Best 55 Inch 4K Smart : What To Buy? (Comparison)

Best 55 inch 4K Smart 2020: what to buy? (comparison)

In this guide we will cover the best 55-inch 4K TV on the market.

This screen size is among the most popular, as it manages to combine a good size of the display to a footprint no exaggeration.

In addition, the choice of 4K is definitely the most recommended, given the increasing number of content available at this resolution, and the price more affordable TVs.

The article will provide first short reviews of the models selected by us, following you will find some useful tips to choose the best 55-inch Ultra HD TV for your needs.

Best 55-inch 4K TV

For our rankings, we took into account a number of factors, which went beyond the mere video quality: price, smart functionality, audio, design, electronics, etc.

This list of the best TV 55 inches of 2020 chosen by the team, with a focus on 4K:

LG UK6470

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

We start the selection of the best 55-inch 4K TV with an option by the excellent quality / price ratio: LG UK6470.

This TV has indeed an extremely attractive price, but still offers excellent quality standards.

The design is pretty simple and balanced, with the line, so to speak “standard.”

Thickness is not the most content (8 cm), but is against the direct LED backlit IPS panel.

Present active HDR10, who manages to achieve an average of about 320 nits of brightness. definitely decent value for the price range (Economic) of belonging; just think that the high-end TVs have values ​​around 700 nits.

Overall, the image quality is quite true, although it is recommended a different color calibration than factory.

From the audio point of view, the performance of 2 integrated speakers appear to be average with the output power 20W canons.

The processor installed is a great quad-core 1.2 GHz, which can effectively process all video sources. Good smart functionality, thanks to the always reliable proprietary operating system WebOS 4.0, along with Tizen the best on the market.

Smart TV 55 inches suitable for those who do not want to spend a fortune, but take home a reliable device.

Hisense H557200BE

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Among the smart TV 55 inch 4K best are definitely Hisense H557200BE, apparatus dall’ottim value for money, as indeed most of the Chinese brand products.

This TV Ultra HD presents fairly simple lines and minimalist, with frames not too pronounced and a firm, well-built base.

The video quality, in spite of the affordable price, is more than adequate with faithful colors (Precision Color technology) and a good brightness.

Of course, not talking about performance top of the range, but the quality offer is able to meet anyone who has not too stringent requirements. In fact, the possibilities for customization and calibration of the image are quite limited, especially when compared to brands like LG and Samsung.

The operating system is the owner of Hisense, or Vidaa U3.0, which offers an excellent navigation interface and support to all major video streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV, etc.

Moreover, thanks to AI, the processor is able to adjust the video and audio settings automatically, depending on the type of player program.

Also available voice control via Amazon Alexa, but you need to possess a smart speaker of Echo, for example Studio series, Flex or Dot.

Samsung UE55NU7400

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Among the smart TV 55 inch Samsung UE55NU7400 best there is certainly a very popular product among the best selling in its price range.

As for the LG model seen above, in this case the price / quality ratio is one of the strengths of this device.

In fact, although this is an entry-level product, it offers excellent video quality. Standing out above all the contrast and depth of blacks, well executed considering the price range.

In addition, considering the excellent level of Input-Lag (only 14 ms), this smart TV 4K is perfect for gaming.

As with most TVs of this, however, the audio band is definitely improved, especially when it exceeds a certain threshold volume.

Great compartment of smart features, thanks to the owner Tizen operating system. This, along with WebOS, represents excellence in terms of navigability, ease of use and availability of content.

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Philips 55PUS750

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Another candidate to be the best 55-inch TV is the Philips Ambilight 55PUS750 model.

The latter is a unique feature of many TV Philips intelligent LED will project the display color of the surrounding walls.

The result is better visibility and the feeling of watching a bigger screen.

Another strong point is definitely the design, which features elegant line, a thin frame and an ultra-slim profile.

This, combined with the Ambilight system, make it a perfect item of furniture. In addition, the particular pedestal design will make the screen seem to float in the air.

We come now to the video quality, which is more than adequate for this price range. You could certainly do something about the brightness, but it is a fairly common problem in this slice of the market.

Just like the audio, which still manages to satisfy less demanding users, but not to excel.

The installed operating system is Android TV that although it is improving with recent updates, is still unable to compete with rivals Tizen and WebOS.

Great quad-core processor installed.

