Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In : Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Best 65-inch 4K TV in 2020: which to choose? (comparison)

In this article we will cover the best 65-inch TV market, focusing on smart 4K models.

These large TVs are proving very popular, thanks to increasingly affordable prices. If space in the living room is sufficient, they may represent the optimal solution.

In the following guide, you will first brief reviews of the recommended TV. In the second part of the article, we will provide you a quick guide on how to choose the best 65-inch TV for your needs.

If if you are still undecided on the size of the TV, you can also read our guide on TV 32 “, 40”, 55 “or the article on the best TV 4K.

Best 65-inch TV

Below, you can find the list of the best TV 65 inch:

LG NanoCell AI 65SM8500PLA

HLG, HDR 10, HDR 10 Pro, Dolby Vision

LG NanoCell AI 65SM8500PLA

HLG, HDR 10, HDR 10 Pro, Dolby Vision

For choice, we focused on a number of factors (quality video, audio, design, operating system, performance, price, etc.), So as to formulate a selection accessible to everyone, but it had a more than satisfactory results. If your budget is larger, we recommend considering an OLED TV (more info in the following paragraphs).

Hisense H65AE6400

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

We begin our review of the best 65-inch TV with 4K Hisense H65AE6400, a model that boasts an excellent quality / price ratio. In fact, despite its affordable price, it offers good performance and features.

The design is quite simple and minimal, with good quality plastics. The thickness is definitely not his strong point, but overall it is a well made product.

The panel is an LCD type with direct LED backlight.

The video quality exceeds what you would expect from a TV of this price range. In fact, the contrast level is good, the color rendition is well calibrated and deep enough blacks.

He sins a bit ‘in brightness and it mainly affected the contents in HDR. However, it is a defect that can accept given the entry-level nature of the product.

From the point of view of sound, the two speakers offer a fairly powerful sound and balanced. However, the advice is always to integrate a dedicated audio system or soundbar.

The operating system is installed VIDAA, which offers a number of content, including YouTube and Netflix.

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

LG UK6470 65″

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Now we come to another product that can be called a quality entry level LG UK6470, of course in the version 65 “.

The design is simple and minimalist, with enough frames visible, but overall not bother.

The panel is an IPS LED-backlit display, offering blacks not up to a VA display, but this is a compromise that we can accept given the good quality unit.

In fact, the visual quality is, overall, a good level, with a wide viewing angle and a brightness above the average of the price range.

Same for the WebOS 4.0 operating system: certainly one of the best around for ease of use and availability of content. The mounted processor is a quad core 1200 MHz, which ensures a good fluidity, and without significant lag during use.

Audio average quality, in line with the competition.

Samsung 65RU8000

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

The selection of the best 65-inch 4K TV continues with Samsung 65RU8000, a very popular product and loved, as well as best sellers on the market.

The fixture’s design is simple and elegant, with clean lines and edges of fairly thin frame. The depth is contained, with a slight convexity on the lower part which slightly increases the thickness.

Let’s move on to the panel. This is a VA LCD with Edge-LED backlight. Excellent contrast and blacks level, a bit ‘less the brightness, which stood however on acceptable levels.

Excellent Tizen operating system, certainly the best for usability and number of content along with LG’s WebOS.

Audio in the category average.

TV suitable for a variety of purposes, including gaming (with HDR 4K content provides an input lag of just 14ms).

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Samsung UE65RU8000U Smart TV 4K Ultra HD 65″ Wi-Fi DVB-T2CS2, Serie…

Philips 65PUS7303/12

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

Let us now turn to another one of the best LED TV 4K 65-inch Philips 65PUS7303 / 12.

The design is definitely a strength of the product, with elegant line, a good build quality and a very thin profile.

This device offers excellent performance, but the icing on the cake is definitely the Ambilight technology owned by Philips. It is a series of LED lamps placed on 3 sides of the back of the TV, which create atmospheric lighting effects around the screen. This amplifies the sense of depth and immersion of the images.

In addition to Ambilight, this TV Philips offers a good brightness and a good level of contrast, absolutely in line with the price range of belonging.

From the audio point of view, the TV uses 2 integrated speakers with a 20W total audio power.

The smart features are assigned to the operating system Google Android TV 8.O (Oreo).

Best 65-Inch 4K Tv In 2020: Which To Choose? (Comparison)

LG NanoCell AI 65SM8500PLA

The smart 65-inch TV with 4K NanoCell 65SM8500PLA AI technology is among the models which are able to guarantee an excellent value for money.

In fact, although it can still be considered an entry level, but offers performance and versatility (also great for gaming), making it a rather popular.

The mounted panel is an IPS, therefore with an excellent viewing angle, with local dimming function present. The brightness is not at the highest level (355 nits), but is on average for this price range. Not good the level of blacks, especially in the dark.

The range of color is discreet and can be further improved by careful manual calibration.

Let’s input lag, one of the most important features for gamers. This is equal to 14 ms, a value between the lowest for this price range.

