Prep Food Before You Camp

It’s great if you have small children, we did this when we went camping last time. Why? Because out in nature it isn’t child proof for a 2 year old like my house is. So preparing food before hand is very helpful when your constantly chasing a toddler. It’s not lazy, it’s good prep for when you need to make your meals fast to feed that hungry toddler who wants to spend their entire day exploring outside.

It’s funny how anytime someone does something that other people wouldn’t it’s just seen as “lazy” by people like you. Doing the work at home is still doing it. The people who meal prep for the week or at home are simply prioritizing their time differently than you do.

I’d do the prep at home because while out with my family I’d rather by spending my time enjoying them than cutting and marinating food.

Because for families with small kids this is great and when you do grow up and have to worry about more than yourself you will have to plan and prefer ahead so you can spend time with your kids playing which is way better than them watching you prep their food.


My family was like yours to when we camped I don’t remember it being as organized they did everything as they went and I remember them going to the market to buy food to grill once we were at are camp site I wouldn’t call prepping or not prepping lazy but hey everyone is entitled to there opinion.

I have 4 children all different ages all of them we took camping a few times a year sense they were 6 months old I totally do the prepping thing in my opinion I just want everything organized once I get there it’s probably more work to prep at home It stresses me out but once I’m there I get to set up and relax.

I know its ready to cook the kids still help with stuff they love it just as I remember when I was a kid I think it just depends on the person there’s no wrong way it just would drive me crazy if I wasn’t as organized especially because where I live and where we camp some days are 100-118 degrees outdoors its just easier to have it ready and be able to go have more time on the lake or creek  because its just to hot


Economic Protection For Gunmakers

The legal system is fully capable of distinguishing between instances where there is misuse of a product in ways the manufacturer cannot control versus where the product is faulty or the manufacturer promotes misuse. Gun manufacturers should be no more or less protected than any other producer.

Requiring gun owners to obtain liability insurance would solve the problem. Insurance companies would put so many restrictions on gun use that usage would decrease precipitously.

They actually aren’t, having the supreme court decide it is only because some leftist fool pushed it there. There have been many other decisions like this from lower courts for other industries.

You can’t make someone pay to use a constitutionally protected right. Perhaps you want sites like Salon ( listed by several independent organizations in the top 3 least truthful sites on the Internet right behind occupy democrats) they should carry liability insurance for the BS they say. Or Facebook for allowing so many people to be bullied to the point of suicide. The can of worms your taking about opening is horrendous. Perhaps you should be forced to in sure some of your constitutional rights.