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Samsung Q60R

Best 55 Inch 4K Smart 2020: What To Buy? (Comparison)

Among the 55-inch 4K TV best could not miss the most accessible model of QSD series of Samsung: QE55Q60RATXZT.

The design is classic Samsung, with a sleek, discreet lines and a frame seen enough of just over 1 cm.

Since this is still a QLED (albeit entry level), this smart 55-inch 4K TV offers excellent image fidelity, with an enviable depth of the blacks.

Overall, it is a suitable television to be watched both in low light situations, both in environments with plenty of light.

Migliorabile the brightness peak, about 280 nits, to below what can be expected from this type of device.

The sound quality is decent, although speakers with integrated 20W are small enough and not suitable for large environments. In that case, it can still resorts to one of the soundbar, the most recommended choice when buying a TV of this type.

Excellent smart functionality of the Tizen operating system, one of the top circulation.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S

He arrived in Italy a few months ago, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S is a product offering, as the Chinese brand tradition, a quality / very respectable price.

The design is simple and pleasant, with frame and metal feet and plastic back. Thickness is not the most content, but overall is average for this price range.

It is a TV with 4K HDR construction panel LG. The refresh rate is 60 Hz, while the maximum brightness is 250 nits. Very good viewing angle, even in extremely decentralized positions to the screen.

Discreet response time, equal to 9 ms. This, combined with a rather small table, make it a TV suitable for gaming.

We speak now of audio, an aspect that Xiaomi will be working for the next television output. This fact is often muffled and not really up for a more “sophisticated use”, such as listening to music or watching a movie.

We close with the real strength of this TV Xiaomi, which is the Android operating system, with this model, it probably reaches its peak usability and fluidity. The lag are virtually non-existent and the access to the Google Play store allows downloading lots of apps. Unlike other Android TV, it also supports Prime Video (dedicated button on the remote control).

Best 55-inch OLED TV

In the previous section, we examined the LED TV 55 “best.

On the market are, however, other television equipment, more expensive, such as TV with OLED technology.

If you want to know more, you can read our guide dedicated to the best TV OLED or OLED QLED comparison.

Buying Guide of the best smart TV 55 inches

As for the smart TV 55 inch 4K UHD (Ultra HD), the market range is wide, and may confuse newcomers to the industry.

To overcome this, we have prepared a little guide to help you understand what features you need to consider before purchasing a Smart TV 55 “.

TV Size 55 inches

As we know, express inch screen diagonal, but what are the real dimensions of a TV 55 “?

Here are some numbers (of course the underlying measures are indicative of the medium, the measures differ depending on model and design):

If you think that these measures do not suit your needs, you can take a look our guides about 32 inches, 40 inches and 65 inches.


One of the first factors to consider before purchasing a smart 55-inch 4K TV is definitely the type of screen. For the 55-inch diagonal, the choices fall on two main types: LED or OLED.

We’re talking about two technologies in a certain way “sisters”, which nevertheless have substantial qualitative differences.

The LED screens are composed of several layers. The outermost layer is the one dedicated to project the image and is composed of the so-called pixels. The number of the latter varies according to screen resolution itself.

On the lower layer are placed of LED lights (RGB matrix, and then combinations of red, green and blue that will then compose the colors real images). LED TVs, although they have reached the remarkable quality standards, have a limit.

The LED lights, in fact, never go out completely and this results in a lower yield of blacks and, therefore, of the darkest scenes. And this is the main difference between an LED screen and an OLED.

The latter, in fact, is composed of pixels that are able to turn off and turn on fully and independently from each other. Result? Blacks superior, improved contrast, deeper whites. In other words, an OLED is qualitatively superior.

Obviously, the difference in quality results in a significant price difference. If the budget available for the purchase of smart TV is 55 inches, so to speak, “high”, we’ll want to orient yourself toward a QLED or OLED TV.

Conversely, if you do not want to spend an exaggerated figure, the best 55 inch LED 4K still provide excellent image rendering which we are sure will not disappoint at all.


One of the factors to consider when choosing the best 55-inch TV is the resolution.

This is nothing more than the number of vertical and horizontal pixels that form the definition of a screen.

In recent years it has established the so-called 4K, which has four times the number of pixels than a full HD.