But the real strength of this 65 “LG is the sector smart. The operating system, such ll smart tv LG, WebOS is, in this case in the version 4.5. Numerous natively installed apps, including YouTube and Netflix. The TV also supports Alexa and Google Assistant assistants.

LG TV NanoCell AI, 65SM8500PLA, Smart TV 65″, 4K Cinema HDR con Dolby…

Samsung QE65Q70RATXZT

Among the best smart TV 65 inch 4K could not miss a product of QSD Samsung range, in particular the model Q70R QE65Q70RATXZT.

It is a TV, high-performance, can satisfy a large proportion of users. Great importance plays the new Quantum Processor, the first integrated only in the Korean TV 8K.

This processor is in fact equipped with machine learning and allows a perfect interpolation between different resolutions, as well as the audio adaptation according to the distance from the TV. In this sense, it is essential to help the assistant’s voice Bixby integrated into the remote control.

HDR1000 Certificate, this TV is able to achieve excellent peak brightness, among the best for the price range of belonging. In this regard, it is worth pointing out that Samsung Q70R is available in different sizes, ranging from the range of 40 to 70 inches and beyond.

Well it structured the gaming mode, which allows a number of interesting customizations. These will have an impact both on audio performance than on video, for example with improved contrast and more vivid colors.

Interesting opportunity to raise the profile of the darker areas of the screen, useful feature in some online games, where visibility is virtually all (see Call of Duty). Good also the input lag, which in Gaming Mode reaches the optimum level of 13.7 ms.

The embedded operating system Tizen, which supports all major audio and video streaming app. Also, the TV is also compatible with screen readers Alexa and Google Assistant, making it a smart TV 65 inch full.

Smart TV 65 “most popular

Best 65-inch OLED TV

If the available budget is larger, you can consider purchasing a 65-inch OLED TV.

This type of panel provides the highest performance on the market. In fact, the OLED OLEDs are able to turn on and off independently, without the need for backlighting. Consequently, an improved contrast and deep blacks.

If you want more information, you can read our guide to OLED TVs or guide to the differences between OLED or QLED.

How to choose a 65-inch 4K TV

65 inch TV: size

A panel 65 “is rather large. Therefore, before purchasing it is advisable to carefully consider the space available.

In this case, these are on average the actual size of a 65 inch TV:

Very important is the evaluation of the distance from the screen to the optimal use of Ultra HD content.

In fact, there is a precise relationship between viewing distance and number of perceivable pixels. For ease, you can consult the diagram below:

display Technology

Another assessment to be made is that relating to the type of display. In the market, the most common type of panel is undoubtedly the LCD, which can be divided into two large families: IPS and VA.

The first are the most dated technology: the pixels arranged horizontally, they offer an excellent viewing angle, in contrast with some flaws.

The VA technology instead provides the pixels arranged vertically. In this case, there is a deterioration in the vision, but a contrast and depth of the improved blacks.

The pixel occurs backlighting via LEDs. These can be placed directly behind the display surface (direct LED) or only along the perimeter of the screen (edge ​​LED). These provide better energy efficiency and performance normally higher.

As already mentioned, the present OLED instead pixels (diodes) organic, able to turn on and off independently (do not need an external backlight). The result is extremely thin panels and perfect blacks.

The QLED televisions instead represent a niche where Samsung is king. These displays offer services and prices comparable with those of OLED TV, but at the moment are not very common than other types.


The HDR is a protocol that has its origin in photography and has now invaded the world of TV.

The purpose of technology is to bring the most of the color range of the TV to the real one. We can say that it is the natural evolution of Ultra HD panels: a real improvement and proper pixel quality.

To be defined HDR, the TV must pass certain standards for brightness and performance of the panel.

Some models, such as Samsung and Panasonic, have HDR10 + technology, a new standard designed to bridge the gap between HDR10 and Dolby Vision regarding the use of dynamic metadata. The HDR10 standard + leads to the tolerated 4000 nits brightness (1000 nits higher than standard all’HDR10).


On average, the TV audio systems on the market can not fully satisfy the most demanding needs of audiophiles.

Therefore, the audio is hardly a discriminating factor in the choice of the TV. These, in fact, often are the same and offer sufficient performance for use unpretentious.

For those who love to listen to music or want a more enveloping sound, the advice is to opt for dedicated audio systems.

features smart

At the time, in an increasingly connected home and home automation, buy a smart TV is definitely advisable choice.

Among the best operating systems in circulation there are definitely Tizen Samsung and LG’s WebOS. These are the top as far as usability and availability of content.

A step below, we find Android TV, which still provides a clear and intuitive interface.

65 inch TV: Price

How much does a 65-inch TV? The price of this format large TV can range from a few hundred to more than 1,000 €.

To purchase a good product, the minimum average cost is about € 700-800. With this amount you can buy it at a good entry level.

If the budget available is large, you can consider buying an OLED TV, which we discussed earlier.