Back Braces Cure Back Pain

Most people with back pain complain when they’re trying to be active. Not sitting around. So since the video shows it being able to “help people during extreme activities” it must be able to help me, right?

Even walking through a grocery store with this would continue to facilitate a weakened core. Also, core doesn’t refer simply to your abdominal muscles… it includes the back musculature, pelvic floor and some respiratory muscles.

All key players in maintaining a healthy spine. I agree with Kelvin. This doesn’t solve the problem, simply masks it, kinda like drugs do. Which creates a further dependence. Unless the person using it is educated 110% on appropriate use and steps to take in conjunction with using it… it’s garbage. Especially because most people want a quick fix.

Not all back pain is caused by weak core muscles, but the overwhelming majority of causes relates to the core. The stronger your abs, the chances are that you have less back pain. The very purpose of this equipment is to function as a form of artificial core by giving you better overall core stability, and hence less back pain.

Therefore the long term solution is not to substitute the core for the machine but to strengthen your abs.

Over reliance on this will eventually weaken your core and lead to greater lower back pain over the longer term. If you have back pain you should work on strengthening your abs so that it can support the back. 

People who use weight belts all the time for any exercise as a means to tighten their core often find that their core weakens due to a lack of simulation. This is no different.

This equipment should be used sparingly or only in extreme cases where you are in terrible pain. But as soon as you are well enough you should rely on your natural core as much as possible.


Cooking Healthy Eating Good

In addition to making a main dish like chili or chicken soup on Sundays, I’ll also bake pumpkin bran muffins or sonething else for a quick breakfast or snack. Make sure to have a good cookware set or best induction cookware for induction.

Healthy Lifestyle

You can vary your weeknight meals if you have some of the components on hand: bagged salad greens, shredded cheeses, Parmesan, fresh vegetables (cukes, onions, peppers, zucchini, carrots, celery, etc.) berries and citrus, nuts, salad dressings, cooked brown rice or whole wheat pasta (bow ties hold up well) steamed broccoli, etc. 

Have salsa, guacamole, and hummus, terriyaki sauce, sour cream or plain yogurt, also. I’ll make hard boiled eggs, and homemade Greek salad dressing and ranch, too. 

Have flour tortillas, corn tortilla chips, pita bread on hand. Canned tuna, beans, beets, tomato sauces – all good to grab to make a quick meal. 

Lower Carbs Better Life

I’m 100% aware that carbs are good for your body. There is good and bad, and the only reason I said be careful with the tortilla and the potatoes is because potatoes is already a lot of carbs, and also full of starch. A tortilla also has a lot of carbs. For people who are trying to eat healthier, it’s just not good. So I’m saying one or the other. I’m not saying they’re bad.

Couple Tips:

1. Use cupcake tins for when you make the egg cups. Your pan will get destroyed otherwise.

2. It’s not always a good idea to use potatoes and a tortilla shell in one breakfast. It’d be too much carbs: try just making it a bowl, or low carb flag bread. Carbs can make you feel bloated and tired for the day. 🙁 

3. Season your chicken with garlic salt instead of salt and pepper; much bolder flavors. 

4. Try to stick to brown rice all together. It’s much better, cleaner, and it’s not bleached white. 

Pumpkin batter with added grated zucchini, because I happened to have so much zucchini.

My daughter bought some organic coconut oil (Aldi’s store brand) and I used that in the recipe, instead of vegetable oil. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful flavor. This particular brand actually had a pleasant coconut flavor that other brands don’t. I would not use it for sauteeing or for anything savory – just things that it would complement.

I love Cooking Chicken

Grill or bake several chicken breasts then slice them – ready to go. Brown and drain a few pounds of ground beef (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic only – adding add’l seasonings or sauces for different entrees) and prep your veggies, you can make a variety of main dishes, for lunches or dinners, all week long:

Chicken Caeser salad,
Chicken wraps,
Chicken fajitas,
Quesadillas (beef or chicken)
Tacos or taco salad,

Greek chicken pita wrap (chicken or beef, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, yogurt or hummus) 

Stir-fry terriyaki veg & chicken, w/ rice 

Pasta with meat sauce (cooked gr beef, homemade or even jarred sauce, pasta, Parm)

Pasta, tuna, avocado, celery, hard cooked eggs and mayo or ranch – good for lunch.

