a water tank of 0.6 liters which allows to wash and aspirate simultaneously. Moreover, a handy LED light will maximize cleaning illuminating the floor. Overall, a real concentration of technology (you can also manage through app!).

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The electric broom wireless Roidmi F8 has a powerful engine to 100,000 revolutions per minute of 415W (power levels are available 3) and a suction power of 18,500Pa. Strengths are the noise level (max 75 dB) and the battery life (about 55 minutes with a 2.5-hour charge). As the Nex has a useful LED light, and the settings can be managed from the app I’m Home.

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The Roidmi F8E is the economic version of the model just saw, suitable for those with less complex needs. With the engine 300W and 80,000 revolutions per minute, provides a suction power of 80 Watt air and 17,000Pa. The autonomy is of about 40 minutes with a charging 2 hours and a half.

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Continuing with the economic models, we also Deerma VC20S. It is an electric broom wireless Xiaomi from the cost of a little more than 100 € and reduced weight and dimensions (1.5 kg). With HEPA filter, presents suction power of 100W and 5500Pa and a range of about 30 minutes.

Xiaomi Deerma DX800S: vacuuming Corded

Among the various proposals of the market, Xiaomi also offers corded models. Obviously, they do not offer the same convenience but price and performance could make turn a blind eye. Among these mention, the Xiaomi Deerma DX800S, with a long cable 5 meters and a suction power of 14,000Pa. Good to reach the most difficult corners thanks to the union can rotate 270 °.

If you want to buy one of these cordless electric brooms, you can find competitive prices on specialized sites on Chinese products, which often have more affordable commercial agreements with the producers and, therefore, are able to offer the lowest price.

Among them, is gaining more and more fame, thanks to very affordable prices and free shipping across Italy.