Back Braces Cure Back Pain

Most people with back pain complain when they’re trying to be active. Not sitting around. So since the video shows it being able to “help people during extreme activities” it must be able to help me, right?

Even walking through a grocery store with this would continue to facilitate a weakened core. Also, core doesn’t refer simply to your abdominal muscles… it includes the back musculature, pelvic floor and some respiratory muscles.

All key players in maintaining a healthy spine. I agree with Kelvin. This doesn’t solve the problem, simply masks it, kinda like drugs do. Which creates a further dependence. Unless the person using it is educated 110% on appropriate use and steps to take in conjunction with using it… it’s garbage. Especially because most people want a quick fix.

Not all back pain is caused by weak core muscles, but the overwhelming majority of causes relates to the core. The stronger your abs, the chances are that you have less back pain. The very purpose of this equipment is to function as a form of artificial core by giving you better overall core stability, and hence less back pain.

Therefore the long term solution is not to substitute the core for the machine but to strengthen your abs.

Over reliance on this will eventually weaken your core and lead to greater lower back pain over the longer term. If you have back pain you should work on strengthening your abs so that it can support the back. 

People who use weight belts all the time for any exercise as a means to tighten their core often find that their core weakens due to a lack of simulation. This is no different.

This equipment should be used sparingly or only in extreme cases where you are in terrible pain. But as soon as you are well enough you should rely on your natural core as much as possible.