Although the number of content available in 4K is still quite limited, this choice is definitely the best for a smart TV 55 inches. In fact, the Ultra HD video content is increasing (Netflix, video games console, Sky, etc..) And the price of these models has fallen significantly, making the purchase accessible for anyone.

If you still want to spend less, instead of a 55-inch 4K TV you can orient yourself toward the purchase of a TV 55 “Full HD.

The 4K resolution is becoming increasingly popular due to more affordable prices and to more content

The HDR technology (High Dynamic Range) is the natural evolution of 4K described above. If the latter defines the number of pixels on the screen, HDR technology defines the picture quality.

However this technology is not entirely new. In fact, he has seen its fortunes in the field of photography and has only recently been introduced to the TV.

But why is it so important?

The answer, without regard to technicalities, it is very simple. We know that the TV, albeit with a high resolution, can reproduce only a percentage of the colors present in the real world (the images to appear on a screen, are compressed, losing realism).

A TV HDR instead manages to reproduce a wider color palette, then approaching the images to the “real” color perceived by our eyes.

Smart TV or offline?

Here we are a very important aspect to keep in mind: to buy a smart TV or moving to a traditional TV?

Considering that the smart TV (TV connected to the Internet with an embedded operating system) are now a standard and that, more generally, related products are becoming increasingly popular, we would like to advise absolutely one 55-inch 4K TV it’s smart.

This is because you will have access to a variety of additional multimedia content, but also for the opportunity to create a real ecosystem of connected products that work in harmony with each other and you can easily connect your smartphone to the TV.

In addition, the price difference between a smart TV and a normal TV is getting thinner.

Although the use of dongles like Google Chromecast Amazon Fire Stick TV or TV box can make a traditional smart TV, we believe it is better to make an investment that looks to the future, rather than still spend a considerable amount by purchasing a product that , little by little, it will be “out of business”.


Sometimes, the audio is left out when choosing a smart LED TV, as long as you sit on the couch, turns on for the first time the device and the audio power is not satisfactory.

Or feel the pesky crows when the volume is too high. Disappointment. Then choose a smart TV 55 “taking into account the sound aspect is crucial.

This not only with regard to the audio power of the television set itself, but also the possibility of an eventual expansion with other devices (soundbar, speakers, subwoofer, etc.).

For this, your TV must be compatible with multi-channel audio coding systems such as Dolby Digital or DTS (Digital Theater System).

Ports and connections

To evaluate a television 55 inches, it should dwell on another very important feature, namely the ability to connect third-party devices.

These can be Blu-ray players, game consoles, etc. And ‘therefore essential to consider how many devices you want to connect and buy a TV that has enough HDMI and USB ports (at least 2 for each type, preferably 3).

Also, if you own an older product like a DVD player, a vintage console or VCR, could be for you a 55-inch TV that has the SCART socket.

In addition, it might be a good choice to move towards televisions with slots for SD memory cards. This way, you can simply access your multimedia content, such as photos.

55 inch: prices

How much does a 55-inch TV? The market is full of options and parts from products from a few hundred Euros, up to several thousand for TV next generation OLED.

Much therefore depends on the panel technology (LED, QSD, OLED), resolution (Full HD or Ultra HD) and the presence of particular types of processor or software.

If you have special needs, you can find excellent smart TV 4K 55 “to 400-500 €, suitable for everyday use, but also for more specific needs such as gaming or movies.

However, in many cases it can also be convenient to combine the purchase of a soundbar, able to enhance the sound often lacking the latest generation of televisions.

Frequently Asked Questions about 55 inch

How fit a 55-inch TV?

A 55-inch TV has a 139 cm diagonal. Measurements W x H are on average 125 x 75 cm.

How much does a 55-inch TV?

The price of a 55 inch depends on the technology used. It starts from the traditional LED TV costing a few hundred Euros hatreds, up to largely exceed 1,000 € for an OLED TV.

How to choose a 55-inch TV?

To choose the best it is necessary to take into account a number of factors including: resolution, screen type, operating system, connectivity, doors and entrances, etc. In our guide you will find useful tips on how to make the choice that best suits your budget and your needs.

What is 4K TV?

4K is the number of horizontal pixels of its Ultra HD resolution, ie 4096 x 2160 or 3080 x 2160.

What is the difference between 4K and Full HD?

The difference is in the number of pixels that make up the screen. In the 4K TV the number of pixels is four times the full HD, resulting in a better definition and image quality.