Pasta, chicken, red peppers, broccoli, Parm, olive oil and garlic – hot or as a cold salad for lunch.Supplement any of these with a bowl of soup or chili, you’ll have lots of options with minimal prep during the week. By Thursday, you’ll have used up the fresh food and by Friday, you can order pizza.

Tips: use up first the foods that have a shorter shelf life, like zucchini and peppers. Asparagus keep well if you chill them in water, like cut flowers. These have been in my fridge two weeks – still fresh, til I’m ready to roast in oven. 

Play music or put on a good movie to listen to while you cook on the weekend. It can be a fun, but productive work day, that makes your M-F less stressful, more time to relax.

It’s worth investing in several sizes of sturdy plastic containers for the cooked food and smaller ones for lunches. Small ziplock bags for tortilla or pita chips for your “to go” meals can be packed on Sundays, too. 
Get creative and enjoy the prep time as much as the good meals you’ll make. 


Wasting Wood – Woodworking

I love handcrafted pieces. I have original artwork and handmade items bought from struggling artists and crafters from all over he country.

However, just because somethings crafty, doesn’t make it good. I remember seeing someone sew an extremely elaborate backdrop which was terrible, disproportionate, and had no depth, and people raved over it because she made it herself. I’m reminded of the saying “ Unique doesn’t always mean better, just because somethings different doesn’t mean it’s useful

My mom was the one who taught me how to use power tools. My dad doesn’t know how to make anything and my tiny mom who’s not even 5 feet built an entire deck in the backyard by herself.

I’ve studied sculpture and took an iron pouring class. A bit of wood working is not impressive and being a female who knows how to do a bit of woodworking is not that impressive. More than half of the people I’ve met who were skilled woodworkers were female.

Giving tremendous praise over knowing how to use a bandsaw and some sandpaper and stain is laughable. She clearly missed the memo about never wasting expensive materials such as that piece of wood right there… (Not sure what kind of wood that is or if it’s expensive or not but it definitely costs more than a standard 2×4) That’s like the first thing you learn when pursuing woodwork. Did her dad also buy her that wood so she thought it’s ok to be that wasteful?


Crazy New Inflatable Car Seat? Looks Like A Seat Cover

Nice Best Car Seat Cover Or Inflatable Cover?

This isn’t safe but it’s also not safe to put over or on top of an already existing car seats. Car seats are tested exactly as they’re made so when you add stuff (strap covers, inside covers etc) it’s effects how the seat does it’s job in a crash. Adding anything that did not come with your seat or come directly from that seats manufacturer can be the difference between a safe child in an accident and a fatally harmed one.

Definitely do a lot of research on proper car seat safety! No 5 point harness and their website recommends for ages as low as 9 months (what about rear facing???)! Maybe it’s ok for cab rides when you do not have a seat with you, but to replace as a regular car seat does not seem like a good idea its like having the best car seat cover as a child seat. I’d think a child could slip right out. Plus look how the dummy flops around in the crash video. I hope parents think long and hard before buying this.

No 5 point harness and their website recommends for ages as low as 9 months (what about rear facing???)! Maybe it’s ok for cab rides when you do not have a seat with you, but to replace as a regular car seat does not seem like a good idea. I’d think a child could slip right out. Plus look how the dummy flops around in the crash video. I hope parents think long and hard before buying this.

Not A Safe Car Seat

This is not a car seat, it is not safe and will not properly keep your child safe in an accident. This should not be on the market, it’s dangerous to tell people that they can replace a necessary safety device with this garbage. Inflatable bath tubs are a thing, not inflatable car seats.

How dare you force me to keep my child safe. They might CRY!! They might have to bend a leg. The sun will get in their eyes, they will surely be blinded. What if they HAVE to look out the window, and they can’t? I bought the best car seat covers for a reason!!!Car Seat Covers

Why would I put them through such TERROR just so they aren’t internally decapitated? Broken necks are surely not as serious as a broken toe!!!!!! Also, it might take me 5 minutes to turn the car seat backwards, that seems extreme to keep my kid safe…. then I have to explain to little timmy why mommy is trying to keep him safe, what if he doesn’t want to do it? You want me to force him to do things against his tiny little will?

Why Even Buy Best Car Seat

I can’t even fathom why something so very complicated and so very inconvenient is being pushed on me as a mom. I mean, 20 years ago before text messaging, SUV’s, and all of the other road hazards that didn’t exist, I rode on the roof, tied fast with clothesline, in the middle of a storm, and I am still alive!

