Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide (Comparison)

Best 40-inch TVs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (comparison)

This guide will take care of the best 40-inch TVs on the market and we will analyze the most important factors to consider before purchasing.

This TV format is increasingly popular, thanks to the great positioning versatility. The size is not too big making it perfect for different environments, from a medium-sized living room to a bedroom.

In the first part you will find short reviews of the best smart TV 40 inch, Full HD is that 4K, while in the second we’ll give you useful tips to choose the model best suited to you.

NB: Given the similar size, in this article we will discuss also models with diagonal up to 43 “.

If you are still undecided on the size of the panel, you can also read our articles on the best TV 32, 55 and 65 inches.

Best 40-inch TVs

We tried to take into account several factors (not just the video quality) and to cover different price ranges.

Here’s our selection of the best 40-inch TVs for 2020 and a comparison chart:

Philips Philips 6700 Series 43PUS6703/12

Philips Philips 6700 Series 43PUS6703/12

As mentioned at the outset, our selection includes models with similar dimensions strictly diagonally, then up to 43 inches.

Hisense H40BE5500

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

We begin our review of the best 40-inch TVs on the market with a lower-priced model Hisense40BE5500.

This 40 inch Full HD offers discrete performance and good technical specifications, especially given the extremely attractive price.

The LCD panel offers pretty bright colors, especially through technology Color Enhancer Hisense, unable to return hues quite faithful to reality.

The TV also has smart features, equipped with a quad core processor and a proprietary operating system, but it does not compare with how Tizen OS and WebOS.

Obviously, although the performance is very good for this price range, we should keep in mind that we are talking about an entry level product and lose a little ‘confrontation with the higher-end models, such as 4K.

But if you are looking for a 40 inch “battle”, this is definitely the device that’s right for you.

Sharp AQUOS LC-40FI5122E

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

Continuaiamo the selection of the best 40-inch TVs in the market with Sharp AQUOS LC-40FI5122E.

This smart TV 40 “Full HD combines good picture quality with an audio system superior to the competition.

In fact, it mounts a dedicated audio system Harman Kardon that, although it slightly compromise the thickness, ensures above-average performance for this price range.

The operating system is proprietary, with some limitations compared to an Android TV. These include the inability to download apps over those preistallate and the lack of compatibility with some platforms (eg Amazon Video).

A product by the excellent quality / price ratio, which could give something more from the point of view of the overall video performance.

Of course, bearing in mind that it is an entry level product with a really competitive price, this smart TV 40 inches can be defined as a versatile and reliable product.

Samsung Serie 7 NU437090

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

Our search for the best 40-inch TVs certainly could not rule out one of the most popular brands: Samsung. The model chosen is the number 7 NU437090, a smart 43-inch 4K LED TV, which offers good performance at a more than affordable price.

The design is very simple and balanced, with solid-looking materials, though made entirely of plastic (it is still a medium-low-end model).

Overall, we can still say that the appearance of the TV looks more “premium” in its price.

The picture quality is good, with a good level of contrast and blacks more than acceptable for a product of this range. Not good brightness (250 nits under normal conditions), which does not allow this Samsung TV to offer the HDR technology.

Let’s audio: definitely not a strong point of (unfortunately) many TV even higher price ranges. Good dialogues, very bad when we speak of deep bass. As in many cases, it is advisable to purchase a soundbar.

This smart 4K TV has excellent Tizen operating system, we can offer a good navigability and wide range of available content

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

Samsung Series 7 UE43NU7092UXXH

LG 43UM7600PLB

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

Let us now turn to one of the best smart TV 40 inches (43 to be exact) in trade: LG43UM7600 PLB, belonging to the new SmartThinq series.

The special feature of this TV is the integration with screen readers Alexa and Google Assistant is selected via a dedicated button on the remote control.

Moreover, thanks to artificial intelligence SmartThinq AI, the TV will learn what you like to watch and will suggest movies, series, documentaries and other content that may interest you.

