Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi : Which To Choose?

Best control units for irrigation WiFi 2020: which to choose?

In this guide to the best pump for irrigation WiFi, we will analyze in detail the benefits of a smart irrigation system and the best models on the market.

This type of products is the ideal choice in terms of control and savings, both water and electrical connection. In fact, the control units for intelligent irrigation allow you to manage the entire system from your smartphone or PC, at any time of the day and, above all, wherever you are.

The best pump for irrigation WiFi

Below is a list of the best pump for irrigation WiFi 2020:

Orbit B Virtue

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

We start the review of the best units for WiFi watering from one of the oldest brands in the industry: Orbit. Although the design is reminiscent of a traditional unit, B-Orbit Hyve has everything you need to apply to be the best programmer for irrigation WiFi economic “end.”

The keys on the body of the product and the LCD screen say a little ‘ “vintage”, in fact, do not give the product idea smart and connected. The setup is very simple and quick, less commands and settings through the “physical” commands.

On the contrary, the use of the app B-Hyve is really available to everyone and allows a simple weekly programming, access to the weather forecast (with automatic adjustments according to climatic conditions) and the monitoring of consumption.

This choice is recommended for those on a budget for a unit of WiFi irrigation.

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

Orbit 94546 – Programmer 6 Stations C / Cover c-HYVE Wi-Fi, …

Orbit 94550 – b-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WiFi…

Hunter HydraWise

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

This smart control unit for irrigation is a concentrate of technology and excellent functionality. Definitely among the best brands on the market, Hunter has staked everything on innovation and UI (user interface).

The Hydrawise software is able to access the weather forecast in your area and adjust the operation of the sprinkler. Obviously, the entire management is via app or web browser, allowing you total remote management of the programmer.

In addition to remote management, you can refer to periodic reports and monitor water consumption and minimize waste of this precious and (alas) increasingly scarce resource.

On the market there are two different versions of the control unit, which differ only in the amount of covered areas (respectively 6 and 12). The model with 12 stations can cover up to 36 zones, so good access to all parts of your green space (and beyond).

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

Rain Bird ESP-RZX + modulo Rain Bird LNK WiFi

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

One of the best units for smart irrigation for the quality / price ratio is undoubtedly the product proposed by Rain Bird. It is a traditional control unit to which is associated a WiFi module (sold separately or in bundles).

Through this, the lawn sprinklers will regulate itself according to the weather (there is talk of at least 30% savings on water consumption) and will be fully controllable via smartphone or tablet. You can then customize the programs and receive notifications about weather conditions (the current day and 4 following days) and self-regulation.

The installation is simple and rapid and even the app is very intuitive. Below the bundled version (4,6,8 stations).

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

Netro Sprinkler Smart Controller

Best Control Units For Irrigation Wifi 2020: Which To Choose?

The smart Netro Sprinkler unit is economical and reliable option, it certainly deserves to be named one of the best programmers for WiFi irrigation.

The management system on which this device is completely cloud-based and therefore allows the remote management of irrigation, also integrating the latest information about the local weather.

This way, you can operate Netro Sprinklers in a fully autonomous manner, in fact adapting to the weather and the season.

The manual management takes place via the App Netro, from which it is also possible to monitor the consumption of water and the state of the garden irrigation.

In addition, the system is able to self-learn the watering habits and adapt its operation accordingly.

The smart ECU incorporates a WiFi module 2.4 GHz.

Netro Sprinkler Smart Controller, WiFi, Weather aware, Access …

Netro Sprinkler Smart Controller, WiFi, Weather aware, Access …

What is a control unit for irrigation WiFi

The programmers or WiFi units for irrigation for the garden are devices that replaced the traditional units, enable the remote management of your irrigation system.

This is done via a dedicated app, downloadable from iOS or Android. The app control panel allows complete irrigation management of your garden.

You can be easily set to switch on and off, without position limits. In other words, you can have total control watering, even if you are thousands of kilometers away from your home.

Why go to a smart irrigation system for the garden

The market for home automation and smart home in Italy is growing at a dizzying rate. The Internet of Things (literally Internet of Things) is spreading like wildfire to homes and gardens in Italian, after his success in the United States and some European countries like the UK and Germany.

But because this growth? Many believe investment in technological gadgets this kind superfluous, a preventable and sustainable spending only by technology enthusiasts or those who “can afford it”. They were wrong. Here’s why …

Just waste

The purchase of a smart irrigation controller is the best choice to avoid wasting energy and water. In fact, in addition to traditional programming functions, a smart controller is able to access the weather forecast of the area, self-By setting accordingly.

For example, if a thunderstorm is expected in the afternoon, the control unit will avoid unnecessary watering the lawn in the morning. Obviously this leads to a dual advantage: on the one hand, saves water, the other not inonderai your garden (as you know that too much water is harmful as the absence of the same).

Conversely, if the day will be dry, irrigation will be more “generous.” In addition, the management via browser or app allows you to instantly monitor water consumption, so as to adjust if not optimized properly. In short, an investment rather than an expense.

App of the control management can monitor the water consumption to reduce waste

Remote control of

Flexibility. This word perfectly explains one of the biggest advantages in buying a smart programmer.

With WiFi connection, you can fact check your lawn sprinklers at any time and without location limits. Even a kilometer away you can turn on, turn off or program the week in terms of watering. Convenient, no?

Connecting to weather stations

As mentioned before, the control units for intelligent irrigation are able to access the weather forecast through automated Web search. Obviously, these can be misleading and not be 100% accurate. To overcome this and gain access to even more precise weather forecasts, you can connect your unit to a compatible weather station.

The weather stations by analyzing directly the air pressure, humidity and other factors that could affect the weather conditions, allow a “empirical” detection and, therefore, more reliable. If you are thinking of buying one, discover the best weather stations of the moment.

An irrigation control: how to choose

Indoor or outdoor?

Most of the units for irrigation are internal and can not therefore be positioned outdoors. To do this, it is necessary that the programmer has a fully waterproof protective box and resistant to other atmospheric agents.

Obviously, the control units for irrigation from outside have a higher cost compared to indoor models.


Another factor to consider is the type of power supply. In fact, on the market there are both battery-powered models, which by means of electric current.

In the first case, it is important that the control units present spies to warn of the next battery depletion, or that provide notification functionality via app.

manageable Areas

Each control unit can control a finite number of zones / sprinklers. Therefore, we should consider this characteristic in relation to the size of your garden and the area you want to cover with sprinklers.

Usually, we start with a minimum of 4 zones, until you get to models capable of covering more than 12 areas.