I’m just going to follow the guidelines of my seat seat cover because I want my kids to be safe. But I’m definitely not going to a pretzel a child 40lbs or over and over 42″ in a RF position no matter what age.. Just like I’m not going to throw my 7lbs daughter in a FF seat. Those guidelines are there for a reason.

I have the Graco4ever seat and it’s literally 4 – 40lbs RF and 22 – 65lbs and 49″ or less for FF before you turn it into a booster seat. Simply follow the guidelines for your car seat.


Prep Food Before You Camp

It’s great if you have small children, we did this when we went camping last time. Why? Because out in nature it isn’t child proof for a 2 year old like my house is. So preparing food before hand is very helpful when your constantly chasing a toddler. It’s not lazy, it’s good prep for when you need to make your meals fast to feed that hungry toddler who wants to spend their entire day exploring outside.

It’s funny how anytime someone does something that other people wouldn’t it’s just seen as “lazy” by people like you. Doing the work at home is still doing it. The people who meal prep for the week or at home are simply prioritizing their time differently than you do.

I’d do the prep at home because while out with my family I’d rather by spending my time enjoying them than cutting and marinating food.

Because for families with small kids this is great and when you do grow up and have to worry about more than yourself you will have to plan and prefer ahead so you can spend time with your kids playing which is way better than them watching you prep their food.


My family was like yours to when we camped I don’t remember it being as organized they did everything as they went and I remember them going to the market to buy food to grill once we were at are camp site I wouldn’t call prepping or not prepping lazy but hey everyone is entitled to there opinion.

I have 4 children all different ages all of them we took camping a few times a year sense they were 6 months old I totally do the prepping thing in my opinion I just want everything organized once I get there it’s probably more work to prep at home It stresses me out but once I’m there I get to set up and relax.

I know its ready to cook the kids still help with stuff they love it just as I remember when I was a kid I think it just depends on the person there’s no wrong way it just would drive me crazy if I wasn’t as organized especially because where I live and where we camp some days are 100-118 degrees outdoors its just easier to have it ready and be able to go have more time on the lake or creek  because its just to hot


Read Chrysalids It’s Amazing Book

The Chrysalids was a wonderful book. Unfortunately, like a couple of John Wyndham’s other novels, it just missed out on a place in our list as we decided it was more suitable for slightly older readers. Wyndham was such an original and influential writer though.

I am a firm believer in buying books for children as my family know.Hopefully these children mainly my G.Grandchildren will be pleased in the future when they’ve got a nice library to enjoy.l have ALWAYS been so grateful to (a)my teacher Miss Arkle who let me pick a book every week from her wall to wall library &describe the story before having the next one . (B) My lovely aunty Edith who bought me one each Birthday and Christmas.I owe a lot to them both.

I read The Chrysalids at school – a brilliant book. I love John Wyndham, Enid Blyton and Rudyard Kipling. However, if anyone asked me my what my favourite childhood book was, I would say without hesitation, ” Come Back Lucy.”

Some great titles, it’s impossible to pinpoint a single novel, there are too many great books, some missing from this list I feel.

We could easily have put together a list of 100 or 200 books. As you can imagine, it was an impossible task to compile just 50 titles. The main message though is simply for kids to discover a love of reading at an early age, whatever type of book or comic appeals to them.



Economic Protection For Gunmakers

The legal system is fully capable of distinguishing between instances where there is misuse of a product in ways the manufacturer cannot control versus where the product is faulty or the manufacturer promotes misuse. Gun manufacturers should be no more or less protected than any other producer.

Requiring gun owners to obtain liability insurance would solve the problem. Insurance companies would put so many restrictions on gun use that usage would decrease precipitously.

They actually aren’t, having the supreme court decide it is only because some leftist fool pushed it there. There have been many other decisions like this from lower courts for other industries.

You can’t make someone pay to use a constitutionally protected right. Perhaps you want sites like Salon ( listed by several independent organizations in the top 3 least truthful sites on the Internet right behind occupy democrats) they should carry liability insurance for the BS they say. Or Facebook for allowing so many people to be bullied to the point of suicide. The can of worms your taking about opening is horrendous. Perhaps you should be forced to in sure some of your constitutional rights.