Well the WebOS operating system, which with Tizen can be considered the best on the market for ease of use and availability of content.

The design of this 40-inch 4K TV is very elegant and minimal lines, perfect to be inserted into any decor.

We come now to the video quality of this TV. Thanks all’HDR active, and good depth of blacks, we can safely say that this LG 43 inch TV is able to meet a wide section of the public.

The sound is average for this price range.

Philips 6800 Series 43PUS6814/12

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

Among the best brands of 40-inch 4K TV is undoubtedly the Philips 6700 Series model with Ambilight technology.

This last is one of the strong points and the pride of many equipment of the Dutch brand. It is a set of LED rear seats around the TV.

These are able to create atmospheric lighting effects synchronized with the content you are watching.

The wow effect is guaranteed: in fact, with Ambilight you will have the impression of looking at a larger display and, of course, you can enjoy sophisticated light games, which will also improve the appearance of the TV.

From the point of view of the video quality, this smart TV 43 inch Philips guarantees excellent performance in terms of brightness and contrast, with the ability to enjoy content in HDR Plus.

The installed operating system is Android TV.

Not good sound, a problem which as we saw is common to many devices.

How to choose the best 40 inch TV

Before you find out in detail the best 40-inch TV, an understanding of what features to consider before purchasing. Technical features that are necessarily linked with their expectations.

TV Size 40 inches

Before you buy a TV with a diagonal, it’s good to be clear about what are the actual measurements of a 40-inch TV.

In fact, knowing the actual size will help us in choosing the most suitable to our space.

Here, briefly, the approximate size of a 40 “TV (and the like). Obviously, the actual dimensions of the TV also will depend on the design of the device, for example the size of the frame.


Design plays an important role when you are looking for the best 40 inch TV for your needs. Needs, in this case, mainly relating to the type of furniture and to the space available.

Best 40-Inch Tvs: The Definitive Guide 2020 (Comparison)

Design of a Philips TV with Ambilight

Most of the models currently available on the market still managed to meet almost all palates, offering smart TVs little thick and discrete lines.

To further optimize the occupied space, you could opt for a TV model that has a more limited area of ​​the frame. This way, it will use only the space of 40 inches diagonal.

Let’s talk about curved screen. In recent years, this type of display was accompanied by the traditional models within the electronic stores.

The question that arises is spontaneous: what benefits would the purchase of a curved screen? From a practical standpoint, no.

An improvement in the overall video quality is never actually been tested.


Of course, the screen is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a Smart TV 40 “.

In recent years, the choices usually fall on a LED screen, which guarantees low power consumption and excellent performance in terms of quality and image fidelity. These screens are nothing more than pixels LCD display with backlit with LEDs.

Lit and unlit, they light up the screen, which is then colored with RGB matrix (green, blue, red) to get colors that are as close to the real ones.

To create the black color, the LEDs go out. However, because switching off the light source is never complete, the black made in the LED TV will never be absolute.

To get the so-called “perfect blacks” you need to invest in OLED technology, which currently sees only LG and a few other brand among manufacturers.

The light source of this type of screens succeeds in fact to shut off completely, guaranteeing the faithful black yield and higher than that of LED screens.

The LEDs are placed behind the TV, making it thicker than an OLED

Of course, the price of an OLED TV is much higher compared to traditional technology.

However, prices are expected to fall significantly in the near future, because OLED screens are also used for other products (just think of the best smartphones or at the best smartwatch on the market). If you want more information, you can read our guide dedicated to the best OLED TVs.

Small brackets regarding QSD Samsung TV, direct competitors of OLED TV. These use of nano-crystals to light and have more competitive prices compared to OLED TV. However, although also promise higher performance, we believe that the OLED technology is, however, preferable, given the yield, on the whole, higher.


The resolution is another of the great pillars to consider for choosing the best 40-inch TVs.

This is nothing more than the number of pixels, both horizontal and vertical, which are illuminated from the screen. The higher the number, the better the nitidizza image, especially in the details.

In recent years, the most popular resolution of the TV is definitely the Full HD 1920 x 1080p. This provides an excellent level of detail in the image and the ability to play a large amount of content, including live. The Full HD technology has replaced the so-called HD Ready 1366 x 768p.

We come now to Ultra HD. This has a number of pixels four times the full HD and is making headway thanks to the growing number of available content. In addition, being on the market for several years, prices of 40-inch 4K TV are falling, making these products affordable for any pocket.

In the world of photography, HDR (High Dynamic Range) consists in the elaboration of shots at different exposures to obtain the optimal combination, namely the one that comes closest to the human eye.

A sort of the normal upgrade 4K or Ultra HD TV. A very popular technology in cameras and now available on a growing number of devices.

The images reproduced from a traditional TV, in fact, can reproduce only part of the range of colors perceived by our eyes.

The HDR technology approaches the videos made to the real one, surpassing in fact the limits of the old screens. A panel, to be called HDR, must pass certain tests relating to the number of displayable colors, the contrast, the peak brightness, etc. at the level of blacks.

Superior quality is visible and of course the higher price. However, this type of screen is becoming the standard for TV 4K and is increasingly common.


The growing decrease in the size of the TV, to the benefit of ultra slim models and modern lines, is not coincided with the improved audio performance of the TV itself.

On the one hand, the design has made great strides, while the sound quality has been a bit ‘to the pole. This definitely for the progressive compression of the physical spaces where to place the TV audio technology.

The latter, however, is able to satisfy the ears and pockets of the majority of the market, at least for a more casual use and not sought.

For the most demanding audiophiles, it is advisable to have a home theater system or a soundbar, which represents a good compromise between quality and (loosely) busy.

The TV Sharp mountain targati Harman Kardon audio systems

Connections and ports best TV 40 inch

A television is a product that needs to interact with others to fully express its potential. For this reason, the presence of many ports and connections is one aspect not to be overlooked when you decide to buy a TV.

In fact, to a TV you can connect devices such as game consoles, home theater systems, soundbar, Blue Ray, etc. here.

Have available different ports is therefore essential to use them all simultaneously.

This is to prevent the subsequent purchase of annoying strip or various adapters. Among these, surely HDMI and USB ports. In addition of course to the audio jack 3.5 mm.

Another important input is certainly the Ethernet to connect to the TV via cable internet. Finally, even the old SCART connection may be helpful to someone lover of vintage console or videotapes.

Smart TV or traditional?

A smart TV is a television connected to the Internet, with the possibility therefore to download app and access additional multimedia content, such as web, video, music and games. These works include apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, Spotify etc.

In an increasingly connected home, this type of television has become increasingly popular, turning slowly in a standard that, soon, will replace almost all conventional TVs. If you do not want to buy a smart TV, you can always make it “smart” later by buying a TV Box or a dongle such as Chromecast.

In addition, with the devices above, you can easily connect your smartphone to the TV.

If you want to proceed with the purchase of a smart TV 40 inches, it is advisable to take into consideration the type of the TV (dual core or quad-core processor), which determines the processing speed and the operating system used.

Some smart TV, because of the proprietary operating system, may in fact have some limitations if you want to download other apps. If you do not want to buy a smart TV, you can read our guide to p

Prices 40 inch TV

How much does a 40 inch TV?

The answer is not unique. Much it depends on the brand and the technology installed. In fact, you can find extremely inexpensive models (see for example the TV AKAI 40 inches), which, however, are able to meet the most basic needs.

The TV 40 “inches cheap often have Full HD resolution and not 4K, so it’s good to be clear about what are their needs and expectations.

Going up in price, you can buy a 40-inch Ultra HD TV with HDR, can provide excellent video performance, with deep blacks and a well-balanced contrast.

On average, about 400 € you can buy excellent models Samsung, LG and Philips.